Railway scale model BNRI 85, scale 1/87 or H0 crafted in metal
Railway scale model BNRI 85, scale 1/87 or H0 crafted in metal


Here I present to you a model made by me in metal, on a 1/87 scale, which represents a machine for sweeping, levelling, scraping the infrastructure, called BNRI 85.

It is a railway maintenance, repair and construction machine, and it was built starting with the year 1973.

Currently it is no longer manufactured.

My model is functional, just need to put a 12 v electric motor, and possibly a decoder.

I don't have a diorama, I don't have a control station in a digital system, I only have a 12 volt potentiometer transformer with which I act in analogue some models.

Coming back to my model, it has movable, sliding doors, the interior is done, the buffers are functional with springs, and the rest can be seen in the film, such as the machine that slides vertically, and other things.

This model is part of a series of models that I have in the project stage, with which I will complete all types of railway maintenance and construction equipment from the past, which worked and still work on the railways from the country where I live.

At the end of the video there is a picture of the real machine, all the pictures belong to me and all the material presented, I did not copy from someone.

Everything is made by me, by hand.