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Revenue service of the United States federal government

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Internal Revenue Service: Revenue service of the United States federal government
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is the revenue service of the United States federal government. The government agency is a bureau of the Department of the Treasury, and is under the immediate direction of the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, who is appointed to a five-year term by the President of the United States. The IRS is responsible for collecting taxes and administering the Internal Revenue Code, the main body of federal statutory tax law of the United States. The duties of the IRS include providing tax assistance to taxpayers and pursuing and resolving instances of erroneous or fraudulent tax filings. The IRS has also overseen various benefits programs, and enforces portions of the Affordable Care Act.


1.1 Million Stimulus Checks Went To Dead People [Video]

1.1 Million Stimulus Checks Went To Dead People

A congressional watchdog said the federal government sent 1.1 million stimulus payments to dead people. According to Business Insider, these dead people received a total of $1.4 billion. The Government..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:32Published
Trump Criticizes Warren Buffet's Airline Sales [Video]

Trump Criticizes Warren Buffet's Airline Sales

President Donald Trump criticized Warren Buffet for getting rid of his airline investments. While Trump said he had “a lot of respect for him,” he said even people like Buffet “make mistakes.”..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:32Published
Rich Ignore Taxes, IRS Does Nothing [Video]

Rich Ignore Taxes, IRS Does Nothing

Rich Ignore Taxes, IRS Does Nothing

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:27Published

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Big IRS backlog: Months after filing their taxes, some still wait for a refund

As of April 17, the original filing deadline, the IRS had processed 24 million fewer returns than it had last year, the Taxpayer Advocate Service said - Published

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Here's the latest for Tuesday, June 30th: House Dems believe Russian bounty claims not a hoax; Dr. Anthony Fauci warns US going in wrong direction; IRS says tax deadline will not extend past July 15;.. - Published

Coronavirus updates: New Jersey bans smoking, drinking at casinos; Oregon, Kansas to require face masks; IRS won't extend tax deadline

New Jersey halts indoor dining, bans smoking and drinking at casinos. Oregon, Kansas will require face masks this week. Latest coronavirus news. - Published

IRS is not extending tax deadline: 2019 returns must be filed by July 15

The IRS is encouraging people to file for an automatic extension of October 15, if they cannot meet the July 15 deadline. - Published

IRS, Treasury sent 1M coronavirus stimulus payments to the deceased

irs, treasury sent 1m coronavirus stimulus payments to the deceased
The IRS moved and the Treasury Department rushed to get millions of payments out to the public in the week and months after Congress passed the CARES Act, but in doing so sent more than a million..
WorldNews - Published

Treasury Sent $1.4 Billion in Stimulus Funds to Dead People, Watchdog Finds

A Government Accountability Office report said the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service failed to consult death records, resulting in improper payments. - Published

IRS sent stimulus checks to more than 1 million dead people, government watchdog agency says

The Treasury Department and the IRS sent payments totaling more than $1.4 billion to people who are deceased, a government watchdog reported. - Published

What should you do if you lost or threw away your stimulus?

The IRS said people who have destroyed their Visa prepaid debit cards can request a free replacement through MetaBank. The fee had been $7.50. - Published

Haven't gotten a coronavirus relief check? Some must act to get their money.

The IRS said millions of low-income people, homeless people and others who aren't required to file a tax return may be eligible for coronavirus relief. - Published

Coronavirus and pretax savings: If you can't use it and might lose it, here's what to do

The IRS and the coronavirus relief act provide employees with more options so people don't lose unspent money in flexible spending accounts at the end of the year. - Published

Americans with tax issues aren't getting their coronavirus stimulus checks. They suspect the IRS is delaying payment

Many Americans who are due an income-tax refund and a coronavirus stimulus check haven't gotten either. They suspect there's a connection. - Published

IRS issues deadline for direct deposit info for coronavirus stimulus payments

The IRS wants people to take action by noon Wednesday if they want a shot at receiving coronavirus stimulus cash more quickly via direct deposit. - Published

'We're all struggling.' In a culture shift, Americans are more open about their personal finance struggles.

