US Army Aids Israel in Bloody Military Operation in Gaza Killing Over 200
US Army Aids Israel in Bloody Military Operation in Gaza Killing Over 200

In a barbaric, despicable and heinous crime that can only be described as an act of pure evil and depravity against humanity itself, the American Delta force and the Israeli IDF carried out a joint operation on Saturday to free four Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.

The clandestine operation resulted in the vicious massacre of more than 200 Palestinians.

A video circulating on Hebrew Telegram channels has revealed that the US-built pier in central Gaza was used by the Israeli army and the US abduction unit as part of a deadly rescue operation.

The operation resulted in the slaughter of over 200 Palestinian lives, most of them children with health officials describing the scene inside Al-Aqsa Hospital as a slaughterhouse.

According to Israeli journalist Barak Ravid, a specialized US military unit assisted in the effort that decimated the Nuseirat refugee camp.

Multiple Israeli media outlets reported that a special forces unit penetrated deep into the camp to recover four living captives, before evacuating them via the US-built pier.

The pier, which was reinstalled on the Gaza coast just yesterday after undergoing millions in repairs, was purportedly constructed to serve as a maritime corridor for delivering much-needed aid into the besieged enclave but instead it was used as a Trojan horse.

The Palestinian resistance had repeatedly warned that the pier could be used to deliver weapons to Israel.

In a statement earlier this year, President Biden had directed the US military to establish the temporary pier in Gaza, claiming it would facilitate the arrival of large ships loaded with food, water, medicine, and temporary shelters.

But the latest developments have cast serious doubt on the true purpose of this project.

Columnist Mohammed Al-Amrani of the News Updates Service recently questioned whether the US-built pier was intended to serve as a smokescreen for political maneuvers, allowing for increased control over Gaza under the guise of humanitarian assistance.

The barbaric atrocity unfolding in Gaza has sparked outrage and calls for accountability.

The Arab and Muslim world watch with bated breath, anger and frustration as the US, Israeli and European genocide continues in Gaza with the complicit aid from Arab Zionists in Egypt, Jordan, Saudi, UAE, Morocco and others.

Eyewitnesses said: Israeli terrorists and US delta force disguised themselves as humanitarian relief workers and used aid trucks to massacre civilians in central Gaza.

Similar incident occurred when Israeli terrorists disguised as nurses executed a teenage boy in a coma.

A Hamas official describing how the Nuseirat Massacre unfolded told reporters: Israel used the US-built ‘humanitarian pier’ to sneak in a unit of Israeli soldiers, and American soldiers.

The soldiers boarded a humanitarian aid truck and drove to Nuseirat refugee camp.

Once inside, they were discovered by Palestinians, which resulted in nonstop Israeli aerial bombardment and the soldiers opening fire inside the central market, killing over 210 Palestinians and injuring hundreds