The Collapse is Happening Now
The Collapse is Happening Now

Every single report that I read speaks of an unstoppable Russian advance after Avdiivka.

Several villages are falling within days and Russia is widening the breakthrough in Ocheretyne.

One of th problems, aside form the paucity of ammunition and manpower is the lack of defensive lines built after Avdiivka.

The US Ad package still seems to be elusive as the ammo.

Hasn't arrived yet.

Russia just took a town called Arkhangelsk and western officials predict Chasiv War will fall within weeks.

This is what I predicted.

That the US Aid is a ruse and there's nothing that will stop Russian advance to take Donetsk.

Some western officials, as a consolation, try to claim Russia is taking huge casualties, say 450,000 troops.

While those numbers are hyperbole, whatever Russia casualties are occurring, Al Jazeera confirms its Russia's lowest quality convict troops forming the Storm V and Storm Z formations.