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U.S. federal law enforcement agency

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United States Secret Service: U.S. federal law enforcement agency
The United States Secret Service is a federal law enforcement agency under the Department of Homeland Security charged with conducting criminal investigations and protecting the nation's leaders, their families, and visiting heads of state or government. Until 2003, the Secret Service was part of the Department of the Treasury, as the agency was founded in 1865 to combat the then-widespread counterfeiting of U.S. currency.


Retired Secret Service agent reflects on Ground Zero [Video]

Retired Secret Service agent reflects on Ground Zero

Retired secret service agent Gregory Mertz spent 12 days recovering the remains of victims in New York following the Sept. 11 attacks.

Credit: ABC Action News     Duration: 02:21Published

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Covid-19 coronavirus: White House staff, Secret Service eye virus with fear, anger

covid-19 coronavirus: white house staff, secret service eye virus with fear, anger
The West Wing is a ghost town. Staff members are scared of exposure. And the White House is now a treatment ward for not one — but two — Covid-19 patients, including a president who has long taken..
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For the Secret Service, a New Question: Who Will Protect Them From Trump?

Central to the job is a willingness to say yes to the president no matter what he asks. Now, that means subjecting an agent’s health to the whims of a contagious president. - Published

Former Secret Service Agent Says Trump COVID Ride NBD, Danger's Part of Job

Dan Emmett, a retired Secret Service agent who worked with 3 former Presidents, isn't slamming President Trump for his hospital stunt ... saying danger is routine for agents' -- coronavirus or not... - Published

If the president is engaging in risky behavior during the COVID-19 pandemic, can the Secret Service – or anyone – stop him?

The coronavirus pandemic is raising sensitive security questions around the White House, including whether the Secret Service should intervene. - Published

Outbreak at Secret Service Training Center Underlines Proximity of Virus to White House

At least 11 people tested positive at a Secret Service center that serves as a staffing pipeline to the presidential protective force. - Published

Trump’s tax revelation could tarnish image that fuelled his rise

trump’s tax revelation could tarnish image that fuelled his rise
The bombshell revelation that US President Donald Trump paid just 750 dollars (£578) in federal income tax the year he ran for office threatens to undercut a pillar of his appeal among blue-collar..
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Pence plane hits bird, returns to New Hampshire airport

He was at start of flight home from campaign event. Plane returned to airport and he flew home on cargo aircraft Secret Service uses.
CBS News - Published

Ricin: Letter containing poison addressed to Trump at White House

The FBI and the Secret Service investigate the letter, intercepted before it reached the White House.
BBC News - Published

Secret Service bought access to cellphone location data

secret service bought access to cellphone location data
Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge The US Secret Service (USSS) signed a contract to access Locate X, a service that lets law enforcement track phone users’ locations. Motherboard published..
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JFK's secret service agent: "I still feel a sense of failure"

On the 50th anniversary of JFK's assassination, former Secret Service agent Clint Hill remembers his emotional interview with Mike Wallace in 1975.
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60 Minutes Overtime, 11.24.13

Why a group of veterans with PTSD allowed 60 Minutes cameras to record their gut-wrenching therapy sessions and air them on national television; then, Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell objects to..
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Suspect identified in shooting incident near White House

The Secret Service says the suspect "crouched into a shooter's stance as if about to fire a weapon."
CBS News - Published

Trump ushered out of White House briefing after nearby shooting

The Secret Service ushered President Trump out of a White House briefing on Monday due to a nearby shooting. CBS News White House correspondent Ben Tracy joins CBSN to talk about what happened.
CBS News - Published

Investigation underway after Secret Service officer shoots suspect near White House

The Secret Service said it is investigating a shooting incident that occurred near the White House complex on Monday. A Secret Service officer shot a suspect who allegedly claimed he had a weapon. Both..
CBS News - Published

Shooting near White House that interrupted Trump briefing is under Secret Service review; no gun found on suspect

The shooting locked down the White House, forced Trump's removal from a press briefing and sent the suspect and a Secret Service officer to hospitals. - Published

Eye Opener: Severe storm tears through parts of Midwest

A severe storm slammed into parts of the Midwest, knocking down trees and power lines. Also, President Trump's coronavirus briefing was interrupted after Secret Service agents were involved in a..
CBS News - Published

New details on why Trump abruptly pulled from briefing after shots fired near White House

new details on why trump abruptly pulled from briefing after shots fired near white house
New details have emerged about the shooting near that White House that caused the Secret Service to suddenly pull US President Donald Trump out of today's media briefing.Trump had been at the podium..
New Zealand Herald - Published Also reported by •WorldNews

Trump says Secret Service shot armed suspect outside the White House

President Trump says an armed suspect was shot by the Secret Service outside the White House Monday. It happened right in the middle of his press briefing. CBS News' Skyler Henry was there at the White..
CBS News - Published

Trump Led From Briefing Room After Shooting Outside White House

The Secret Service stopped President Trump in the middle of his daily coronavirus briefing and led him to the Oval Office. He returned several minutes later, and said there had been a shooting nearby. - Published

Trump rushed out of news conference amid 'shooting'

In the opening minutes of his press conference, the US president was asked to step outside by a Secret Service agent.
BBC News - Published

Shots fired at White House: Donald Trump ushered away from press conference

shots fired at white house: donald trump ushered away from press conference
US President Donald Trump was ushered away from a press conference by the Secret Service after gunshots were heard outside the White House.A member of Trump's team instructed him to leave the podium..
New Zealand Herald - Published

