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Bitcoin () is a cryptocurrency invented in 2008 by an unknown person or group of people using the name Satoshi Nakamoto and started in 2009 when its implementation was released as open-source software.


Teens Arrested Over Twitter Bitcoin Hack [Video]

Teens Arrested Over Twitter Bitcoin Hack

Teens Arrested Over Twitter Bitcoin Hack

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:26Published
Bitcoin Rallies Above $11,000 [Video]

Bitcoin Rallies Above $11,000

Bitcoin is on the upswing. The head of technical analysis at Oppenheimer suggests cryptocurrency is on the verge of a new uptrend. Bitcoin rallied to its highest level in nearly a year in late Monday..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:34Published
Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Others Targeted in Twitter Bitcoin Scam [Video]

Barack Obama, Bill Gates, Elon Musk and Others Targeted in Twitter Bitcoin Scam

On Wednesday, dozens of public figures' Twitter accounts displayed messages urging fans to send them Bitcoin and receive double the amount back.

Credit: Cover Video STUDIO     Duration: 01:02Published
Twitter hack: Obama, Biden, Musk and Gates accounts reportedly breached in Bitcoin scam [Video]

Twitter hack: Obama, Biden, Musk and Gates accounts reportedly breached in Bitcoin scam

Twitter hack: Obama, Biden, Musk and Gates accounts reportedly breached in Bitcoin scam

Credit: Euronews English     Duration: 02:03Published
Barack Obama and Bill Gates accounts hacked in Bitcoin Twitter scam [Video]

Barack Obama and Bill Gates accounts hacked in Bitcoin Twitter scam

High-profile Twitter accounts, including those of Barack Obama, Elon Musk and Kanye West, have been hacked as part of a widespread cryptocurrency scam.The accounts, which have large Twitter followings,..

Credit: PA - Press Association STUDIO     Duration: 00:33Published
Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates hacked to run Bitcoin Scam [Video]

Twitter accounts of Joe Biden, Elon Musk, Bill Gates hacked to run Bitcoin Scam

A number of high profile Twitter accounts including that of US presidential hopeful Joe Biden, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Microsoft Co-founder Bill Gates and of Apple were simultaneously hacked on Wednesday..

Credit: ANI     Duration: 01:15Published
Why You Might Want To Log Out Of Twitter, Like, Right Now [Video]

Why You Might Want To Log Out Of Twitter, Like, Right Now

Business Insider reports hackers linked to a cryptocurrency scam have broken into dozens of high-profile Twitter accounts. Among the known victims so far are Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and presidential..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:34Published
What The Winklevoss Twins And Bitcoin Have In Common With 'Rocky' [Video]

What The Winklevoss Twins And Bitcoin Have In Common With 'Rocky'

Twin brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have long held that Mark Zuckerberg stole their idea for Facebook. Now, Gizmodo reports the pair are making a movie about themselves. The film is about how..

Credit: Wochit News     Duration: 00:37Published

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Ethereum Faces a Steep Drop After Rallying to One-Year Highs: Indicator

ethereum faces a steep drop after rallying to one-year highs: indicator
Ethereum has seen extremely strong performance over the past two months, growing against the dollar and Bitcoin. Before the crash the other day, the price of ETH against the dollar hit $415. And..
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Bitcoin Flipping $11,500 Into Support Could Trigger a Move to $14,000

bitcoin flipping $11,500 into support could trigger a move to $14,000
Bitcoin experienced a violent rejection at $12,000 on Saturday night. The move resulted in hundreds of millions worth of buy-side liquidations, then millions more on the sell-side on the bounce...
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3 charged over high-profile Twitter hack, Bitcoin scam

3 charged over high-profile twitter hack, bitcoin scam
Two teenagers and a 22-year-old were charged Friday with the hacking of high-profile Twitter accounts belonging to prominent U.S. figures including former President Barack Obama and Democratic..
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Binance Launches Direct Ugandan Shilling (UGX) Deposits

binance launches direct ugandan shilling (ugx) deposits
Advertisment Binance, the largest global exchange has launched direct Ugandan Shilling (UGX) deposits for trading crypto. This FIAT on-ramp will allow Ugandans to have access to buying selling..
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Ethereum Starts Beating Bitcoin In Select Crypto Exchanges

ethereum starts beating bitcoin in select crypto exchanges
Alt season has come once more, though this time, it isn’t as prolific as it once was. CEX.IO has recently started to report a spike in trading pairs of Ethereum, managing to overtake the Bitcoin/USD..
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BTC Futures Volume Hit Over $40 Billion, Highest Since March Market Crash

