Roger Stone

American right wing political consultant, lobbyist

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Roger Stone: American right wing political consultant, lobbyist
Roger Jason Stone is an American conservative political consultant and lobbyist. In November 2019, subsequent to the Mueller report and Special Counsel investigation, he was convicted on seven counts, including witness tampering and lying to investigators. On February 20, 2020, he was sentenced to 40 months in federal prison. The sentence was commuted by President Donald Trump on July 10, 2020.


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Roger Stone to Donald Trump: bring in martial law if you lose election

roger stone to donald trump: bring in martial law if you lose election
Trump meanwhile promises to ‘put down’ leftwing protests and says US Marshals killing Portland suspect was ‘retribution’ Rage: Will Bob Woodward’s tapes bring down Donald Trump? Roger Stone,..
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Hundreds of former DOJ officials call for Attorney General William Barr's resignation

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2/21: CBSN AM

Roger Stone sentenced to three years, four months in prison; Ex-boyfriend arrested in murder of Hollywood therapist
CBS News - Published

Roger Stone moves to drop appeal of felony convictions

Stone said in a statement "it is time for me to move on with my life."
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House Democrats to attempt to check Trump's pardon power

house democrats to attempt to check trump's pardon power
WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats will try to rein in President Donald Trump’s clemency powers on Thursday as they advance legislation that would discourage pardons for friends and family and..
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Roger Stone uses racial slur in radio interview about Trump's commutation of his sentence

After the interview, Stone variously denied using the term, denied the term was racist and implied the remark was the result of a technical glitch. - Published

Trump's clemency for Roger Stone eliminates probation, $20,000 fine in addition to prison sentence

President Trump commuted Stone's sentence just days before the GOP consultant was supposed to report to prison. - Published

Trump's clemency for Roger Stone is an admission of the president's guilt in Russia probe

It is painful but necessary to review the self-serving rationales Trump offers to disguise the quid pro quo that is Stone's reward for concealing the truth. - Published

Roger Stone: President Trump's clemency wipes fine and supervised release

The president's former adviser was due to begin a prison term on 14 July after lying to Congress.
BBC News - Published

Graham to Call Robert Mueller to Testify after Op-Ed Defending Roger Stone Prosecution

graham to call robert mueller to testify after op-ed defending roger stone prosecution
Senate Judiciary Committee chairman Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) said Sunday that he will grant Democrats’ request to have former special counsel Robert Mueller testify about his investigation into..
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Pres. Trump says he's getting 'rave reviews' for commuting Roger Stone's sentence

Pres. Trump says he's getting "rave reviews" for his decision to commute the prison sentence of longtime ally Roger Stone. - Published

The Initial Roger Stone Fallout

“Unprecedented, historic corruption,” Romney calls a commutation: This is your morning tip sheet. - Published

How Donald Trump has succeeded in bending democracy's guardrails

how donald trump has succeeded in bending democracy's guardrails
One by one, the guardrails of American democracy are bending and cracking during Donald Trump's Presidency. Whether the system can survive this historically unprecedented, and entirely self-inflicted,..
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Under Donald Trump, is the Republican Party better off than it was four years ago? No.

Republican silence to Trump commuting Roger Stone's sentence is just the latest way he has dumped the GOP on the wrong side of history: Our view - Published

Sen. Lindsey Graham said he will call Robert Mueller to testify before his committee

Robert Mueller broke his yearlong silence Saturday, penning an op-ed that defends the Russia investigation and the prosecution of Roger Stone. - Published

Roger Stone: Robert Mueller defends indictment over Russia probe

Ex-US special counsel Robert Mueller makes a rare intervention after President Trump commutes an aide's jail term.
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Robert Mueller breaks his silence and condemns Trump for commuting Roger Stone's sentence

robert mueller breaks his silence and condemns trump for commuting roger stone's sentence
The former special counsel Robert Mueller made a rare move on Saturday to publicly defend his two-year investigation into allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia in the 2016..
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In Rare Public Comments, Mueller Defends Prosecution of Roger Stone

Breaking his silence, the former special counsel rebutted President Trump’s attacks on the Russia investigation and said Mr. Stone had been prosecuted “because he committed federal crimes.” - Published

Former Russia special counsel Robert Mueller defends Roger Stone prosecution in wake of Trump commutation

Robert Mueller challenges President Trump: Roger Stone was 'prosecuted and convicted because he committed federal crimes.' - Published

Presidential Pardons and Commutations, From Whiskey Rebellion to Roger Stone

President Trump’s commutation of his friend Roger Stone’s prison term is part of a tradition of controversial pardons going back to George Washington. - Published

Mitt Romney calls Trump's Roger Stone commutation 'unprecedented, historic corruption'

Mitt Romney, an avid critic of President Trump, said that Trump granting clemency for Roger Stone is "unprecedented, historic corruption." - Published

Resolve after appalling Roger Stone commutation: Don't let Donald Trump break us, America.