Aurora police apologize after officers draw guns on Black family

The Secret Service says it is investigating two incidents involving Black women and law enforcement. These incidents are putting a spotlight on the disproportionate use of force on women of color. Jeff..
CBS News - Published

Coronavirus: US Secret Service staff self-isolating after Trump rally

Two involved in President Donald Trump's event in Tulsa reportedly tested positive for Covid-19.
BBC News - Published

George Floyd live updates: Atlanta police officer fired, chief resigns after Rayshard Brooks killed; Secret Service admits to pepper spray

Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone is attracting tourists and sightseers; outcry over Rayshard Brooks' death rises. Live updates on George Floyd protests. - Published

Secret Service admits it used pepper spray to clear protesters prior to Trump photo op at St. John's Church

The Secret Service said last week none of its officers used pepper spray to clear protesters. On Saturday, it said an employee did use the irritant. - Published

Secret Service for Trump Jr.'s Mongolia trip to hunt rare sheep cost $76,000, watchdog says

secret service for trump jr.'s mongolia trip to hunt rare sheep cost $76,000, watchdog says
The Secret Service protection for Donald Trump Jr.'s trip in August 2019 to Mongolia, where he reportedly hunted a rare breed of sheep, cost taxpayers $76,859.36, according to documents published..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •

'Take a knee,' protesters ask black Secret Service officers in Washington

As protesters implored the black U.S. Secret Service officer to take a knee in solidarity with their demonstration against racism and brutality by law enforcement, the young man explained why he could..
Reuters India - Published Also reported by •Reuters

Donald Trump's 'bunker' story tells you everything you need to know about him

donald trump's 'bunker' story tells you everything you need to know about him
(CNN)In an interview with Fox News Radio on Wednesday morning, President Donald Trump said something that is laughably untrue. Of the Secret Service whisking him and his family into a bunker underneath..
WorldNews - Published

Trump sheltered in White House bunker as protests raged outside

trump sheltered in white house bunker as protests raged outside
US President Donald Trump was rushed to a White House bunker on Friday by Secret Service agents as hundreds of people protesting the death of George Floyd gathered outside the executive mansion, some..
WorldNews - Published

Protesters arrested, dozens of Secret Service officers injured after combative weekend in D.C.

More than 60 Secret Service personnel were injured; 11 were taken to the hospital, authorities said. - Published

11 Secret Service employees infected with coronavirus, 60 in self-quarantine

Eleven U.S. Secret Service employees have tested positive for coronavirus and 60 staffers are in self quarantine. - Published

Police arrest suspect in shooting outside Cuba's U.S. embassy, no injuries

Police arrested a suspect early on Thursday morning after reports of gunfire at Cuba's embassy in the United States, the Secret Service and Washington's Metropolitan Police Department said.
Reuters - Published

Joe Biden's campaign requests Secret Service protection

Congressional leaders were notified Thursday that the Biden campaign has submitted a formal request for Secret Service protection. - Published

AP Top Stories March 6 A

Here's the latest for Friday March 6th: Cruise ship held off California coast; Trump answers town hall questions; Secret Service says Democratic presidential candidates not asking for protection;.. - Published

Secret Service protection of presidential candidates factors in aggressive crowds, mass shootings

Protesters rushed the stage at a Joe Biden rally Tuesday, spurring a congressman to request Secret Service protection for him and Bernie Sanders. - Published

After Biden speech disrupted, U.S. lawmakers want Secret Service to protect candidates

U.S. lawmakers on Wednesday sought Secret Service protection for Democratic presidential candidates, after Joe Biden's wife and a senior staffer had to protect the former vice president from protesters..
Reuters - Published

House panel urges Secret Service protection for Biden, Sanders after protesters rush stage

A House panel has urged the Department of Homeland Security to weigh Secret Service protection for Democratic candidates Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders - Published

U.S. House committee seeks Secret Service protection for White House candidates

The U.S. House of Representatives' Committee on Homeland Security is seeking Secret Service protection for all presidential candidates, Democratic Representative Cedric Richmond told reporters on a..
Reuters - Published

Do former vice presidents like Joe Biden have Secret Service protection?

Joe Biden and his wife were rushed by protestors on Super Tuesday as they addressed supporters. The women were quickly led offstage. - Published

Gifts to Mike Pence from foreign leaders: Why a $5,730 clock was destroyed

Gifts given by foreign leaders to Vice President Mike Pence include an expensive clock that the Secret Service destroyed. - Published

Trump visit: Roads leading to ITC Maurya fortified, hotel put under heavy security cover

The entry and exit to the hotel is being strictly monitored by security agencies and it has not taken any bookings till Trump is in Delhi. Indian security agencies are also working in close..
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As Democrats Swarm Las Vegas, Trump’s Hotel Guests Wait for Their Headliner

The president will stay in Las Vegas this week as Democratic candidates debate down the Strip. His namesake hotel is abuzz with Secret Service agents, supporters and the simply curious. - Published

Trump hotels charge Secret Service staff $650 a night

trump hotels charge secret service staff $650 a night
Donald Trump's company charges the Secret Service for the rooms agents use while protecting him at his luxury properties - billing US taxpayers at rates as high as $650 (£500) per night, according to..
WorldNews - Published

Report Says Secret Service Return to Treasury Could Harm Homeland Security

The White House is likely to propose the Secret Service return to Treasury, but an administration report warns of the damage that could do to the Homeland Security Department. - Published

White House temporarily locked down after potential airspace violation

The White House was temporarily locked down on Tuesday after a potential violation of restricted airspace, the Secret Service said on Tuesday.
Reuters - Published

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