Twitter Had Weekly FBI Meets, Katie Hobbs/Twitter Emails, Browsers Drop Co., Macron/Musk Visit
Twitter Had Weekly FBI Meets, Katie Hobbs/Twitter Emails, Browsers Drop Co., Macron/Musk Visit

It is now known that in the lead up to the 2020 elections, Twitter was having weekly meetings at some point with the FBI, which talked of Russian "hack and leak" projects that were ongoing that would leak information about Hunter Biden.

The FBI at this time however had been holding the Hunter Biden Laptop for close to a year without mentioning they had it.

They warned of a hack before censoring the New York Post article on Hunter Biden.

Did President Trump call to terminate the constitution?

Paul Pelosi seen in public for first time since break in at his home, was wearing one glove.

Emails have been discovered between Katie Hobbs and Twitter.

Alameda's Caroline Ellison spotted in New York City, amid speculation she may turn on Sam Bankman Fried and testify against him.

Mount Semeru erupts in Indonesia on its most densely populated island.

Major web browsers dropped mysterious authentication company after ties to military contractor are exposed.

Twitter staff to be grilled before congress.

Elon Musk says he is comfortable putting a Neuralink chip in his sons head as well as his own.

U.S. Space Force activates SPACECENT Florida Operations at Macdill Air Force Base.

French President Macron has secret meeting with Elon Musk in New Orleans.

Study proves not even n95 masks work against the spread of Covid viruses.

Former Brooklyn prosecutor cops to role in nationwide marijuana ring.

FTX CEO Sam Bankman Fried says he will testify before U.S. House committee.

Non profit blood donation service starts matching unvaccinated donors with unvaccinated patients.

Will your state reject the Feds "digital dollar"?

Massive power outage in North Carolina being investigated as a criminal occurrence, appears to be sabotage.

Wyoming sues Biden administration alleges suspension of oil lease sales is illegal.

Iran abolishes "morality police" after weeks of protests.

Nick Fuentes gets in food fight in Los Angeles after verbal altercation breaks out in an in and out burger.

New York seeking "Rat Czar" for growing rat epidemic.

CERN draws up shutdown plans due to increase energy costs.

19,000 millionaires collected unemployment during the Covid 19 pandemic, why was that allowed?

Why were so many PPP loans taken by businesses that didn't need them?

Was Evelyn De Rothschild only worth 600 million dollars?

How is that possible?

Over a dozen Ukrainian embassies sent bombs and animal parts, who is responsible?

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