Ukrainian Faked Identity at Mar A Lago, DHS Election Security, CIS Hires Kathy Boockvar, The Internet of Bodies
Ukrainian Faked Identity at Mar A Lago, DHS Election Security, CIS Hires Kathy Boockvar, The Internet of Bodies

A Ukrainian woman alleging to be part of the Rothschild family has been discovered to have been at Mar A Lago.

Inna Yashchyshyn, 33 lied to members at the Mar A Lago club claiming she was Anna de Rothschild.

Who was running this spy and what was her purpose being at Mar A Lago?

Dr. Jill Biden appears to physically move Joe Biden back as he spoke to press as he appears to try to shake someone's hand.

DNC chair defends Joe Biden calling half the country "semi fascists".

Dr. Lawrence Sellin presentation about Covid 19 origins.

Robin Vos withdraws subpoenas of democratic mayors after 300 vote victory in Wisconsin.

Recently uncovered information reveals that Maricopa county audit omitted the largest issue of all.

That ballots were delivered to the audit with broken seals.

Is someone trying to federalize our election process using Department of Homeland Security?

Tore Maras lays it out on her show and her telegram channel.

Why is the Center for Internet Security hiring former Secretary of State for Pennsylvania Kathy Boockvar?

California lawmakers reintroduce zero bail bill in waning days of session.

Was Gavin Mcinnes arrested on air or not?

Dominion voting systems deposes Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity in suit against Fox News.

New York Times editorial board calls for indictment of President Trump.

Epstein's little black book redacted with all names.

Texas crypto miners ask to use as much power as all of New York State.

Polish homeowners line up for days to buy coal for upcoming winter.

America imported more than 6 billion dollars in Russian goods since the Ukraine war began.

Violent crime rocks Sweden ahead of elections.

Unvaxxed Coast Guard Cadets given 24 hours to vacate campus, can't go to class, change job.

Solomon Islands denying port calls to U.S. military vessels.

Florida man Helmuth Kolb, offers mother 100,000 dollar to buy her 8 year old daughter.

Rockefeller Foundation wants behavioral scientists to come up with "more convincing" covid narratives.

Federal Judge indicates intent to appoint special master for Mar A Lago documents.

Facebook's Meta reaches settlement with Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Abbott restarts production of Similac baby formula.

Satanic Temple gets approval to host event at Pennsylvania High School.

What is the "Internet of Bodies?".

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