Live 10-04-2024 || Ask Me 51: Miracles? || DosimpleTV
Live 10-04-2024 || Ask Me 51: Miracles? || DosimpleTV

Today we looked at miracles.

Miracles are extraordinary events that cannot be explained by scientific laws.

We looked at the mentions of miracles in the bible and interestingly we saw that the events that took place at Egypt when the Lord delivered the Israelites from Pharaoh were the re-occurring mentions of miracle and we looked at the 10 plagues of Egypt and discovered that the beginning of the miracles was the turning of water to blood.

And we looked further and we noted that the beginning of miracles in the new testament was the turning of water to wine.

And we understand from the last supper that wine represent blood of Jesus.

So the wedding was a demonstration of the salvation received by the blood of Jesus.

Note that the 6 water-pots were used for purification depicting exactly what the blood of Jesus Christ did for us.

The purification by the blood, is recorded as the beginning of miracles.

As child of God who have received the action of Jesus shedding his blood for our purification, we are set for miracles, we are set to do great exploits in the kingdom.

Hallelujah, Glory to God.

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