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The Atlantic: Magazine and multi-platform publisher based in Washington, D.C.
The Atlantic is an American magazine and multi-platform publisher. It was founded in 1857 in Boston, Massachusetts, as The Atlantic Monthly, a literary and cultural commentary magazine that published leading writers' commentary on the abolition of slavery, education, and other major issues in contemporary political affairs. Its founders included Francis H. Underwood and prominent writers Ralph Waldo Emerson, Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr., Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and John Greenleaf Whittier. James Russell Lowell was its first editor. It is known for publishing literary pieces by leading writers.


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On ‘herd immunity,’ vaccines, and pandemic whiplash

on ‘herd immunity,’ vaccines, and pandemic whiplash
In mid-March, as the British government dragged its feet on implementing strict coronavirus lockdown measures that it would soon impose anyway, Patrick Vallance, the country’s chief scientific..
WorldNews - Published

Go read this story about the ‘heat gap’ deepening the world’s divisions

go read this story about the ‘heat gap’ deepening the world’s divisions
Migrant worker sorting cantaloupe with machinery in the field of a farm over pile of cantaloupe. | Photo by: Edwin Remsburg/VW Pics via Getty Images I will never look at a cantaloupe the same way..
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Yale doctor on President Trump's COVID-19 treatment and health condition

President Trump is back at the White House but his doctors are warning he is "not out of the woods" yet. Dr. James Hamblin is a lecturer at the Yale School of Public Health, staff writer at The..
CBS News - Published

Trump upset over Atlantic article that suggests he disrespected troops, John McCain

President Trump returned from his Pennsylvania trip to the news of an article in The Atlantic, which suggests that he called fallen soldiers and late Senator John McCain losers. The alleged comments..
CBS News - Published

Trump secretly mocked Christian leaders: Report

trump secretly mocked christian leaders: report
US President Donald Trump has secretly mocked Christian leaders, describing them as “schmoozed” and “conned,” though he was praising them in public through his campaigns and presidency, a new..
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How should the media cover the presidential race in the Trump era?

A recent article in The Atlantic calls upon the media to change its coverage of this year's presidential race. James Fallows, a staff writer with The Atlantic, joined CBSN's Elaine Quijano to discuss.
CBS News - Published

Supreme Court battle poses risk of heightening culture war ahead of election

Some are arguing that Democrats should take a more subdued approach in the fight over filling Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg's seat on the Supreme Court. Anne Applebaum, a staff writer for The Atlantic,..
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A ‘zombie tropical storm’ just came back to life in the Atlantic

a ‘zombie tropical storm’ just came back to life in the atlantic
A satellite image showing Paulette’s rainfall on September 22 | NASA/NOAA/NRL Tropical Storm Paulette just came back to life in the eastern Atlantic. The revival comes days after storm trackers..
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Tropical Storm Wilfred broke a record as soon as it formed

tropical storm wilfred broke a record as soon as it formed
Satellite imagery of the Atlantic Oceean | Image: NOAA The record-shattering 2020 Atlantic hurricane season just ran out of storm names. A storm that developed in the eastern Atlantic on September..
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Trump's stunning split with America's military leaders

trump's stunning split with america's military leaders
(CNN)President Trump loves the pomp of the military. He went to a military-style boarding school in New York, he has always pined for a big Kremlin-style military parade in the streets of Washington DC..
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Tropical trouble for the Carolinas? Forecasters eye system in the Atlantic

A tropical disturbance about 300 miles southwest of Bermuda could become a tropical depression as it moves northwest over the Atlantic this week. - Published

Trump and Biden spar over coronavirus vaccine push

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says he would want to hear from scientists, not just President Trump, about the safety of any potential coronavirus vaccine. President Trump says Biden's..
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Atlantic Editor-in-Chief Expects More Reporting on Alleged Trump Comments About Veterans

atlantic editor-in-chief expects more reporting on alleged trump comments about veterans
The Atlantic report published this week alleged, citing anonymous sources, that Trump did not want to visit Aisne-Marne American Cemetery because...
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Trump denies reports that he called war dead "losers" and "suckers"

President Trump is denying claims that he called fallen U.S. servicemen "suckers" and "losers" for dying in World War I. The story first broke in The Atlantic magazine, but key claims have since been..
CBS News - Published

Prominent veterans demand apology from Trump after allegations of insulting remarks

Joe Biden and prominent veterans are demanding President Trump apologize after an article in The Atlantic alleged that the President made disparaging remarks about veterans. Bofta Yimam has more.
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The President cannot comprehend true patriotism

the president cannot comprehend true patriotism
(CNN)President Donald Trump may admire the military, but he has shown his contempt for the people who decide to join it and serve the nation -- a decision he seems to find utterly incomprehensible...
WorldNews - Published

Trump slams Atlantic article on his alleged comments about fallen U.S. service members

