Remembering Greatness
Remembering Greatness

Stigall reflects on D-Day 80 years ago through personal stories as well as revisiting Ronald Reagan's speech 40 years ago that made every American swell with pride.

Plus, Rep.

Byron Donalds - who happens to be black - is accused of promoting Jim Crow era segregation (not a joke).

Fast Eddie was in the room and has the actual audio of what Donalds said that the media and Democrats are completely lying about today as they try to scare black voters to vote Democrat.

And Julie Kelly's visit in yesterday's show caused quite a stir with one particular podcaster, leading many of his associates and family to call Stigall out over it.

He addresses the noise today.

Stigall also recaps and revisits the subject of the United Methodist Church split and the shocking new membership totals since their decision to embrace LGBTQ politics.