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The Coaches Poll is a weekly ranking of the top 25 NCAA Division I Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) college football, Division I college basketball, and Division I college baseball teams. The football version of the poll has been known officially as the Amway Coaches Poll since 2014.


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Clemson still No. 1 as Amway Coaches Poll sees major changes due to inactive teams

A few upsets on the first major college football weekend and the loss of teams eligible had significant impact on the latest Amway Coaches Poll. - Published

Amway Coaches Poll foreshadows a college football season of volatility, unpredictability

In a year without precedent in college football history, the Coaches Poll may end up reclaiming a deciding role in dictating the national champion. - Published

Five teams snubbed by this year's preseason Amway Coaches Poll

Only 25 teams can make the preseason Amway Coaches Poll, meaning there are many deserving schools left out. Here are five that should be included. - Published

Clemson starts at No. 1 in preseason Amway Coaches Poll for second consecutive season

This year's preseason Amway Coaches Poll looks like the one from 2019 as Clemson again holds the top spot. Ohio State and three SEC teams follow. - Published

College football's Top 25: The preseason Amway Coaches Poll

Clemson will start the 2020 college football season at No. 1 in the Amway Coaches Poll, ahead of Ohio State, Alabama, Georgia and LSU. - Published

LSU keeps No. 1 ranking ahead of Ohio State in the final Amway Coaches Poll of regular season

LSU will enter the College Football Playoff at No. 1 in the Amway Coaches Poll. Ohio State, Clemson, Oklahoma and Georgia complete the top five. - Published

Utah passes Oklahoma as Oregon, Penn State fall out of top 10 in latest Amway Coaches Poll

The top five in the Amway Coaches Poll stayed the same with LSU leading Ohio State and Clemson. Utah jumped Oklahoma is now in the No. 6 spot. - Published

Georgia up to No. 4, while Minnesota and Baylor fall out of top 10 in Amway Coaches Poll

There was change in the top 10 of the Amway Coaches Poll as Georgia passed Alabama for No. 4 and Minnesota and Baylor fell out of the top 10. - Published

LSU is new No. 1 in Amway Coaches Poll after Alabama victory, while Minnesota joins top 10

LSU has taken the No. 1 spot in the Amway Coaches Poll after beating then-No. 1 Alabama. Minnesota moved in the top 10 after beating Penn State. - Published

LSU up to No. 2 behind Alabama in Amway Coaches poll as Oklahoma, Notre Dame tumble

LSU is now No. 2 in the Amway Coaches Poll behind Alabama, while Oklahoma and Notre Dame both tumbled after losses on the road. - Published

Amway Coaches Poll: Alabama still No. 1, Ohio State up to No. 4

USA TODAY Sports' Paul Myerberg breaks down the latest Amway Coaches Poll. - Published