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Decentralized cryptocurrency

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Bitcoin () is a cryptocurrency. It is a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator that can be sent from user to user on the peer-to-peer bitcoin network without the need for intermediaries.


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Bitcoin and Crypto Transactions Doubled on Darknet Markets: Find Out Why

bitcoin and crypto transactions doubled on darknet markets: find out why
Advertisment New analysis has shown that Bitcoin and crypto use in darknet markets doubled in 2019 compared to its previous year. Here are some...
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin price is up by 13 percent, crypto market rising

bitcoin price is up by 13 percent, crypto market rising
Bitcoin price has been hovering above the $6,500 mark after rising from $5,800 yesterday. As the equity markets remain under pressure, the cryptocurrencies are showing strength. Bitcoin seems to be in..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin is weathering the financial storm

bitcoin is weathering the financial storm
If you’ve been in bitcoin (BTC) for any length of time, you have most likely heard about the Genesis Block. If not, the image below should be self-explanatory. Bitcoin Genesis Block RAW data. Source:..
WorldNews - Published

1.2 Million Italians Can Now Buy Bitcoin From Their Bank

1.2 million italians can now buy bitcoin from their bank
Advertisment Buying bitcoin just got easier for Italians. The country’s mobile bank Hype has announced a partnership with fintech Conio, enabling customers to buy, sell, and securely store BTC from..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin faces a 'curveball' as halving may commence under 'unseen' global market conditions

bitcoin faces a 'curveball' as halving may commence under 'unseen' global market conditions
Bitcoin‘s halving is due in 7 weeks and historically it has triggered a massive bull run. The collective digital asset industry has been on the edge lately as the community has been dealing with..
WorldNews - Published

If You Don’t Trust Yourself, These Crypto Vaults Will Help You Hodl Safely

if you don’t trust yourself, these crypto vaults will help you hodl safely
Advertisment Hodling in difficult times has historically proven to be a long-term winning strategy. Keeping your cryptocurrency in your own cold storage is by default a good idea as far as security is..
WorldNews - Published

How Many Women Users Before Crypto Is Not Sexist?

how many women users before crypto is not sexist?
A recent headline on Micky — an iconoclastic media outlet that focuses on cryptocurrency — read “Crypto Twitterstorm: ‘Creepy sexist trolling’ or just a funny meme?” The article explained,..
WorldNews - Published

Scarily Accurate Fractal: Bitcoin Will Trade at $20,000 By Q1 2021

scarily accurate fractal: bitcoin will trade at $20,000 by q1 2021
It’s fair to say that Bitcoin investors aren’t too optimistic at the moment; after last week’s almost-50% decline, there are few reasons to be optimistic about the future of cryptocurrencies, let..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin, Ether, and XRP Weekly Market Update March 16, 2020

bitcoin, ether, and xrp weekly market update march 16, 2020
The total crypto market cap lost $76.3 billion for the last seven days and now stands at $150.5 billion. The top 10 currencies were all in red for the same time frame with Binance Coin (BNB) and..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin has tanked 50% in just 2 days amid coronavirus market panic

bitcoin has tanked 50% in just 2 days amid coronavirus market panic
REUTERS/Bogdan Cristel Bitcoin has tanked as much as 50% in two days amid a major market rout over coronavirus concerns. The digital coin tumbled as much as 32% on Friday before paring some of those..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin’s 24h Trading Volume is 2x Higher than Apple’s at $41bn

bitcoin’s 24h trading volume is 2x higher than apple’s at $41bn
Last recorded Bitcoin 24-hour trading volume is now two times more than the technology giant’s Apple. Data gathered and calculated by indicates that the Bitcoin trading volume was..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin's historical 'directionality' might dictate price better than trends

bitcoin's historical 'directionality' might dictate price better than trends
Bitcoin‘s valuation dropped to as low at $8400 over the past week, but after a period of bearish pressure, the coin did manage to rise above $9000, at press time. Some short-term bullish momentum was..
WorldNews - Published

