Betsy DeVos

11th United States Secretary of Education

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Betsy DeVos: 11th United States Secretary of Education
Elisabeth Dee DeVos is the 11th and current United States Secretary of Education since 2017. DeVos is known for her support for school choice, school voucher programs, and charter schools. She was Republican National Committeewoman for Michigan from 1992 to 1997 and served as chair of the Michigan Republican Party from 1996 to 2000, with reelection to the post in 2003. She has advocated for the Detroit charter school system and she is a former member of the board of the Foundation for Excellence in Education. She has served as chair of the board of the Alliance for School Choice and the Acton Institute and headed the All Children Matter PAC.


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Betsy DeVos vowed to change American education. For the most part, she didn't.

Betsy DeVos is known for her support of school choice. But she didn't accomplish much of that agenda. Here's what she got done as education secretary. - Published

Biden’s Education Department Will Move Fast to Reverse Betsy DeVos’s Policies

President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. has presented an education agenda that is starkly different from the Trump era, beginning with a far more cautious approach to school reopenings. - Published

Goodbye, Betsy DeVos

goodbye, betsy devos
The Trump administration’s most elitist do-nothing. ......
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Family of Betsy DeVos among Michigan's biggest political donors

A Free Press analysis of big money donations from Michigan shows much of it going to Republican-leaning political committees. - Published

DeVos to Be Investigated for Potential Violation of Ethics Law

A watchdog filed a complaint over the Education Department distributing a Fox News clip of Secretary Betsy DeVos criticizing Joe Biden, potentially in violation of the Hatch Act. - Published

DeVos visits Georgia students at school amid virus

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is softening earlier comments that called for schools to reopen for in-person instruction for all, saying during a visit to a Georgia high school that what she really.. - Published

Trump says open schools. Teachers say not until they're safe. As cases rise, unions may win.

Unions are battling Trump, Betsy DeVos and GOP leaders on how schools reopen, leaving little time to negotiate how to improve online learning. - Published

Pence, DeVos visit NC school to promote reopening. A week later, students quarantine due to COVID-19 case.

Last week, Pence vowed to "make sure that this school, and schools all across American, have the support to open up and to stay open." - Published

Betsy DeVos just crossed another line. She's an ongoing danger to teachers and students.

Schools must look inward, assess local COVID-19 conditions and ignore pressure from DeVos. They have authority over whether to reopen. She doesn't. - Published

Fact check: DeVos never said 'only' 0.02% of children will die if schools reopen in the fall

Numerous posts on social media claim Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said "only" 0.02% of children will die of COVID-19. She never said that. - Published

DeVos Abandons a Lifetime of Local Advocacy to Demand Schools Reopen

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has become the face of the Trump administration’s demands, a stance diametrically opposite to how she has led the department. - Published

'I wouldn't trust you to care for a house plant let alone my child': Pressley slams DeVos on reopening schools

"I wouldn't trust you to care for a house plant let alone my child," Pressley said in reply to DeVos' remarks on reopening schools amid the pandemic. - Published

Coronavirus Live Updates: Florida Tops U.S. Record With Over 15,000 New Cases

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos pushes for U.S. schools to reopen. Trump wears a mask publicly for the first time. And India’s latest surge includes a top Bollywood star. - Published

'You can't do that': Fox News host Wallace confronts DeVos on threat to redirect funds from schools

Chris Wallace asked Betsy DeVos "under what authority" she and Trump were going to "unilaterally cut off funding" to schools that refuse to reopen. - Published

Defrauded Student Loan Borrowers Win, but Still Lose

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is denying huge batches of relief requests from students whose schools defrauded them. Even those who aren’t denied are getting very little — or sometimes nothing. - Published

House Fails to Override Trump’s Veto Limiting Student Loan Debt Relief

Stringent new rules by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos are set to take effect on July 1 after the attempt to reverse them was defeated. - Published

Mail voting: Pence, aides embrace practice panned by Trump

mail voting: pence, aides embrace practice panned by trump
Vice President Mike Pence and a half-dozen other senior advisers to President Donald Trump have repeatedly voted by mail, according to election records obtained by The Associated Press. That undercuts..
WorldNews - Published

Over Veterans’ Protests, Trump Vetoes Measure to Block Student Loan Rules

President Trump sided with Education Secretary Betsy DeVos over veterans groups, vetoing a measure that would have blocked new regulations that tighten access to student loan forgiveness. - Published

Live Coronavirus News Updates

Scientists are revising the timeline of how the virus spread. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said she would direct public school districts to share federal aid with private schools. - Published

DeVos Plans to Force Public Schools Share Aid With Private Ones

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos says she will force public school superintendents to share coronavirus rescue funds with private schools, some of which are facing ruin. - Published

Trump’s Dilemma: Reject DeVos Debt Forgiveness Rollback or Anger Veterans

Nancy Pelosi sent the president a bipartisan resolution to reverse his education secretary’s tightening of student debt forgiveness rules. He must decide whether to sign it during an economic crisis. - Published

DeVos Funnels Coronavirus Relief Funds to Favored Private and Religious Schools

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, using discretion written into the coronavirus stabilization law, is using millions of dollars to pursue long-sought policy goals that Congress has blocked. - Published

Betsy DeVos Completes Sexual Assault Rules

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos released final regulations for schools dealing with sexual misconduct, giving them the force of law for the first time and bolstering due-process rights. - Published

DeVos Decides Against Special Education Waivers During the Pandemic

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos has informed Congress that she will not seek to grant waivers from special education requirements under federal law. - Published

Betsy DeVos orders probe after USA TODAY finds college evidently without faculty, students

Betsy DeVos has launched an Education Department investigation after a USA TODAY report showed a college apparently had no faculty or students. - Published

Is America Propagating One Holocaust (Jewish) While Erasing Another (Palestinian)?

is america propagating one holocaust (jewish) while erasing another (palestinian)?
Article by WN.Com Correspondent Dallas Darling News from many of the state’s boards of education couldn’t have been more demanding. Dictated by the Trump administration and the United States..
WorldNews - Published

This college was accredited by a DeVos-sanctioned group. We couldn't find evidence of students or faculty.

