Swiss Buying Missiles, Taiwan Pres.Resigns, Super Cartel Bust, Migrant Flights From Cancun To U.S.
Swiss Buying Missiles, Taiwan Pres.Resigns, Super Cartel Bust, Migrant Flights From Cancun To U.S.

Why is the world's only neutral country buying Patriot Missiles from the United States all of a sudden?

Benjamin Fulford's sources say it may be because Russian and Anglo German forces may soon enter the country to root out the Deep State in Zug Switzerland and other areas they inhabit there.

Is Fulford's information correct?

Only time will tell.

Taiwan's president resigns after election losses.

China eases covid mandates after protesters demanding Xi's resignation.

Does the Brazilian Military now stand with Bolsonaro?

Will they invoke Article 142 to save the nation?

World's largest volcano Mauna Loa awakens and begins to erupt.

Pope Francis was secretly recorded in a conversation with another cardinal, to free a nun held by Al Qaeda.

Representative Adam Schiff refuses to say if he will comply if he is subpoenaed to testify in front of the new GOP controlled House.

Ingredients in the vaccines show that there is pig dna, monkey dna and two types of human aborted fetal cells in the vaccines as well as many heavy metals and things that are injurious to the human body such as Acetone and Mercury.

House GOP asks FBI agent Thibault to testify about "domestic violent extremism" reclassification.

Houston issues boil water order after water purification plant after outage.

Biden administration could face audits about billions sent to Ukraine.

Belarus minister dead.

President Trump insists Kari Lake should be installed as Governor as six counties still don't have results 20 days after the election.

Kardashian torched for refusing to cut ties with Balenciaga.

Bar association under fire for plans to abandon LSAT after study shows minorities score lower.

New York City District Attorney Marvin Bragg, downgraded over half of all New York City felonies to misdemeanors.

How Biden converts illegal aliens to legal parolees, some migrants are even flown into the U.S. from other areas of Mexico such as Cancun, skipping the border altogether.

Who is facilitating these flights and paying for them?

Stanford gives Black students preference on bus rides and movie tickets prompting complaint.

Why do colleges continue to implement policies to divide students via race?

I explore Fanny "Bobbie" Rosenfeld a Canadian multi sport athlete who may have also been a man impersonating a woman to gain sports fame.

Are we seeing another version of an older movie?

Anthony Fauci's daughter used to work for Twitter for seven years now she's working for a left wing organizing group leading pro Covid 19 vaccination campaigns.

Is this another family of grifters?

Scientists genetically modify a tobacco plant to produce cocaine.

SEC chair Gensler to unveil big changes amid FTX scandal.

Are there fake fans paid to attend the World Cup in Qatar?

It appears so.

Foreign companies want to mine Nevada's massive lithium deposits.

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