Need to Know News (26 September 2022) with Joe Olson and Carl Herman
Need to Know News (26 September 2022) with Joe Olson and Carl Herman

Russia appears to have the war in Ukraine well-in-hand, where calling up 300,000 may have been necessary to protect the new provinces that are voting to join Russia, where attacks upon them in the future will be regarded as attacks upon Russia itself.

Western leaders continue to push for a nuclear war with Russia, where the devastation to the world would be immense.

Putin has made it clear that, if the existence of Russia were put at risk, he would not hesitate to use all the weapons available to his nation.

And the West should respect those words.

Climate activists--who appear to be demented--are attempting to oust the head of the World Bank because he is not sufficiently zealous in pursuit of climate change.

Hillary (of course) now compares Trump to Hitler and his followers (formerly, the deplorable) to brown shirts!

She has a vindictive side that dominates her entire persona.

Mitch McConnell has been exposed as an anti-Trumper in a new book, which suggests that, should the GOP come back into control, his role in the Senate is unlikely to remain.

Only 1.3% are falling for the booster, which is good; while Fauci's hypocrisy, like McConnell's, is similarly being exposed in another new book about him and the pandemic.

24 AGs have warned VISA, MasterCard and American Express not to adopt a code for purchases of guns and ammo, which might be the precursor to national gun registration.

Alex Jones has become exhausted with the demands for apologies, of which he declares he has had enough.

And more truths about EVs make them a hard sell for anyone who is paying attention.