At present, Reagan National University apparently has no students or faculty. Yet it was accredited -- by a group saved by the Education Department. - Published

New Campus Sexual Misconduct Rules Will Tackle Dating Violence

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’s contentious regulations on sexual misconduct at schools will cement domestic and dating violence and stalking as forms of gender discrimination. - Published

Trump's State of the Union school choice scholarship will be paid by Betsy DeVos. One Philadelphia girl will benefit.

Trump made a splash offering a school choice scholarship to a Philadelphia girl during his State of the Union speech. DeVos is the one paying for it. - Published

Before March for Life, Betsy DeVos stirs controversy by comparing abortion rights, slavery

Before March for Life, Betsy DeVos invoked Abraham Lincoln, suggesting his anti-slavery view is similar to anti-abortion stances. Historians disagree. - Published

2020 Democratic White House hopefuls court teachers in pivotal Iowa

Democrats vying for the party's 2020 presidential nomination courted Iowa's teachers on Saturday by promising to oust U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos and appoint someone who has taught in public..
Reuters - Published

Betsy DeVos: Religious liberty in our schools must be protected

Schools must be held accountable to the Constitution. The administration's new guidelines will ensure that they are. - Published

House Democrats overturn DeVos on student loan forgiveness. It's unlikely to pass Senate

The Democrat-controlled House overturned rules from Betsy DeVos on student loan forgiveness. Republicans in the Senate are unlikely to agree. - Published

DeVos Defends Restricting Debt Relief for Bilked Students

The education secretary said “many students” got “a valuable education” from for-profit colleges as officials planned a round of notifications to applicants for full relief, 95 percent denials. - Published

How Betsy DeVos is changing rules on sexual misconduct on campus

Obama-era guidelines for how colleges should deal with sexual misconduct allegations are on their way out
CBS News - Published

Betsy DeVos cancels debt for 1,500 students after facing lawsuit

Virginia Representative Bobby Scott says the decision still falls "well short" of providing necessary relief
CBS News - Published

Appeals Court Nominee Shaped DeVos’s Illegal Loan Forgiveness Effort

Steven J. Menashi, who could be confirmed Thursday, helped devise an Education Department plan to use Social Security data to deny students debt relief, an effort that a judge ruled violated privacy.. - Published

Is Betsy DeVos America's last secretary of education?

A cram session on education policy under Secretary Betsy DeVos, from "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan
CBS News - Published

Betsy DeVos on guns, school choice and why people don't like her

The secretary of education has been one of the most criticized members of President Trump's Cabinet, but DeVos says she's "more misunderstood than anything." Lesley Stahl reports.
CBS News - Published

Betsy DeVos in contempt of court for violating order on student loans

The Department of Education continued to collect on loans from student borrowers who attended a now-defunct for-profit institution
CBS News - Published

Your Friday Briefing

California, Tulsi Gabbard, Betsy DeVos: Here's what you need to know. - Published

Betsy DeVos Is Held in Contempt Over Judge’s Order on Loan Collection

A federal judge said the education secretary had violated an order to stop collecting on loans owed by students from a now-defunct for-profit chain of colleges. - Published Also reported by •

Former education official calls federal student loan program "insane"

Wayne Johnson, who reported to Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, is proposing for student debt forgiveness
CBS News - Published

No, Betsy DeVos is not going to jail

A judge said to Betsy DeVos' department: "I am not sending anyone to jail yet, but it’s good to know that I have that ability.” The internet exploded. - Published

Betsy DeVos visits school with anti-transgender policy

"Why are you on a constant crusade against our #LGBTQ students & teachers?" one lawmaker fired at DeVos
CBS News - Published

Michigan State University fined millions in Nassar case

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announced the penalty and said Nassar's actions and university's response were "disgusting and unimaginable"
CBS News - Published

Michigan State to pay record $4.5 million fine in Larry Nassar sexual assault scandal

"What happened at MSU was abhorrent. .... so was the university's response to their crimes," U.S. Education Secretary Betsy DeVos said. - Published

Student loans: Betsy DeVos rule change means college students must fight for loan forgiveness

DeVos thought it was too easy under Obama for students to get loan forgiveness if a college closed or if their degree didn't prepare them for a job. - Published

Cummings Announces Expanded Probe Into DeVos’ Personal Email Use

cummings announces expanded probe into devos’ personal email use
House Oversight Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) said Monday that he is expanding an investigation into Education Secretary Betsy DeVos’ personal email use....
WorldNews - Published

House panel probes education secretary DeVos' personal email use

A U.S. congressional committee on Monday sought records from Education Secretary Betsy Devos relating to her use of private email accounts, expanding an investigation into how President Donald Trump's..
Reuters - Published

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