COVID and Trump have brought America to its knees. The utter failure of our system has allowed him to scale new heights of corruption each week. - Published

Trump chooses distraction politics over leadership

trump chooses distraction politics over leadership
(CNN)President Donald Trump headed into the hot zone of Miami-Dade County, Florida, on Friday intent on creating an alternate reality as the coronavirus ravages the United States. He wore no mask,..
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Roger Stone: Critics blast Trump for commuting ex-adviser's jail term

Democrats condemn the US president's decision to spare ex-adviser and friend Roger Stone from prison.
BBC News - Published

Roger Stone: Trump proves his love for 'law and order' doesn't apply to friends

roger stone: trump proves his love for 'law and order' doesn't apply to friends
The law and order president has decided that a convicted criminal should not go to prison. It may be mere coincidence that Roger Stone is an old friend and fellow resident of Florida with a shared..
WorldNews - Published

'Abandoned the rule of law': Lawmakers react to Trump granting clemency to Roger Stone

Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle reacted to news that President Donald Trump commuted the sentence of longtime confidant Roger Stone. - Published

Roger Stone: Trump commutes ex-adviser's sentence

The president has said all along the self-proclaimed political dirty trickster was treated unfairly.
BBC News - Published

Trump grants clemency to ally Roger Stone after railing against 'unfair' conviction, sentencing

Trump's decision to grant clemency to Roger Stone came days before the operative was expected to report to prison for lying to Congress. - Published

Trump on possible Roger Stone pardon: 'His prayer may be answered'

trump on possible roger stone pardon: 'his prayer may be answered'
President Trump on Thursday said in multiple interviews that he would consider granting a pardon or clemency for longtime confidant Roger Stone. When asked by Fox News host Sean Hannity whether he is..
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Facebook removes Roger Stone accounts linked to 'inauthentic behavior'

Facebook said much of the "inauthentic behavior" occurred just before and after the 2016 election. It said it took down 54 associated accounts. - Published

Judge Orders Roger Stone to Report to Prison Next Month

President Trump’s friend had sought a longer reprieve before he serves his sentence on seven felony convictions, citing the pandemic. - Published

AP Top Stories June 24 P

Here are the top stories for Wednesday, June 24th: Senate GOP police bill hits roadblock; Special treatment for Roger Stone alleged; Case against Michael Flynn dismissed; NY, NJ, and Conn. require.. - Published

Ex-Stone prosecutor: DOJ 'cut' Stone a break

DOJ federal prosecutor testifies to the House Judiciary committee that Roger Stone, a close ally of President Donald Trump, was given special treatment ahead of his sentencing because of his.. - Published

Roger Stone sentence 'politicised' to please Trump, Congress to hear

Top prosecutors will testify that were pressured to go easy on Mr Trump's long-time confidante.
BBC News - Published

Roger Stone, set to report to prison next week, asks judge to postpone sentence because of coronavirus

The request, which the Justice Department does not oppose, comes after a prosecutor accused the agency of giving Stone favorable treatment. - Published

Career Justice Department attorneys to tell Congress leadership abused its power in Roger Stone case, other investigations

Two career attorneys at the Justice Department are expected to offer blistering criticisms of the agency's leadership during testimonies in Congress. - Published

Prosecutors accuse Barr and Justice Department of politicizing investigations

prosecutors accuse barr and justice department of politicizing investigations
(CNN)Two prosecutors in the Justice Department will ratchet up the criticism of Attorney General William Barr on Wednesday with remarkable congressional testimony accusing senior Justice Department..
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Police reform bill, NBA season restart, Roger Stone case: 5 things to know Wednesday

Senate Dems plan to oppose GOP police reform bill, NBA players must decide if they will play in Orlando series and more things to start your Wednesday - Published

DOJ gave Roger Stone favorable treatment because he is an ally of the president, prosecutor says

Aaron Zelinsky, a former prosecutor in the Roger Stone case, said Justice Department leadership wanted prosecutors to "cut Stone a break." - Published

Mueller Report Redactions on Roger Stone Are Revealed

The Justice Department had kept them secret while it was investigating Mr. Stone. He was later convicted of seven felonies and sentenced to prison. - Published

Justice Dept. Unit That Prosecuted Roger Stone Is Reorganized

The overhaul of a division of the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington came at the end of a brief tenure as head of the office by a longtime adviser to Attorney General William P. Barr. - Published

Ex-prosecutor in case of Trump adviser Roger Stone issues rebuke of DOJ decision to drop Flynn case

Former prosecutor in case of Trump adviser Roger Stone blasts the DOJ decision to drop Michael Flynn's case, calling the move 'political patronage.' - Published

Roger Stone Was in Contact With Julian Assange in 2017, Documents Show

Mr. Stone, a longtime friend of President Trump, had denied such a relationship, but newly revealed court documents unveiled private exchanges. - Published

U.S. judge denies bid by Trump's longtime adviser Roger Stone for new trial

A federal judge on Thursday denied a bid for a new trial by President Donald Trump's longtime friend and adviser Roger Stone after the veteran Republican operative accused the jury forewoman of being..
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Judge Denies Roger Stone’s Bid for a New Trial

The judge rejected the defense’s argument of juror bias in a politically fraught case in which President Trump publicly attacked his friend’s conviction. - Published

House panel seeks to interview the four career prosecutors who quit Roger Stone case

The Democrat-controlled U.S. House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on Friday said it is seeking interviews with current and former federal prosecutors who may have knowledge of political..
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U.S. judge seems skeptical about giving Trump adviser Stone a new trial

A U.S. judge on Tuesday signaled skepticism toward a bid by Roger Stone, a longtime adviser to President Donald Trump, to win a new trial based on claims that the jury forewoman was biased, even as..
Reuters - Published

Judge in Roger Stone Case Warns About Attacks on Juror by Trump and Others

Judge Amy Berman Jackson held a hearing on the defense’s request for a new trial even as the president claimed the jury’s forewoman was biased. - Published

Citing Trump's tweets, judge in Roger Stone case said invading jurors' privacy can have 'chilling effect'

Judge Amy Berman Jackson is hearing Stone's motion for a new trial, which was filed after Trump accused a juror of bias. - Published

Juror identities must be protected in Stone trial, U.S. judge says

A U.S. judge on Tuesday warned lawyers representing President Donald Trump's longtime friend Roger Stone to protect the privacy of the jurors who found him guilty ahead of a hearing in which the..
Reuters - Published

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