It’s Time To Expose Facebook & Meta For Everything!!!!
It’s Time To Expose Facebook & Meta For Everything!!!!

The biggest part of this video is how these rich executives think that they can impeach your constitutional rights but if the government is not allowed to then surely a private citizen, does not get those rights to destroy your rights either if our own damn government cannot do this shit what makes these so-called rich private citizens think that they are above the law because if the law cannot do this shit what makes them think that they are allowed to do it either?

They have platform their site as well which they don’t need those added protections for a deep platform site and if I’m not mistaken, they are not legally allowed to run a D platform site in America because of our rights and it’s time that these private citizens got put into their place.

They are no different than us, except for the size of their bank accounts.

They have no extra pool, and any of that shit they do should be counted as corruption and they should be punished at the highest extent that you can for the government you do shit for the government.

You should be punished as the government I mean like what kind of lunacy is that that people that I could come in and impede your constitutional rights or say you come in and do the same to me, but yet the government which has more people than any of us Cannot it makes no sense.

I’m tired of them thinking that they can interpret shit into their own manner and that we are forced to abide by it.

What does Mark Zuckerberg have anything or any pool above the people who run the dictionary companies and all that shit just because he made a social media site.

He gets to change everything about the world fuck that it’s time that we chop this motherfucker down to size And that’s hypothetically speaking but we should most certainly force them out of this country.

There are foreigners that are more American than Mark Zuckerberg, or anyone that works for him and it is time that we clean house and we force all these communist traders off of American soil for good destroy all their papers, and they will no longer be considered American citizens And let them go live under the true tyrants, the true dictators that they dream of being but you got a fucking be part of the government not just a social media site that supposed to be the town Square but did you get censored in the town Square no because they don’t have the right to so what right disease communist fucks get It’s time that they pay for their crimes to humanity