Brazil Headed for Martial Law; Netherlands: Police Tip Tractors w/ Farmers 12/4/22
Brazil Headed for Martial Law; Netherlands: Police Tip Tractors w/ Farmers 12/4/22

Ahead in today's TOP News Stories from Around the World: Brazil- millions of people are taking to the streets everyday as they protest what they see as a corrupt election outcome.

Martial law could be declared as early as next week.

Brazil's Constitution allows for military takeover of election integrity- we break down the latest.

Netherlands- Dutch farmers have started protesting again today and were immediately hunted down and disbanded by the police and riot squads.

Netherlands Police are using heavy machinery to tip over tractors with farmers INSIDE of them.

When protesters peacefully stand against the machines, the police drag them into black vans.

Ukraine- Kyiv’s mayor is warning residents that there's real potential of a total blackout across the capital city of about three million people.

This, as Ukraine braces for more expected Russian airstrikes on its national energy infrastructure.

China- the crackdown of protesters was swift this week and the UK’s Foreign Office has summoned Chinese Ambassador Zheng Zeguang to explain the beating and arrest of a BBC journalist, foreign secretary James Cleverly confirmed on Tuesday.

South Africa- Farmgate Scandal... South Africa is facing deep political turmoil and corresponding uncertainty across markets amid growing calls for President Cyril Ramaphosa to step down over an emerging bizarre scandal centered on the alleged theft of $580,000.

The over half million in cash was literally found stuffed in a sofa at a farm that Ramaphosa owns.

All of that and much more ahead!

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