Motivated by delays in their stimulus checks, people have created online groups and they're doing more than just venting at the IRS. - Published

A house divided: Some spouses of child support debtors will get stimulus money as IRS works to 'resolve' mistake

Many Americans are angry their stimulus checks were garnished for their spouse's overdue child support payments, a mistake the IRS is working to fix. - Published

Coronavirus stimulus checks sent to dead people should be mailed back to IRS, Treasury says

The Treasury Department gave instructions for returning the checks, but did not say if there are legal consequences for failing to return the money. - Published

'My Fellow American': Donald Trump letter to stimulus check recipients raises objections

Former taxpayer advocate says Donald Trump's letter to stimulus check recipients makes the IRS look like the administration's 'handmaiden.' - Published

3 senior IRS men shunted, given notice for hike-tax call

IndiaTimes - Published

50 IRS officers face probe for unsolicited hike-tax call

An annoyed government distanced itself from controversial tax proposals such as a Covid-19 cess and a wealth tax on the rich from a group of revenue service officials, not just rejecting the..
IndiaTimes - Published

IRS 'Get My Payment' stimulus tool to get critical update

The IRS will be initiating "planned outages" on Friday and Saturday, following an earlier outage on Thursday for its "Get My Payment" tool at - Published

Coronavirus stimulus checks: Where is the missing money going?

Tax professionals say the IRS may have sent coronavirus stimulus checks to an intermediary bank account set up if you got a tax return advance. - Published

Tempted to spend that coronavirus IRS stimulus check on a vacation? Here's what you should know

Before thinking about booking your next vacation with those funds, financial advisers caution, make sure you don't have more pressing priorities. - Published

Trump's name to be on stimulus checks going to Americans: Washington Post

The U.S. Treasury Department has ordered President Donald Trump's name to be printed on checks the Internal Revenue Service is planning to send to tens of millions of Americans, a decision that will..
Reuters - Published

Treasury says first coronavirus stimulus checks have gone out and many will get payments by April 15

The IRS has begun delivering stimulus checks of up to $1,200 under a new federal law aimed at reviving the economy amid the coronavirus devastation. - Published

Not everyone is getting a $1,200 coronavirus stimulus check. Here's who will be left out.

Millions of Americans will be left out when the Internal Revenue Service starts distributing $1,200 coronavirus stimulus checks next week. - Published

Michael C. Cooper, Convicted in Tax Scam, Dies a Prisoner at 66

Seeing an opportunity to profit off widespread resentment over the tax system, he ensnared 50,000 Americans who sought to dodge the I.R.S. - Published

IRS's antiquated technology could delay delivery of $1,200 coronavirus stimulus checks, experts warn

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says the IRS will start delivering $1,200 stimulus checks in two weeks. But outdated technology could cause delays. - Published

Trump Admin Says Millions May Have to Wait 5 Months for $1,200 Relief Check

trump admin says millions may have to wait 5 months for $1,200 relief check
More than 10 million Americans lost their jobs last month and are in desperate need of immediate financial assistance amid the coronavirus crisis, but the Trump administration said in a draft plan..
WorldNews - Published

Explainer: Hobbled IRS tax agency may need months to get cash to Americans

In order to put recession-fighting checks into the hands of millions of Americans, the U.S. government will rely on a tax agency that has fewer workers, a smaller budget and the same 1960s-era computer..
Reuters - Published

U.S. Treasury, IRS delay tax payment deadlines to keep $300 billion in economy

The U.S. Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service on Wednesday said they would allow U.S. individuals and corporations to defer making certain tax payments until July 15 with no penalties or interest,..
Reuters - Published

What will my tax refund be? So far, they're smaller by an average of $18

The average tax refund issued so far fell slightly to $3,125, down 0.6% from $3,143 at the same time last year, according to the IRS. - Published

