NARA Never Opened Biden Boxes, McConnell Hospitalized, FL Felons Voted, Illusions Broken
NARA Never Opened Biden Boxes, McConnell Hospitalized, FL Felons Voted, Illusions Broken

9 boxes which were seized from the Boston office of Joe Biden's attorney back in November were never opened by NARA.

Why weren't the boxes opened and instead sat somewhere in NARA since November?

Mitch McConnel hospitalized after fall.

103 migrant children found in abandoned trailer in Mexico, along with other families.

In Florida felons were allowed to vote in one county in the 2020 election, ballots were cast by long dead voters.

Meta to lay off thousands more after recently cutting 11,000 jobs.

Is this the end for Meta?

Chuck Schumer demands Rupert Murdoch take Tucker Carlson off the air, did he forget about the first Amendment to the constitution?

Protests break out as Chinese cities drown under 10 Trillion dollars in debt.

JP Morgan sues former executive over claims he hid Jeffrey Epstein's sex abuse to help retain pervert financier.

JP Morgan is suing former executive Jes Staley.

SPLC lawyer accused of domestic terrorism gets 5000 dollar bond while many of the j6 defendants have been held for two years some of them with no bond.

Why did Hunter Biden steal his dead brothers identity?

Why did he use aliases such as Joesph McGee and part of his dead brothers name in another alias, Joseph R.

Beau Biden the third?

Binance asset shuffling eerily similar to maneuvers made by FTX.

Russians claim control over Bakhmut East.

Will self flying planes ever be implemented?

Would you fly on a plane flown by AI?

Rich New Yorker amongst those arrested for attacking police training center outside Atlanta.

Should the Q shaman be freed?

Or was he a part of the deep states plan?

The January 6th committee was destroyed by a single video clip.

New Mexico moves to hobble private paramilitary border patrols.

Is this also an attack against state militia?

Violence erupts in Paris as protesters clash with riot cops over Macron's hated pension reforms. NHTSA initiates investigation over Tesla steering wheels falling off.

Musk condemns his own platform during apology to fired twitter worker with muscular dystrophy.

Singapore central bank ups gold reserves by 30% to 200 tons.

China cuts internet to Taiwan outer island Matsu.

New York City Mayor Adams wants to ship illegal aliens to other states from New York after spending up to 10 million dollars a day feeding illegal aliens in New York City.

MH370 may have crashed in an entirely different ocean than where rescuers were searching, claims researcher who claims to have discovered a vital clue on satellite radar days after the crash.

Scientists discover enzyme "Huc", that turns air into electricity.

New York City spending 10 million dollars a day to feed illegal aliens.

Trump demands January 6th committee be tried for treason.

Governor Desantis exposes pornography in children's books.

Four of the Americans kidnapped in Mexico have lengthy criminal records, male survivor sold crack cocaine outside a school.

One of the men murdered had been arrested for drugs manufacturing.

A giant 7 foot long, 1,600 year old demon slaying sword is uncovered in Japan along with a mirrored shield thought to be weapons used to fight the dead in the afterworld.

White House opposes designating drug cartels as terrorist organizations.

Capitol police served as "tour guides" for fake Q shaman.

Tiger Woods ex claimed she was locked out of his home, claims he sexually abused her.

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