btc futures volume hit over $40 billion, highest since march market crash
The recent surge in the price of Bitcoin has caused a corresponding boost in the BTC futures market which has an open interest at the $5 billion mark. Following the latest in the price of Bitcoin..
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Bitcoin’s Current Breakout Sets It up for $28,000, Headed for Six Figures – Max Keiser

bitcoin’s current breakout sets it up for $28,000, headed for six figures – max keiser
Advertisment Max Keiser has predicted that bitcoin’s current bullish pattern will lead toward a price of $28,000. While the bitcoin bull does not give a timeframe when this is likely to happen, he..
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Bitcoin Is on the Verge of Striking $11,000

bitcoin is on the verge of striking $11,000
Bitcoin has done it. The world’s number one digital currency by market cap has surged beyond the $10,000 mark and is now trading for an impressive $10,800, noting an 11 percent jump over the past..
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Coinbase Holds Off Monero Listing over Regulatory Pushback

coinbase holds off monero listing over regulatory pushback
Regulatory approval appears to be a limiting factor for Coinbase, one of the world’s top cryptocurrency exchanges. In a recent appearance, the exchange’s chief executive, Brian Armstrong, revealed..
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Will Ripple price hit $0.25 after the Visa announcement?

will ripple price hit $0.25 after the visa announcement?
As the Ripple price pump, steadying above $0.20, news of Visa continues to instill confidence in traders and holders. Last week, the giant payment processor revealed plans for supporting Bitcoin, ETH,..
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Bitcoin Explodes Past $10,000 For the First Time in Six Weeks: $50M Liquidated

bitcoin explodes past $10,000 for the first time in six weeks: $50m liquidated
Bitcoin is back. Over the past few minutes, the asset has rocketed higher past $10,000 for the first time in approximately six weeks. At the local highs, the asset reached $10,150 — and slightly..
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Hackers break into CarryMinati's YouTube channel, ask for Bitcoins

hackers break into carryminati's youtube channel, ask for bitcoins
New Delhi, July 25 (IANS) Ajey Nagar, who is popularly known as CarryMinati on YouTube, took to his official social media handle on Saturday to inform that his official handle was hacked and he..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Driven Higher by Accumulation Trend as Economist Forecasts Upside

bitcoin driven higher by accumulation trend as economist forecasts upside
Bitcoin’s recent price action has been...
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin price eyes $10,000 as the institutional demand for crypto surges

bitcoin price eyes $10,000 as the institutional demand for crypto surges
Bitcoin (BTC) price is trading around the $9,500 mark as the buyers take a step back before continuing their assault at $10,000, the key short-term target. Fundamentally, several key metrics, including..
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Apple Co-Founder Wozniak Sues YouTube over Bitcoin Giveaway Scams

apple co-founder wozniak sues youtube over bitcoin giveaway scams
Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak is suing the Google-owned video-sharing platform YouTube for allowing scammers to use his name and image in bitcoin giveaway scams similar to those that were promoted..
WorldNews - Published

Why Bitcoin Falling Below This Price Could Signal “Real Weakness”

why bitcoin falling below this price could signal “real weakness”
Bitcoin has once again flatlined after rallying to $9,400. The cryptocurrency remains stagnant despite large movements in the stock and precious metals market. Analysts say the cryptocurrency must..
WorldNews - Published

Coinbase Reportedly Prevented Users From Sending $300,000 of BTC to the Twitter Hackers

coinbase reportedly prevented users from sending $300,000 of btc to the twitter hackers
San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has reportedly stopped 1,100 of its users from sending at least $300,000 to the hackers that hijacked dozens of high-profile Twitter accounts...
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Price Stability Holds As Altcoins Signal “Range Dump” After Rally

bitcoin price stability holds as altcoins signal “range dump” after rally
Bitcoin could soon start rallying amid a potential altcoin range dump exercise. Bitcoin bulls increasing the focus on breaking $9,200, $9,250 and $9,300 resistance zones. Bitcoin price stability has..
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After Banning Crypto in 2018, Mastercard Is Now Bullish on Bitcoin

after banning crypto in 2018, mastercard is now bullish on bitcoin
Two years after banning its users from purchasing cryptocurrency or funding exchange accounts, Mastercard has pivoted its stance to take advantage of Wirecard’s demise and become the payment..
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How Twitter Could Start a Nuclear War

how twitter could start a nuclear war
Last Wednesday, a Twitter insider helped hackers gain access to several high profile Twitter accounts. Elon Musk, Joe Biden, Bill Gates and others were suddenly tweeting about a Bitcoin scam. The hack..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Dominance Is Breaking Down, But Don’t Expect an “Altseason”

bitcoin dominance is breaking down, but don’t expect an “altseason”
Bitcoin’s price action over the past few weeks has not been impressive by the standards of altcoins. While BTC has stagnated in the low-$9,000s, certain cryptocurrencies have literally gone..
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Analyst Fears a Drop as Ethereum Deposits Spike to Multi-Week Highs

