Biden/Pope Meet At G7, China Sells 53 Billion In U.S. Treasuries, PR Dominion Problems, ATF Stripped of Power
Biden/Pope Meet At G7, China Sells 53 Billion In U.S. Treasuries, PR Dominion Problems, ATF Stripped of Power

Biden meets with Pope Francis at G7, has bizarre moment everyone is talking about.

Biden’s condition shocks allies at G7 summit, with one saying it’s ‘worst he has ever been’.

Biden appears to freeze up, has to be led off stage by Obama at mega-bucks LA fundraiser.

China offloads $53 Billion in US Treasuries in unprecedented move that sends strong message to Biden.

Trump blasts Biden over Russian war ships arriving off the Florida coast, 'that's unthinkable'.

DOJ won't prosecute AG Garland for contempt for refusal to turn over audio from Biden, Hur interview.

Biden in Italy to push G7 on plan to use frozen Russian assets to aid Ukraine.

Dominion machines under scrutiny after ‘Hundreds’ of discrepancies detected in primary.

Donald Trump's UFO admission raises eyebrows.

Hochul mulls NYC subway mask ban amid rise in antisemitic hate.

Mystery as huge group of people fall violently-ill while hiking through remote part of Grand Canyon.

Modi gives no cabinet positions to Muslims for first time in history.

Whoopi Goldberg, Jimmy Fallon and more comedians meet Pope Francis at ‘the butt crack of dawn’.

Donald Trump reveals whether he believes in aliens - and opens up on discussions with 'handsome' fighter jet pilots who claim to have seen UFOs.

Four Democratic operatives are charged with election offenses including one caught 'ballot-stuffing'.

Haitian leaders oust Police chief and appoint a new one as gang violence claims officers' lives.

Republicans win major concession from Secret Service on location of 'protest zone' at GOP convention.

Who’s the big money bankrolling Pro-Hamas protests in US?

You might be surprised.

Idaho farmer sounds the alarm over water restrictions that can damage 500K acres of farmland 'Significant'.

Nancy Pelosi's furious daughter hits back at Donald Trump's claims he would have been a 'great' match with her mom but she was too old: 'Unwell, unhinged and unfit'.

Naomi Biden recovers from her devastating appearance on the stand at dad Hunter's gun trial by relaxing poolside at $1,000-a-night resort during her grandfather's Italy trip.

Steve Bannon predicts Trump will be sentenced to 'multiple years in prison' on July 11.

Russia will try Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich on spy charges.

Prince William makes secret visit to MI6 without Kate Middleton — and no one knows why.

House passes $883 Billion annual defense bill with culture war amendments.

Kate Middleton appears on balcony alongside royal family during Trooping the Colour parade in first appearance since cancer announcement.

FAA investigates counterfeit titanium used in some Boeing and Airbus jets.

Police arrest 91-year-old Canadian auto parts billionaire Frank Stronach on sexual assault charges.

South African Parliament re-elects President Cyril Ramaphosa.

House passes resolution to automatically enroll men aged 18-26 in military draft.

The resolution was included in the National Defense Authorization Act which approves the defense budget for the next fiscal year, and includes the government's top priorities when it comes to defense and national security policies.

ATF stripped of power under new 9-0 emergency order by Supreme Court.

Argentina Senate approves Milei's economic reforms; protesters arrested, hurt in capital.

Woman searching for closure finally collects father’s belongings from house after squatter took over six years ago.

Japanese citizens left outraged after Kanye West's wife Bianca Censori stepped out in THAT barely-there thong leotard during shopping trip in Tokyo and call for her to be fined: 'It's an insult'.

Scientists testing swimming 'microbots' to deliver meds to lung tumors.

Hunter Biden’s girlfriend’s book shows that his resume of twerking and smoking crack couldn’t justify his massive payouts.

Warring NYC school board members booted from posts: ‘Unfit to serve in these roles’.

City Hall wants help finding anti-Israel protester who told ‘Zionists’ to ID themselves on NYC subway: ‘Vile and illegal’.

House Chairman Bryan Steil subpoenas 15 Biden administration officials over 'Bidenbucks' documents.

The children who remember their past lives: Chilling phenomenon of why thousands of toddlers are being haunted by memories that aren't theirs - and when to worry about your child's 'imaginary friend'.

100 blocks by toxic NYC canal being tested for cancerous vapors — residents demand answers.

Dodgy DocGo quietly nabs $41M no-bid deal to run migrant shelter same day city rejected separate contract due to mistreatment.

Loaded gun is found close to Biden's Los Angeles fundraiser as wealthy and powerful assemble just blocks away from crime-ridden skid row amid protestors.

Aristotle Onassis forced Jackie Kennedy to have sex in wild public locations - and their 170-clause marriage contract dictated the precise number of times she had to endure it, Maureen Callahan reveals.

Unearthed claim about JFK and Bobby Kennedy's involvement in Marilyn Monroe's death... and all the signs it wasn't a suicide, revealed by MAUREEN CALLAHAN: 'I know who killed her'.

Top Hamas official claims ‘no one has any idea’ how many Israeli hostages are still alive.

Rwanda appoints new finance, foreign ministers.

Judge expands block of Biden's rule to close 'gun show loophole' to 4 states.

MS-13, Russian mobsters use migrants in elaborate injury scam — even getting spinal surgery to pull it off.

Hunter Biden drops laptop lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani.

What will be in Biden's pre-debate chemical cocktail?

Russia to be forced to surrender if not accepting terms of peace - Italian Prime Minister.

Billionaire Ken Langone, CEO Robert Grossman to retire from NYU Langone roles in 2025.

Texas megachurch pastor Tony Evans resigns after nearly 50 years over mysterious ‘sin’.

Surgeon general calls for tobacco-style warning on social media platforms. More news.