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Cat falls in love with adopter

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Cat falls in love with adopter transcript audio credit (use 10% faster vo (music - She just had burns everywhere. The people that brought her in said that they found her like that and they ended up choosing to surrender her. zoom in But luckily for her and for me (on camera Fine Feline Cat Rescue in Uxbridge, Massachusetts committed to take her on right then and there and her treatment started that day to save her life. zoom in zoom in for .25 sec as soon as I heard her story, zoom in I knew she was supposed to be my kid, like a hundred percent knew it. (on camera

Woman thought her cat didn't have much time. Then this happened.

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Woman thought her cat didn't have much time. Then this happened. transccript - audio - credit - chani_and_caponeparker/Instagram (use 15% faster vo I remember the first night that I brought her home she stunk so bad, but I didn't wanna stress her out by giving her full bath. still So I just gave her a bat with wet wipes. And she just melted. still I think it was the first time in probably a long time that she felt like she was genuinely cared for. I will always remember that moment. (on camera - 15% faster 25:22 i'm malia...geobeats Mabel's Story by GeoBeats Animals music visual 01t04 face above top line s e

Sad-looking rejected dog is now unrecognizable

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yuki @amira.amiracle 5/14 12:00 pm transcript - audio - credit - amira.amiracle/Instagram (use 15% faster vo 15t16 with audio (s - e When I first saw her she was shy spending your whole first year being trapped in a cage will do that to a dog.  cont til 19 with audio  cont till 20 with audio s e 39;55 i'm laura...geobeats Yuki's Story by GeoBeats Animals music visual 00t04 with bit of audio - dog's face above top line (e - The sanctuary in India Pawsitive Sanctuary, was called when some children had seen a woman dump her from the car. She is not a street dog. This is a pure bred dog in India. when they went to pick her up she couldn't walk, she couldn't move. slow zoom in

Shelter dog has been waiting 2 years for a home

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Shelter dog has been waiting 2 years for a home transcrpt - audio - credit - rascalthedeafpittie/Instagram (use 15% faster half a sec - bump audio Rascal is completely or partially deaf, and we do believe he has some visual impairments. cont till 04 - bump audio (e - I'm Emma (on camera from 23:50 dog sound till .75 sec - buamp duio (about .75 sec e (crop frame to show dog only and I'm an animal care technician at Homeward Trails. He was a stray and we got him when he was about two. He never came with a microchip and we don't know how long he was out there. cont till 07 - bump audio (crop frame to show dog only 07t09 start at 07 when dog makes sound s e (crop frame to show dog only When he first arrived, he was very shy and very scared. still of this Once I got in the field and sat down with him he warmed up and he was wagging his tail. 06 with audio (s - cont till 23 - bump audio - 20% faster e (black text after .5 sec in two lines in same frame - The moment when Rascal felt loved He is the funniest dog ever he loves to just be near his people he might talk back even though he can't hear he'll like see you like talking to him whole video with audio and he is like, oh wow. And is very cute. (on camera (end at 21:21 (crop frame like (her before on camera also early in video crop like this - when she says i'm emma

Bunny melts into guy's arms, gets adopted

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bun boa @funwithmybun 4/29 9:30 pm transcript - audio credit - funwithmybun/Instagram (vo - One day I was going outside, found a kitten, decided to take it to the Humane Society that kitten got adopted 00t06 with audio (e - and then we were like, okay, cool. So we went around and we were like, let's just look at the animals (on camera we stumbled into him and I opened the cage 00t01 with audio (end before woman starts talking e and he kind of just went and melted into my arms, kind of like how he is now. (on camera 28:20 we're mason...geobeats Bun Bao's Story by GeoBeats Animals music - visal 03t05 with audio (bunny face nto covered by white lines s e