Tax scams try new tricks to steal refunds

The Internal Revenue Service reported on Feb. 14 that nearly two dozen tax practitioner firms have reported ID and data thefts so far this year. - Published

People who don't file tax returns may get a knock on the door from IRS

The Internal Revenue Service is stepping up efforts to visit high-income taxpayers who failed to file their tax returns. - Published

Massachusetts Lawmaker Used Campaign Funds to Support Gambling Habit, Officials Say

State Representative David M. Nangle, a Democrat, was arrested on 28 counts that included charges of wire and bank fraud, as well as lying to the I.R.S. - Published

Taxes 2020: What you don't know about your tax bracket could hurt you

Tax brackets can hurt taxpayers if they don't understand how they work. The IRS typically issues new tax brackets annually that affect your earnings. - Published

You might have to prove your identity to get Michigan tax refund

Tax filers can expect to answer quizzes or prove their identity as the IRS and state governments try to crack down on ID theft-related tax fraud. - Published

A Rare Trump-Era Policy to Fight Climate Change Hits an Obstacle: The Tax Man

At least a dozen carbon capture projects are remain blocked because the I.R.S. has yet to explain how, exactly, companies can claim the tax credit that would make the projects viable. - Published

That letter from the IRS could be a fake. Watch out for this tax scam and others in 2020

Crooks want your Social Security number and other personal information to file fake returns so they can to steal tax refunds. - Published

TOI sees rise in number of young & upmarket readers

The Times of India’s readership is dominated by young people from the top segment of society and it continues to grow in these sections, the latest Indian Readership Survey (IRS) has found. Of..
IndiaTimes - Published

TOI widens gap, bigger than next 3 rival papers together

The Times of India has a readership larger than the combined readership of the next three general English dailies from outside the Times group, the latest Indian Readership Survey (IRS) has revealed...
IndiaTimes - Published

CBI books 3 IRS officers in Rs 160 crore import scam

Trio Helped Traders Inflate Value Of Diamonds
IndiaTimes - Published

Trump event in Miami church may violate IRS rules, non-profit says

El Rey Jesus, an evangelical Florida mega-church due to host a re-election event for President Donald Trump this week, may be violating tax rules barring religious groups from participating in..
Reuters - Published

Thomson Reuters Launches Crypto Tax Tool

thomson reuters launches crypto tax tool
Tax authorities around the world are increasing their focus on crypto transactions and companies are rushing to help investors navigate the unclear regulations. The latest example is Thomson Reuters..
WorldNews - Published

Is your bag of donated holiday sweaters really worth $250? Here's how to satisfy the IRS

It's often up to taxpayers to figure out how much to deduct on their taxes after donating clothing to charities. Here's a few tips to help you out. - Published

Former Treasury Dept chief to IRS: Audit the rich

Cracking down on the wealthiest Americans could net an extra $100 billion a year in taxes, he says
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Billions in federal taxes are never collected

About 15% of taxes every year aren't collected, the IRS estimates. Here’s what makes up that "tax gap" -- and how simply auditing more wealthy people could fill it.
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I.R.S. Whistle-Blower Met With Senate Staff Members

The whistle-blower had filed a complaint accusing Treasury Department officials of improperly interfering with the handling of President Trump’s tax returns. - Published

Christie pushes back on "pay to play" allegations for Trump charity

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie addresses the IRS penalty Trump's foundation because of a donation it gave to Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi's political committee.
CBS News - Published

Former IRS officer Kumar appointed expenditure observer for Jharkhand election

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Biggest IRS scam around: Identity tax refund fraud

Con artists have been filing bogus tax returns and collecting millions. Steve Kroft finds out how far the scam has gone and why the IRS hasn't been able to stop it.
CBS News - Published

Here's how much you need to earn to be in the 1%

The minimum entry price into the top 1% income club jumped 7.2% in the latest year the IRS tracked such data
CBS News - Published

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