analyst fears a drop as ethereum deposits spike to multi-week highs
Like Bitcoin, Ethereum (ETH) has flatlined over recent weeks in an extremely tight range. For the leading altcoin, this range has been approximately $230-245. Bears may soon gain the upper hand as the..
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Dogecoin Surges After Elon Musk Pimps Canine Crypto, Addresses Bitcoin (BTC) Giveaway Scam

dogecoin surges after elon musk pimps canine crypto, addresses bitcoin (btc) giveaway scam
Dogecoin (DOGE) is once again on a tear – up nearly 10% in its US dollar and Bitcoin pairs at time of writing – after Tesla chief executive Elon Musk pimps the canine crypto. In a viral tweet, Musk..
WorldNews - Published

Recovery from Covid-19 will be threatened if we don't learn to control big tech

recovery from covid-19 will be threatened if we don't learn to control big tech
Last Wednesday, Twitter suffered the biggest hacking attack in its history. A scammer got into its system, probably by hacking the account of someone working in the company, and acquired some of the..
WorldNews - Published

Twitter hackers ‘manipulated’ employees to access accounts

twitter hackers ‘manipulated’ employees to access accounts
Twitter says hackers "manipulated" some of its employees to access accounts in a high-profile attack on the social media company, including those of Democratic presidential challenger Joe Biden and..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •BBC News

Elon Musk Pumps Dogecoin, BTC Remains Asleep: Saturday Market Watch

elon musk pumps dogecoin, btc remains asleep: saturday market watch
Although the Twitter hack had some delayed effects on Bitcoin, the downward move was quickly disbanded, and BTC remained relatively calm. The altcoin market is again showing signs of volatility with..
WorldNews - Published

Riot Blockchain Boosts Its Hash Rate By 45% With 1,000 New Antminers

riot blockchain boosts its hash rate by 45% with 1,000 new antminers
Publicly-listed Bitcoin (BTC) mining firm Riot Blockchain expects to increase its hash rate by 45% after receiving 1,000 Bitmain S19 Pro Antminers. The batch of miners comprises the first of three..
WorldNews - Published

Twitter hack: FBI investigates attack

twitter hack: fbi investigates attack
Washington, July 17 (IANS) The FBI has launched an investigation after hackers hijacked Twitter accounts of a number of high-profile US figures in an apparent Bitcoin scam. "The accounts appear to have..
WorldNews - Published Also reported by •BBC News

Twitter hack: Social media firm still can’t say how many accounts were compromised in social-engineering Bitcoin scam

twitter hack: social media firm still can’t say how many accounts were compromised in social-engineering bitcoin scam
Twitter bosses are still unsure how many accounts were compromised in Wednesday night’s bitcoin scam hack, they have said. The company’s...
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Twitter hackers divert bitcoin spoils to other accounts

twitter hackers divert bitcoin spoils to other accounts
A security incident involving some of the most prominent business and political leaders on Twitter duped people into sending at least $120,000 worth of Bitcoin to an anonymous online wallet, and more..
WorldNews - Published

Elon Musk and Bill Gates 'hacked' in apparent Bitcoin scam

Posts appear on several major Twitter accounts requesting transfers in the cryptocurrency.
BBC News - Published

Russian Activists Use Bitcoin, and the Kremlin Doesn’t Like It

russian activists use bitcoin, and the kremlin doesn’t like it
MOSCOW — No government can stop bitcoin transactions, which suggests the cryptocurrency is an ideal way for dissidents and activists to raise funds. This should be especially true in Vladimir..
WorldNews - Published

3 Macro Catalysts That Could Send Bitcoin Lower This Week

3 macro catalysts that could send bitcoin lower this week
Advertisment Bitcoin expects to face turbulent times this week as its dependence on macro fundamentals grow. S&P 500 earnings and the next fiscal stimulus bill are among the most influential catalysts..
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Bitcoin scammers rake in $24M in Q1 2020, report

bitcoin scammers rake in $24m in q1 2020, report
A recently published report by crypto tracking and analysis firm Whale Alert shows that Bitcoin scammers have pocketed $24 million in the first quarter of this year, implying that no amount of crisis..
WorldNews - Published

Crypto Criminals Extract $24,000,000 Worth of Bitcoin (BTC) in First Half of 2020: Report

crypto criminals extract $24,000,000 worth of bitcoin (btc) in first half of 2020: report
The widely-followed Twitter bot Whale Alert says crypto thieves have extracted $24 million worth of Bitcoin in the first six months of 2020. In a new report, the Twitter account best known for..
WorldNews - Published

