Need to Know News (2 September 2022) with Joe Olson and Maryam Henein
Need to Know News (2 September 2022) with Joe Olson and Maryam Henein

IAEA inspectors have come to Ukraine for Europe's largest nuclear power plant in the hope of averting catastrophe.

At home, the (fake) President of the United States gave the most divisive and unAmerican speech in the history of the nation, castigating half the country's population as extremists and neo-fascists, where the rhetoric has gone far beyond the confines of rationality and into the region of hysteria.

The Democrats are worried that Trump will clean their clock in 2024 as he did in 2020 and in 2016 and are pulling out all the stops to prevent it.

They can't talk about the economy, gas or food prices, the massive influx of millions of migrants across the border, the surging rate of crime (which the Democrats have fostered with the move to "Defund the Police!", so they want.

To make Trump the focus, once again.

It ain't going to work, but not for lack of trying.

Biden's student loan program is raising serious issues of conflict of interest and Mike Pence is reconsidering speaking with the J6 Committee).

Mark Zuckerberg admitted to Joe Rogan that the FBI had hinted that Facebook ought to suppress a new "disinformation dump", which turned out to be the Hunter laptop, which they dutifully manipulated to conceal from the public.

David Icke sums up the situation we are in in 60 seconds or so.

The vax is killing an average of 5 months after the last shot, which has made it all the more difficult to pinpoint.

And US trust in the media is the lowest of all nations surveyed.