The Gabbin.
The Gabbin.

Follow along with Bobill Gabbin as he partakes in a strange, magical, deadly and annoying journey that he absolutely does not want to go on!

With a possibly crazed Wizard as an occasional guide, the round little resident of Hometown must, for some reason, travel along with half a dozen Dorks in a quest to take back the lost treasures of their ancestors; which now may or may not be under the new ownership of a legendary, ferocious creature.

Along the way, the group encounters a number of various characters, some friendly, others not so much.

Will the Gabbin overcome his fear of being more than twenty feet from his home?

Will he go mad from the foolish ways of his companions?

Or will he come out victorious and go down in history as a mighty and fearless warrior?

Probably not that last one, but who knows?

All kinds of nutty things could almost certainly happen in the unbelievable lands of Skiddle Earth!