Triple Helix: Designing a New Molecule of Life...
Triple Helix: Designing a New Molecule of Life...

A synthetic hybrid of protein and DNA, could form the basis of a new artificial life unlike anything found in nature.

For all the magnificent diversity of life on this planet, ranging from tiny bacteria to majestic blue whales, from sunshine-harv­­est­­ing plants to mineral-digesting endoliths miles underground, only one kind of “life as we know it” exists.

All these organisms are based on nucleic acids—DNA and RNA—and proteins, working together more or less as described by the so-called central dogma of molecular biology: DNA stores information that is transcribed into RNA, which then serves as a template for producing a protein.

The proteins, in turn, serve as important structural elements in tissues and, as enzymes, are the cell’s workhorses.

Scientists hope to put together a novel combination of molecules that can self-organize, metabolize (make use of an energy source), grow, reproduce and evolve.

This is what has been injected into millions of people, a new type of Human is being created!

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