The Crypto Daily – Movers and Shakers

the crypto daily – movers and shakers
Bitcoin rallied by 3.44% on Thursday. Following a 0.04% decline on Wednesday, Bitcoin ended the day at $9,090.8. A bullish start to the day saw Bitcoin rally from an early morning intraday low $8,788.6..
WorldNews - Published

Is Bitcoin Still Premature to be Recognized Among Safe Assets?

is bitcoin still premature to be recognized among safe assets?
Recently, with increasing interest in whether Bitcoin will become a safe digital asset such as gold, it has been evaluated that it is not yet a safe asset. Looking at where the price of BTC is standing..
WorldNews - Published

Supreme Court of India quashes RBI ban on cryptocurrency

supreme court of india quashes rbi ban on cryptocurrency
The quashing of RBI ban on cryptocurrency by the Supreme Court of India has bought cheers to the country’s crypto community. In the much-awaited hearing scheduled on Wednesday, the SC struck down the..
WorldNews - Published

How to Mix Your Bitcoins Using Coinjoin for Greater Privacy

how to mix your bitcoins using coinjoin for greater privacy
Advertisment Mixing bitcoins using a noncustodial service increases fungibility without having to relinquish control of your coins. Bitcoin mixing services let you keep your coins and retain your..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Gonna Break Your Dreams Again, after Hitting Top $10,500 it might touch $6,500 again

“Last Time Bitcoin Did This, It Bottomed at $6,400. It’s About to Happen Again” – says NewsBTC. Bitcoin Could Bottom Very Shortly: Here’s Why Although Bitcoin seemingly moves irrationality,..
WorldNews - Published

Analyst Explains Why Bitcoin Investors Shouldn’t “Pray for a Recession”

analyst explains why bitcoin investors shouldn’t “pray for a recession”
Despite sporting a market cap of over $100 billion, Bitcoin is only 11 years old, having launched in 2009. This means that while the cryptocurrency has been through a lot, it has not yet been through a..
WorldNews - Published

Mexican YouTuber sentenced to 50 years over kidnap

Germán Abraham Loera was part of a group who kidnapped a woman and demanded a Bitcoin ransom.
BBC News - Published

Bitcoin Still on Track For Massive Gains After Halving

bitcoin still on track for massive gains after halving
Advertisment Bitcoin has spent the weekend consolidating in the mid-$8k zone following a week of sharp declines through several levels of support. The stock to flow model is still holding course though..
WorldNews - Published

'Blockchain, not Bitcoin' brigade grows louder as market uncertainty dawns

'blockchain, not bitcoin' brigade grows louder as market uncertainty dawns
Bitcoin, since its inception in 2008, has recorded rapid growth. Despite a decade of existence, however, the coin is still not accepted widely. Though Bitcoin did become popular among many after the..
WorldNews - Published

Litecoin Prints Array of Buying Signals, and That’s Massively Bullish for Crypto

litecoin prints array of buying signals, and that’s massively bullish for crypto
Despite the brutal retracement the cryptocurrency market saw this week, a top analyst is getting bullish on Litecoin, citing an array of technical factors. While this may not seem relevant to many..
WorldNews - Published

BCH Funding Debate: Amaury Sechet Responds to IFP Questions, Noting Contention in the West

bch funding debate: amaury sechet responds to ifp questions, noting contention in the west
On February 20, Bitcoin Cash engineers held the second 2020 BCH developers’ meeting and the first since the Infrastructure Funding Plan (IFP) was added to the Bitcoin ABC version 0.21.0 client. Seven..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Gains Since 2010: Ever Wonder How Rich You’d Be By Now?

bitcoin gains since 2010: ever wonder how rich you’d be by now?
Advertisment Flash crashes aside, bitcoin is still up an impressive 34% YTD. Of course, that’s nothing when comparing it to BTC’s all-time ROI. If you’d bought one bitcoin in March 2010 when its..
WorldNews - Published

