Tom Renz | Diversity, Unity & Freedom
Tom Renz | Diversity, Unity & Freedom

"I want to talk about a few ideas, thoughts, and theories that may seem a little left and I want to explain why they aren’t, unity and diversity.

I’ve long owned who I am, an imperfect Christian, a Dad, Husband, lawyer, warrior, analyst, I’m all sorts of things.

I don’t apologize for my views, that’s part of the whole warrior thing.

That sometimes is called sowing discord.

The left likes to accuse me of creating hate and it’s actually quite the opposite.

Let me explain, I have a project going on with Pastor Bernadette Smith.

She’s a great friend, and a strong voice in Michigan fighting for unity.

She made news recently after bringing the Christians and Muslims together over the perversion that is going on in our schools to our babies.

When Pastor Bernadette did that it made national headlines, due to the fact that when do you see a fundamental Christian pastor and the Muslim community come together for anything?