Super Mario Bros. Wonder | Part 6
Super Mario Bros. Wonder | Part 6

I'm about to play one of the latest and greatest games on the Nintendo Switch.

Today, I’m going to show you my playthrough of Super Mario Bros.

Wonder, a brand new 2.5D platformer that features Mario in a colorful and whimsical adventure in the Flower Kingdom.

This game is full of surprises and challenges, as Mario can use Wonder Flowers to transform his world and himself in amazing ways.

Watch me as I explore the six main worlds, the Petal Isles hub, and the secret levels, collecting coins, stars, and Wonder Coins along the way.

I’ll also face off against Bowser and his minions, who have used the Wonder powers to create havoc in the Flower Kingdom.

Will I be able to save the day and restore peace to this land of flowers?

Find out in this video!

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