God cursed the wicked and will pay for everything they did
God cursed the wicked and will pay for everything they did

God will make the wicked pay and suffer His wrath in the great tribulation!!

He hates the wicked and they are now cursed and will be destroyed all of them will be, all the gays lesbians trans sodomites will turn into piles of ash and they deserve it for they are ugly wicked dogs and push their gross wicked lifestyle on children and God has had it, same with abuse, rape, murder of babies by abortion, looting, hating God so much and mocking Him, churches that are so dead they allow wicked sodomites to come in and perform in front of kids, and support abortion, wearing masks, getting the vaccines, the wicked will not escape God wrath at all!!

There is no place they can hide at all and they will pay all of these wicked dogs will pay, God is so angry and hates the wicked!!

Once the trumpet sounds that is it, the Bride and Holy Spirit are gone and removed and God will waste no time pouring out His tribulation judgements on the entire world, the antichrist will rule for 7 years and all those who got the vaccines and wear masks you are cursed to, God will make you suffer the most because you worship the antichrist and got his demonic vaccine mark of the beast 666 so you are part of the antichrist beast world and will never be forgiven or allowed into the New jersalem at all, there is zero forgiveness for those who get the mark of the beast, you are dead now and God does not know you at all you belong to Satan forever, that is the choice you made so live with it forever, you can never go back at all, no refunds no going back, the vaccine can not be erased out of you it is permanent and a tattoo saying you belong to the antichrist now, those who worship the antichrist will suffer painful boils on themselves, the sun will sorch you with intense heat and Jesus will kill you all with His sword as judgement against those who worship the antichrist!!

He will destroy you all, all the Dr, nurses, lost church people and pastors getting the vaccines they will be crushed by Jesus, God will be cleaning house and will not be nice about it, the wicked do not deserve niceness at all, you rejected Jesus then God wrath is still on you because you are not forgiven and covered with Jesus blood and you are a thief, robber and sinner to God, the wicked in the tribulation will not repent they will love their wickedness so much they will curse God and those who live in heaven, God is not playing anymore games, time for the 7 year tribulation to begin and the wicked suffer for their wickedness and pay for it