SCOTUS Case #22-380 "Distributed For Conference" 1/6/23, Google Gave FBI User Data, Rail Strike Over
SCOTUS Case #22-380 "Distributed For Conference" 1/6/23, Google Gave FBI User Data, Rail Strike Over

An update has been posted on the Supreme Courts website in case number 22-380, Raland J.

Brunson VS.

Alma S.

Adams. The case which calls for the removal of 94 U.S. Senators, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris and many others in government for failing to protect the United States elections from enemies foreign and domestic.

The case has been "Distributed For Conference" on January the 6th, 2023.

Apple backs down, Tim Cook tells Elon Musk the will not ban twitter from its app store.

FBI sent list of six demands in wake of "bogus information" from informants.

Google gave the FBI user location for five thousand people for the January 6th investigation.

House passes bill to avert railroad strike in blow to Unions.

Is Klaus Schwab in Washington D.C.

If so for what purpose?

Elon Musk expects his neuralink device will be implanted into human brains in six months time.

NYPD workers among 17 NYC employees busted for 1.5 million dollar Covid 19 scam.

New York legislators have a bill to fund 55 million dollars in legal services so illegal aliens can stay in the United States.

Appeals court upholds pause on Air Force vaccine mandate.

Dozens of cattle killed in Colorado under mysterious circumstances.

What happened to Simon Cowell?

His face appears much different.

Why are some stars appearances changing so greatly?

Stanford University investigating their own president over allegations papers he authored contain multiple photoshopped images and manipulated data.

Jeffrey Epstein lobbied Bill Clinton in 1994 to help Les Wexner and his Limited Brand which included Victoria's Secret.

Delayed affordable housing development opens in New York City after 20 year delay.

Florida Quarterback Jalen Kitna arrested on child pornography charges.

Kraken slashing 1000 jobs as crypto turmoil spreads.

Jeffrey Epstein estate to pay 105 million dollars in sex trafficking settlement.

Penguins star Kris Letang out after suffering second stroke.

Elon Musk admits Twitter has interfered in elections.

U.S. debates sending Patriot missiles to Ukraine.

Who is killing the crypto millionaires and why?

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