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Australian national holiday

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Australia Day: Australian national holiday
Australia Day is the official national day of Australia. Celebrated annually on 26 January, it marks the anniversary of the 1788 arrival of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales, and the raising of the Flag of Great Britain at Sydney Cove by Governor Arthur Phillip. In present-day Australia, celebrations reflect the diverse society and landscape of the nation and are marked by community and family events, reflections on Australian history, official community awards and citizenship ceremonies welcoming new members of the Australian community.


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Arndt's Australia Day honour invites scrutiny of the entire awards process

The system for selecting who gets honours is utterly opaque – it needs scrutiny.
The Age - Published

Awards council to review Bettina Arndt’s Order of Australia honour

Calls for Bettina Arndt to be stripped of her Australia Day honour have intensified after controversial comments she made about the murders of a Brisbane woman and her three children.
SBS - Published

Stealth-rape accused surgeon awarded Order of Australia

A Sydney surgeon charged with raping a Victorian doctor when he allegedly took his condom off without permission has been awarded a prestigious Order of Australia medal in the latest controversy to..
The Age - Published

Woman dies in Australian Day lamington-eating contest

The woman, aged 60, suffered a seizure while speed-eating the cakes during an Australia Day event.
BBC News - Published

Bushfire-hit NSW towns use Australia Day to thank local heroes

Towns on the NSW South Coast have thanked those who saved lives and homes during the recent bushfires.
SBS - Published

The photos illustrating how the country marked Australia Day 2020

Australia's national day has been commemorated in dramatically different ways.
SBS - Published

Linda Burney says Australia must recognise the historical 'truth' of 26 January

Indigenous Labor MP Linda Burney has spoken about her feelings on Australia Day at Sydney's Yabun Festival.
SBS - Published

'Huge honour': firefighters front and centre for Melbourne's Australia Day commemorations

Firefighters who battled bushfires have been honoured during Melbourne's Australia Day ceremony.
SBS - Published

Tragedy of bushfires cloud Australia Day celebrations

Australia Day celebrations on Sunday saw thousands of people flock to beaches and music festivals, but festivities were clouded by the tragedy of bushfires which have killed 33 and destroyed hundreds..
Reuters - Published

Sexual assault survivor advocates outraged over Bettina Arndt's Aus Day honour

Bettina Arndt has received an Australia Day honour for her service to "gender equity through advocacy for men".
SBS - Published

Tens of thousands attend Invasion Day rallies across Australia

Tens of thousands of Australians have marched in Invasion Day rallies across the country to mark the beginning of colonialism.
SBS - Published

Across Australia, tens of thousands are attending Invasion Day rallies

Tens of thousands of Australians are marching in Invasion Day rallies across the country to mark the beginning of colonialism.
SBS - Published

Thousands rally across Australia to mark Invasion Day

Thousands are expected to march in Invasion Day rallies across Australia, in an effort to shine a spotlight on the history and struggles of Australia’s first people.
SBS - Published

Australia Day a time for unity, amid challenging times: Scott Morrison

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has called for unity in the face of bushfires, drought and floods on Australia Day.
SBS - Published

Migrants embrace Australia Day celebrations in their new home

A survey of new migrants has found the majority find participating in Australia Day celebrations helps them feel welcome in their adopted country.
SBS - Published

Here's a date that Governor Phillip and Bennelong might call Australia Day

January 26 is hardly a day to celebrate national unity, writes a former adviser to John Howard and Tony Abbott. Two giants of Australian history - Arthur Phillip and Bennelong - provided us a better..
The Age - Published

Indigenous history must be at centre of Australia Day

The date is undoubtedly divisive and it may well make sense to change it at some stage. But it is more important to have our Indigenous heritage recognised in the constitution.
The Age - Published

Mourning in Moree: Why one community can’t celebrate on Australia Day

On January 26, the community of Moree in north-western NSW will mark two very different anniversaries.
The Age - Published

'Fashion police': Mayor slams government for citizenship ceremonies dress code

The government has written to a local council to ask for its Australia Day citizenship ceremony dress code.
SBS - Published

Anthony Albanese says Australia Day should stay on 26 January

Labor leader Anthony Albanese has called for the country to shun the "counterproductive" debate around possibly moving Australia Day from its current date.
SBS - Published

Why we should change Australia Day ... to the fourth Friday in January

January 26 offends Indigenous and many other Australians as the date to celebrate our nationhood. Here's an idea - not a date but a particular day at the end of January.
The Age - Published

‘We’re better when we’re united’: Aboriginal musicians get behind Australia Day

Isaiah Firebrace and William Barton will be performing their music on Australia Day. The pair say that, on the back of a devastating fire season, 2020 Australia Day is a time to come together.
SBS - Published

Sydney council cancels Australia Day fireworks 'out of respect' for bushfire victims

A western Sydney council has cancelled it's annual Australia Day fireworks out of respect for those affected by Australia's devastating fires.
SBS - Published

From the ashes, a new national day to capture our true grit

On this Australia Day we have new heroes to celebrate.
The Age - Published

Two sides of the Australia Day coin

Celebration of this country's history on January 26 has caused enduring conflict and division. It is time to put this right.
The Age - Published

Sydney’s Inner West Council scraps Australia Day celebrations to recognise Indigenous Australians

The Inner West Council has voted to move festivities usually held on Australia Day and encourage constituents to attend the Aboriginal Yabun festival.
SBS - Published

Sydney council moves to scrap Australia Day celebrations in favour of Aboriginal Yabun festival

A local council in Sydney will vote next week on a proposal to change the way January 26 is marked to better reflect the views of Indigenous Australians.
SBS - Published

Tablet interactive: Kennerley cleared over Australia Day comments

Presenter says commonsense prevailed in the investigation into her ''racist'' comments on Studio 10.
The Age - Published

New Australia Day rules and dress code, citizenship ceremonies to be held on 26 January

Local councils will be compelled to hold citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day under new rules being enforced by the federal government.
SBS - Published

New Australia Day rules and dress code

Local councils will be compelled to hold citizenship ceremonies on Australia Day under new rules being enforced by the federal government.
SBS - Published