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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

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What Is Bitcoin City?

The Street

El Salvador's President has a plan to build a bitcoin bond-funded, geothermal-powered city of the future.

Inflation: 5 Big Winners When Prices Soar

The Street

Prices are soaring at grocery stores, gas pumps, and used car purchases. TheStreet's 'How to Play the Inflation Trade' tackles winners and losers in an inflationary era.

Who is Bret Taylor?

The Street

Bret Taylor has been promoted to co-CEO of Salesforce, so what experience does he bring to the C Suite?

Can the Federal Reserve Stop Inflation?

The Street

VanEck Portfolio Manager says, "this is not the 1970's" and explains why he doesn't think the Federal Reserve can dramatically increase rates and why investors need to embrace inflation, longer.

What Inflation's History Tells Investors

The Street

Whether it was the brief encounter in 2008 or meaningful inflation in the 1970s, investors can learn a lot from previous inflation cycles. Top experts reveal their investing strategies.

Macy's Floats Thanksgiving NFTs

The Street

Macy's is carrying on its 95-year tradition of the Thanksgiving Day Parade but this year it's introducing an auction of NFTs for extra holiday cheer.