Once-a-Cycle Bitcoin Bull Signal Just Appeared for the 1st Time Since 2016

once-a-cycle bitcoin bull signal just appeared for the 1st time since 2016
Over the past few weeks, many analysts have questioned if Bitcoin is really on the verge of a bull market. After a strong rally in March, April, and May, the cryptocurrency sustained a heavy rejection..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Begins To Make The Vital Steps To $10,000

bitcoin price analysis: btc/usd begins to make the vital steps to $10,000
Bitcoin price majestically steps above $9,400 and the trendline resistance; reviving the hope of trading above $10,000. BTC/USD could enter into consolidation based on the MACD’s sideways movement at..
WorldNews - Published

Things That You Can Buy With 1 Bitcoin

things that you can buy with 1 bitcoin
Advertisment Do you invest in bitcoins? Are you searching for what are the things that you can buy with 1 bitcoin? Well, if you have these above questions then you have arrived at the right place!..
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Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Stuck In Consolidation, What To Expect?

bitcoin price analysis: btc/usd stuck in consolidation, what to expect?
Bitcoin price settles in a range between $8,900 and $9,400. BTC/USD technical picture remains drab as observed with the RSI and the MACD’s horizontal movements The most-traded cryptocurrency in the..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin’s mass adoption is still a dream, reveals data

bitcoin’s mass adoption is still a dream, reveals data
The mass adoption of bitcoin or cryptocurrencies is yet to be achieved, according to several metrics tracked by The Block Research. Google searches for "bitcoin," the number of new Twitter followers of..
WorldNews - Published

Peter Schiff Expects Bitcoin’s Pivotal $9,000 Support to “Give Way”

peter schiff expects bitcoin’s pivotal $9,000 support to “give way”
Bitcoin is once again flirting with the ever-important support level of $9,000. Earlier on Sunday, the cryptocurrency briefly fell under $9,000 in a $100 move that unfolded over 30 minutes. Over that..
WorldNews - Published

The Crypto Daily – Movers and Shakers – July 4th, 2020

the crypto daily – movers and shakers – july 4th, 2020
Bitcoin fell by 0.30% on Friday. Following on from a 1.51% slide from Thursday, Bitcoin ended the day at $9,073.2. It was a relatively range-bound day for Bitcoin. A bullish start to the day saw..
WorldNews - Published

This New Economic Narrative Could Shift the Tides Into Bitcoin’s Favor

this new economic narrative could shift the tides into bitcoin’s favor
Bitcoin has been closely tracking the traditional markets in recent months, which is part of the reason why it has been caught within such a persistent trading range since the start of May. The..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin price travels to $9280, what’s next?

bitcoin price travels to $9280, what’s next?
Bitcoin price observed a bounce towards the $9280 mark on the 1st of July. Analysts believe that the cryptocurrency will soon move across the $9350 mark. 1-Day Bitcoin price analysis (1st July) Bitcoin..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Price Prediction: BTC/USD Will Eventually Hit $10,000 – Technical Scenario

bitcoin price prediction: btc/usd will eventually hit $10,000 – technical scenario
Bitcoin price is heading to levels above $10,000 sooner or later according to several bullish analysts. BTC/USD is stuck under $9,200 (initial resistance) as consolidation comes knocking. It is an..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Risks Fresh Decline as It Struggles to Hold Above $9k

bitcoin risks fresh decline as it struggles to hold above $9k
Bitcoin has survived two breakdowns in June below $9,000 support as bulls continue to buy the dips. On June 11, the bulls failed to push above the $10,000 overhead resistance as the bearish reaction..
WorldNews - Published

Users Can Now Buy Bitcoin with Cash in Australia Post Offices

users can now buy bitcoin with cash in australia post offices
Recent reports have it that Australians can now pay for BTC at the country’s Post offices. This is a result of a newly formed partnership between Australia Post and the local cryptocurrency exchange..
WorldNews - Published

PayPal might soon offer cryptocurrency transactions for its 325 million users

paypal might soon offer cryptocurrency transactions for its 325 million users
Consumers could soon be able to buy and sell Bitcoin and more using PayPal. ......
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Addresses In Profit Up By 43 Percent Since March

bitcoin addresses in profit up by 43 percent since march
The crypto community witnessed the quick recovery of Bitcoin’s price since the peak of the pandemic. Now, the king coin has recorded a 43 percent increase in terms of addresses in profit. The..
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Jim Rogers: Bitcoin Is Going To Zero Because It’s Not Based on Armed Force

jim rogers: bitcoin is going to zero because it’s not based on armed force
Well-known American investor and financial commentator Jim Rogers still believes that Bitcoin is largely overvalued, and its price will eventually plunge to zero. He argued that virtual currencies are..
WorldNews - Published

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