Twitter Files Part 6 FBI, Musk Lifts Suspensions, PA County To Recount 2020
Twitter Files Part 6 FBI, Musk Lifts Suspensions, PA County To Recount 2020

I read the entire Twitter files part 6 by Matt Taibbi, where we learn of different government agency involvement within twitter, such as the FBI, ODNI, and Department of Homeland Security all had ways of contacting twitter with large groups of twitter handles to be censored or banned.

How long were these agencies working with twitter to ban certain people of one political ideology only?

Elon Musk lifts twitter suspensions of accounts he accused of doxing his location.

Will the January 6th Committee attempt to press charges against the President of the United States?

If Trump is arrested does that trigger other events?

CIA insider tells Tucker Carlson that the CIA was involved in President John F.

Kennedy's assassination.

Pennsylvania county to recount 2020 election results.

Trump backs Mccarthy for speaker position.

FBI whistleblower reveals agency cooked the books on January 6th inquiry to snooker feds for more money.

Crude spikes after white house says it will start refilling the strategic petroleum reserves.

Congress passes one week stop gap funding bill to stave off government shutdown.

John Podesta made a fortune consulting for green energy billionaires.

Bitcoin tumbles as Binance "proof of reserves" removed from auditor's site.

Arizona judge approves Kari Lake's request to examine ballots.

Trump's NFT cards sell out.

Top Maricopa county election officials could not reconcile 15,000 vote disparity in an election allegedly won by only 17,000 votes.

North Carolina Supreme Court rules that state Senate map must be redrawn.

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