Trump Calls For SCOTUS Intervention, Jordan Requests Bragg Testimony, Hunter Law Firm Helped Burisma
Trump Calls For SCOTUS Intervention, Jordan Requests Bragg Testimony, Hunter Law Firm Helped Burisma

Donald Trump convicted on 34 felony counts for falsifying business records in historic Manhattan hush money case.

Trump calls for the Supreme Court to intervene in his hush money case before he is sentenced just days ahead of the Republican National Convention.

Donald Trump gets a SIX-POINT bump in approval after being found guilty on 34 counts according to snap Daily Mail poll: 'I think it was a waste of taxpayer money'.

Jim Jordan requests Bragg testimony after Trump verdict.

Law firm that employed Hunter Biden devised secret 58-page plan to help Burisma dodge criminal probe.

House Ethics Committee announces investigation of Rep.

Henry Cuellar.

Fauci says no evidence for pandemic guidance on masking or social distancing.

Fauci says he signed off on grants without reviewing them.

NIH scientists made $710M in royalties from drug makers — a fact they tried to hide (Opinion).

Manchin leaves Democratic Party, registers as independent.

Joe Biden’s looming presence over Hunter’s trial serves as a warning to their political enemies.

Joe Biden refuses to say whether he’ll serve a full 4-Year term if reelected.

Biden 'not at all worried' that he could be prosecuted after leaving office.

Claudia Sheinbaum wins Mexican presidency, electoral institute says.

Mexican mayoral candidate Alfredo Cabrera assassinated at point-blank range at campaign rally.

Election board member sues Fulton county for denying access to 2024 election data, preventing her from assessing potential fraud in Georgia.

Early election results show South Africa's ruling ANC set to lose control of parliament.

House COVID panel demands access to Fauci’s private email, cell records after alleged ‘secret back channel’ communications.

Biden awkwardly dons Chiefs helmet during team’s White House visit in echo of Michael Dukakis gaffe.

Japan confirms $62 billion currency intervention to prop up weak yen.

Gunman who shot 2 NYPD cops revealed to be migrant who recently crossed into US via Eagle Pass: sources.

Gunman who shot 2 NYPD cops revealed to be migrant who recently crossed into US via Eagle Pass: sources.

Hunter Biden owes ex-wife Kathleen Buhle $2.9M in alimony and other debts as she is set to testify in gun, tax evasion trials.

Biden ‘planning Rwanda-style scheme’ could deport migrants to Europe.

New NYC bill seeks to repeal de Blasio-era ‘sanctuary city’ laws to help weed out ‘criminal’ migrants.

Still in coalition, Gantz’s National Unity party files bill to dissolve Knesset.

Report: IDF exposes secret Egypt-Gaza bridge in Rafah Operation.

Trump considering White House advisory role for Elon Musk as they hold calls ‘several times a month’.

Actor-turned-Putin sycophant Steven Seagal declares Ukraine 'was known for organ trafficking, child sex trafficking and Nazism' before invasion as Vladimir presents him with Russia's Order of Friendship.

31 Pistols went missing from Fort Moore, Georgia.

The Army Is offering $5,000 for information.

How Trump brought Barron, 18, to meeting with Elon Musk and his son X at Nelson Peltz's sprawling estate to 'offer him White House advisory role'.

Democrat California Senator Susan Eggman erupts 'I am done with us' at rebels in her own party claiming they are protecting pedophiles because they don't want 'more black and brown men going to prison'.

More than 40 children missing in Nevada.

More than two years ago, Bobby Penn dropped his daughter Keira off at school.

But when he returned to pick her up, Keira never showed up.

Former four-star admiral charged with accepting bribes to award contracts.

'What could go wrong?': Woke Boston mayor seeks to decriminalize theft, not punish thieves.

Feds attempt to shut down Info wars tonight – Alex Jones breaks down in tears on live show.

Steve Bannon Urges Alex to Take Them to the Mattresses!

L’Oreal is creating a revolutionary bioprinted skin that can ‘feel’ touch.

U.S. District Judge Larry Hicks dies after being hit by a car in Reno, Nevada.

Shocking new footage emerges of huge wooden 'shantytown' built in Democrat-run city whose name is byword for crime and urban decay.

The FBI lovers who tried to stop Trump in 2016 are dropping their ‘Privacy Violations’ lawsuit against the DOJ.

Tulsi Gabbard’s aunt stabbed multiple times, beaten to death with hammer by prominent author.

Boil alert issued for Atlanta after water main break.

Slovakia, Peru sign NASA's Artemis Accords on safe space exploration.

Marine Wargaming Center, Allowing High-Tech Prep for War, Unveiled at Quantico.

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