President Trump strongly denied an Atlantic story that he had called fallen U.S. service members "losers" and "suckers." He also slammed the press and his former chief of staff, John Kelly, who has not..
CBS News - Published

White House defends Trump on Atlantic article

Two top advisers to President Donald Trump vigorously defended the US commander in chief Friday after the publication of an article in The Atlantic alleging that he mocked American war dead. (Sept... - Published

Watch live: Trump holds news conference

Trump speaks to reporters a day after an article in The Atlantic alleged he had called American service members who died fighting "suckers" and "losers."
CBS News - Published

Donald Trump Denies He Called Fallen War Veterans 'Losers'

Donald Trump is denying that he declined to visit a military cemetery because he reportedly said, "Why should I go to that cemetery? It's filled with losers." Trump blasted The Atlantic for its story,.. - Published

Trump denies disparaging US war dead

A new report details multiple instances of President Donald Trump making disparaging remarks about members of the U.S. military who were captured or killed. Trump emphatically denied the report, which.. - Published

What a Harris-Biden ticket means for the Democratic party

Senator Kamala Harris is set to speak Wednesday at the Democratic National Convention, as she's poised to become the first woman of color to run for the vice presidency on a major party ticket...
CBS News - Published

Another storm is forming in the Atlantic, but forecasters say it will be short-lived

A tropical depression is likely to form int he Atlantic this week. Meanwhile, Hurricane Elida in the Pacific isn't a threat to land. - Published

Does the U.S. need another Reconstruction to address impacts of racism?

The U.S. is continuing to struggle with the consequences of slavery and generations of institutionalized racism. Brooklyn Law School associate professor Wilfred Codrington III joined CBSN to discuss..
CBS News - Published

Former Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina says she can't support Trump, will vote for Biden

"I've been very clear that I can't support Donald Trump. And, you know, elections are binary choices," Carly Fiorina told The Atlantic. - Published

Fifteen years after 9/11, is America safer?

As threats continue overseas, how is the U.S. adapting its fight to combat terrorism? Former Homeland Security Advisor to President George Bush Fran Townsend joins The Atlantic's Steven Brill and..
CBS News - Published

Ta-Nehisi Coates explains what makes President Obama unique

Ta-Nehisi Coates, a national correspondent for The Atlantic magazine whose piece entitled "My President Was Black" will lead the January/February 2017 issue, reveals what he's learned about Obama..
CBS News - Published

Ta-Nehisi Coates on race, hope and speaking out

Ta-Nahesi Coates, a mild-mannered, even shy writer for The Atlantic, has become a celebrity intellectual as his books about race have become bestsellers. The recipient of a National Book Award and a..
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Bringing our towns back to life

Contrary to the narrative some hold that America is in decline, many towns and cities are experiencing a rebirth. James Fallows, of The Atlantic magazine, and his wife, Deborah, traveled the country,..
CBS News - Published

Inside the Trump family's succession battle

A new article in The Atlantic details the ongoing battle between Ivanka and Donald Trump, Jr. to be heir to their father's business dynasty. McKay Coppins wrote that piece, and joined "Red & Blue" to..
CBS News - Published

Why Romney is more willing to criticize Trump

Senator Mitt Romney has been one of President Trump's fiercest critics among Republicans when it comes to Syria and the impeachment inquiry. McKay Coppins profiled Romney in the latest issue of The..
CBS News - Published

Ronald Reagan Described Africans at UN as Monkeys

ronald reagan described africans at un as monkeys
Former US President Ronald Reagan described African delegates at the UN as “monkeys” in 1971 when he was governor of California in newly released tapes published by The Atlantic. He made the racist..
WorldNews - Published

Biden's lead shrinking in latest CBS News Battleground Tracker poll

CBS News' latest Battleground Tracker poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden's lead shrinking, as Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris gain ground. CBS News Elections & Surveys Director..
CBS News - Published

How facial recognition technology is outpacing the law

Law enforcement seems to be using facial recognition technology more and more every day -- and many people think that's a problem. Derek Thompson, a writer at The Atlantic and a host of “Crazy Genius..
CBS News - Published

How some Instagram accounts are exploiting the Sudan crisis

As the political crisis in Sudan worsens, global humanitarian organizations have turned to social media to raise both awareness and money. It turns out, some of those accounts are actually fake. In her..
CBS News - Published

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 was probably pilot suicide/murder

malaysia airlines flight mh370 was probably pilot suicide/murder
At The Atlantic, William Langewiesche meticulously catalogs and narrates the flight and dissapearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Though the investigation continues to focus on the water--where..
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Sen. Bernie Sanders defends democratic socialism

Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont delivered an address explaining and defending democratic socialism. The 2020 presidential candidate said the ideology is often misunderstood. Edward Isaac Dovere, staff..
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