Fear of Coronavirus pushes up mobile payments, cryptocurrency in China

fear of coronavirus pushes up mobile payments, cryptocurrency in china
Following some research that Coronavirus or COVID-19 can stay alive on surfaces for 5-20 days, banks in China are now spraying disinfectants on money to prevent circulation spreading the virus. With..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin has no real value, Warren Buffett

bitcoin has no real value, warren buffett
Warren Buffett said during his recent dinner date with TRON founder Justin Sun, held on 23rd January 2020, that Bitcoin has no practical value and thus can be compared to materials as fragile as..
WorldNews - Published

Can the coronavirus spread through cash exchanges or live on credit cards?

Viruses like coronavirus tend to survive longer on hard surfaces like credit cards and coins. Is that driving people to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency? - Published

US Crypto Regulations Will Depend On The Results of 2020’s Election

us crypto regulations will depend on the results of 2020’s election
The current US president, Donald Trump, has been quite the persona in and of himself. He’s had some very interesting stances and viewpoints over a lot of things, with the crypto industry suffering..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin whales manipulating BTC high to $10000?

bitcoin whales manipulating btc high to $10000?
Bitcoin whales are often criticized for market manipulation and it seems that the current high run to the $1000 mark is just another manipulation effort by the hidden players. The Whale Alert service..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Price Endures Retreat Under $10,000 But Recovery TO $10,500 Seems Imminent

bitcoin price endures retreat under $10,000 but recovery to $10,500 seems imminent
Bitcoin struggles to contain losses above $9,700...
WorldNews - Published

Crypto Twitter Analysts Predict Bitcoin To Hit $8,200 and Lower

crypto twitter analysts predict bitcoin to hit $8,200 and lower
Advertisment Bitcoin price slid away from $10,000 over the weekend inviting renewed predictions of how low the price could go if the correction continues. Bitcoin Broke Toward $9,500, Resparking Deep..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Profits From Coronavirus

bitcoin profits from coronavirus
We should all be used to volatility in the price of Bitcoin by now. Even by its own sometimes-baffling standards, it’s been a turbulent year for those who have large investments in the currency, with..
WorldNews - Published

Why Bitcoin Over $10,000 Will Be Different This Time

why bitcoin over $10,000 will be different this time
Advertisment The short lived bitcoin correction is over and the king of crypto is back in five figure territory once again. Another new yearly high has been hit but what is different this time around?..
WorldNews - Published

Litecoin to See Explosive Rally to $100 as Crypto Market Builds Strength

litecoin to see explosive rally to $100 as crypto market builds strength
Bitcoin incurred an explosive rally this morning that once again sent it screaming past $10,000, with today’s break of this level allowing it to set fresh 2020 highs of $10,400. This movement..
WorldNews - Published

Monday’s Price Drop Didn’t Break Bitcoin’s Bullish Trend

monday’s price drop didn’t break bitcoin’s bullish trend
View Bitcoin’s broader uptrend is still valid despite Monday’s sudden move lower from $10,200. The weekly chart shows scope for a test of the October high of $10,350. A deeper pullback to support..
WorldNews - Published

Introducing Cointelegraph’s New Chat Show, Beer & Bitcoin

introducing cointelegraph’s new chat show, beer & bitcoin
Did you know Cointelegraph has a new chat show called Beer & Bitcoin? Check it out! ......
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Investment: Alternative to high risk corporate bonds

bitcoin investment: alternative to high risk corporate bonds
The high volatility of bitcoin investment is in no way discouraging investors from seeing the leading cryptocurrency as a safe alternative investment, just as buying has continued and increased..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin breaches $10,000 to hit highest level since October

bitcoin breaches $10,000 to hit highest level since october
Bitcoin is back above $10,000. The largest cryptocurrency’s recent upward momentum carried it past that psychologically significant level on Sunday for the first time since October, according to..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin miners might be hedging in anticipation of halving

bitcoin miners might be hedging in anticipation of halving
On the latest edition of Charlie Shrem’s ‘’ podcast, Founder of Adamant Capital Tuur Demeester spoke about the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. According to Demeester, since there have only been..
WorldNews - Published

