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Watch me break down how the new "Anti-Semitism" Bill has given the government unlimited control.

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______________________________________________________________________________ The University of Michigan's graduation ceremony encountered disruption when pro-Palestine protesters interjected political discourse, prompting discussions on the boundaries of free speech.

President Joe Biden awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to 19 individuals, including Nancy Pelosi and Al Gore, emphasizing their significant contributions to society.

At Princeton University, 14 students initiated a hunger strike in solidarity with Gaza, drawing attention to the plight of Palestinian political prisoners.

A protest at George Washington University saw the replacement of a Palestinian flag with an American flag, sparking debate on patriotism and activism.

An incident at the Sunrise Autism Center, where an employee assaulted an autistic child, raised concerns about oversight and accountability.

Hope Hicks' emotional testimony during Trump's hush money trial marked a critical juncture in the proceedings, shedding light on pivotal moments in the case.

Grayscale's GBTC saw a $63 million inflow, ending a 77-day outflow streak and signaling shifts in the cryptocurrency market.

Debate ensued over the Biden administration's decision regarding the expiration of Trump's tax cuts, with implications for the nation's economy under scrutiny.

Elon Musk's warning about the U.S. dollar's value without addressing national debt underscored concerns about economic stability.

Volleyball player Harper Murray's suspension over a shoplifting scandal and previous DUI citation raised questions about her conduct and character.

A mix-up in seized documents from Mar-a-Lago sparked controversy, leading to scrutiny of the integrity of legal proceedings involving Donald Trump.

Republican senators called on President Biden to resist expanding the World Health Organization's pandemic authority, citing concerns over national sovereignty.

Dr. Jane Rigby and Dr. Ellen Ochoa were recognized with the Presidential Medal of Freedom for their contributions to space exploration and scientific discovery.

Pro-Palestinian protests at U.S. universities escalated into unrest, prompting scrutiny of law enforcement responses and the role of counterprotesters.

Undocumented immigrants' demands for driver's licenses at the Michigan state Capitol ignited debate over immigration policy and state sovereignty.

A heated online debate between Elon Musk and Robert De Niro highlighted deep political divisions over Trump's legacy.

The Biden administration's decision to cancel 10% of U.S. student debt sparked debate over the efficacy and fairness of such actions.

Congressman James Comer's proposal to cut funds for obstructive federal agencies sparked discussion on government accountability and transparency.

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