FBI Ignored 40 Biden Whistleblowers, Mike Johnson Is Speaker, Hamas In Moscow, Disinformation Agents
FBI Ignored 40 Biden Whistleblowers, Mike Johnson Is Speaker, Hamas In Moscow, Disinformation Agents

The House has nominated Mike Johnson for Speaker of the House.

The FBI ignored more than 40 Biden whistleblowers with information about Biden family criminality.

Gaetz says Johnson speakership shows MAGA is ascendant in the GOP and the swamp is on the run.

Head of Hezbollah meets with the leaders of Hamas.

A Hamas delegation has arrived in Moscow for talks.

Inside Hamas' underground tunnel systems. Comer demands White House show proof of the 200,000 dollar loan given to Joe Biden by his brother James Biden.

U.S. warplanes conduct major strikes on Iranian proxies in Syria.

Could all hostages be freed in Gaza if Israel stops all aerial bombardment?

Hunter Biden associate Rob Walker played gold with Joe Biden at least 8 times, were these golf meetings used as money drops?

Intruder arrested twice for breaking into RFK Jr.'s California home, why was the intruder let go after his first attempt?

Ex-NSA employee pleads guilty to selling classified information to Russia.

Arctic strategy plan calls for enhanced military comms. IDF shares harrowing videos of Hamas attacks.

What is it like inside the Gaza tunnel systems. Satellite images show extensive damages in Gaza neighborhoods.

U.S. warplanes conduct strikes on Iranian proxies in Syria.

Ireland says they are reaching the limit for illegal aliens.

66.6 thousand Venezuelans crossed the southern border last month, surpassing Mexicans.

Fury at Queen Rania of Jordan over comments attacking the U.S. and Israel for Gaza strikes.

Republicans slam Gavin Newsom as delusional and cozying up to China, is he being positioned for a presidential run?

California utopian city proposed by tech billionaires, but why not fix San Francisco instead?


Abbott to act on illegal haven Colony Ridge near Houston Texas.

New York Mayor Eric Adams says New York is out of room for illegal aliens as he considers issuing some tents to live in Central Park.

Less than 20% of illegal aliens are returning to shelters after 60 day limit reached, where are they going after?

New York City is spending millions of dollars to clean illegal aliens clothing.

Nearly two thirds of New Yorkers blame Joe Biden for the illegal alien problem in New York City now.

Border authorities are counting Palestinians as other nationalities at the border, why?

Illegal aliens to get city ID cards in El Paso.

Hostage released by Hamas says she was beaten.

European bank laying groundwork for digital euro.

Beef company CEO stands up says will close company before shipping or injecting beef with mrna vaccines.

Who is David Booth who runs different "alternative news" websites, is he connected to the X22 report?

Who is funding all these alternative news sites that get so big so fast and who only seem to interview small groups of people involved in their tight knit circles?

Who is Sorcha Faal?

Is it even a real person of disinformation agent?

Washington State Senator Jeff Wilson arrested for bringing firearm in his briefcase to China.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton files lawsuit against Biden regime for cutting razor wire.

Leftist who tore down signs in Jewish neighborhood is a clinical social worker.

Federal New York judge strikes down unconstitutional gun restrictions.

China deploys six warships to the Middle East.

Citing escalated Iran threats General Austin sends second carrier strike group to Middle East including Patriot and THAAD Missile systems. China ousts Defense Minister Li ShangFu after public absence.

Former Foreign Minister Qin Gang was also stripped of his post as a state councilor on Tuesday, according to the state-backed CCTV.

U.S. border patrol on high alert for Hamas.

Cooper Union library protests proves leftists love Hamas and hate Jews.

Opinion piece New York Post.


Jamaal Bowman hit with misdemeanor charge for pulling fire alarm in Capitol.

Lawmakers say illegal weed shops may be funding terror groups.

FDA says getting Covid shot on the same day as certain flu vaccines may raise the risk of strokes in elderly people.

Chinese scientists discover 8 never before seen viruses, and now they plan to experiment with them.


General Mike Flynn sues Andrew Weissmann, Nicole Wallace and MSNBC for knowingly promoting materially false and malicious statements.

UK government to revoke visas for Hamas supporters.

Robert Fico formally appointed Prime Minister of Slovakia.

China calls on U.S. to withdraw troops from Taiwan.

Eddie Davis boyfriend of Alicia Navarro arrested and charged with possessing child porn on his phone.

Voter drop boxes face challenge in Arizona.

Maine mass shooter heard voices in his head, still on the loose after shooting up bowling alley in Maine.

Virginia student crowned America's top young scientist, creates skin cancer treating soap.

TPUSA staffer attacked by pro Hamas supporters in Illinois.

American Jews arm themselves in increasing numbers after Hamas attacks in Israel.

Long lost continent of Argoland is found beneath the surface of the Indian Ocean.

Brooklyn magician, 41 seen tearing down posters of kidnapped and murdered Jews is suspended from his day job by his Jewish father.

Cornell professor who found Hamas attack on Israel "exhilarating and energizing" taking leave of absence.

Treasury department drops a bomb, the fiscal deficit for 2023 was 1.7 trillion dollars, a 23 percent increase in just one year.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is slammed for locking large group of people out of public meeting about plans for illegal alien center.

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