How to Buy Bitcoin in the Philippines

how to buy bitcoin in the philippines
The Philippines has many places you can buy bitcoin from. Not only has the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas licensed some cryptocurrency exchanges, but there are also peer-to-peer marketplaces, bitcoin..
WorldNews - Published

Cryptocurrency adoption to hit 200 million users by 2030, Deutsche Bank report

cryptocurrency adoption to hit 200 million users by 2030, deutsche bank report
Cryptocurrency adoption set to reach 200 million by 2030, new research report by Deutsch Bank states. The overall adoption of cryptocurrencies has been on a sharp uptrend following Bitcoin’s bull run..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin Reaches Crucial Juncture: Breakdown Below This Level Could Spark Vertical Drop

bitcoin reaches crucial juncture: breakdown below this level could spark vertical drop
Bitcoin price failed to continue above the $9,500 resistance and declined recently against the US Dollar. BTC could either bounce back from $9,150 or it might decline heavily.Bitcoin bulls are fighting..
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin: Asia saw more borrowing than lending in 2019 as compared to Europe

bitcoin: asia saw more borrowing than lending in 2019 as compared to europe
Bitcoin, the revolutionary cryptocurrency hovers at $9,300, awaiting a surge. As the wait extends, there are other factors at play that affect the price. Although BTC is said to be an uncorrelated..
WorldNews - Published

Litecoin Hits 17-Week High and It Could Be Bullish for Bitcoin

litecoin hits 17-week high and it could be bullish for bitcoin
Litecoin was trending higher on Saturday against an otherwise bearish intraday narrative in the overall cryptocurrency market. The seventh-largest crypto by market cap closed above its seven-week high..
WorldNews - Published

Why the coronavirus hasn't affected the price of Bitcoin

why the coronavirus hasn't affected the price of bitcoin
As the coronavirus outbreak in China continues to attract global attention, Bitcoin’s price has spiked $900,...
WorldNews - Published

Bitcoin fraud victim, 75, loses £11k in life savings

The 75-year-old victim said someone from the firm even rang her to wish her a "happy Christmas".
BBC News - Published

Tech Titan Jack Dorsey Unveils Plan to Boost Bitcoin (BTC) Via Square Crypto

tech titan jack dorsey unveils plan to boost bitcoin (btc) via square crypto
Square Crypto, the crypto division of mobile payment firm Square, is unveiling its much-anticipated plan to boost Bitcoin adoption. The CEO of Square and Twitter, Jack Dorsey, says Square Crypto is..
WorldNews - Published

An In-Depth Look at the Multi-Currency Cold Storage Card Ballet

an in-depth look at the multi-currency cold storage card ballet
Last September, Bobby Lee, the former CEO of China’s first cryptocurrency exchange BTCC revealed his new business venture Ballet, a non-electronic crypto wallet solution that offers multi-currency..
WorldNews - Published

Are Blockchain and Bitcoin New Tools for Criminals?

are blockchain and bitcoin new tools for criminals?
Cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology have peculiarities that, in the absence of adequate supervision, mean they are likely to become instruments harmful to the economic and monetary system as a..
WorldNews - Published

Neo-nazis using BTC to spread terror says US officials; an attempt to de-value Bitcoin?

neo-nazis using btc to spread terror says us officials; an attempt to de-value bitcoin?
The US Homeland security believes that there are certain domestic terrorist groups and neo-nazis using BTC (Bitcoin) to fund their criminal activities. This was confirmed by Jared Maples, director of..
WorldNews - Published

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