Street Fighter 6 Review (PS5)



Capcom orchestrated a strong comeback for one of its most popular franchises, trying to appease hardcore combo fans, casual couch multiplayer warriors and even those who prefer other game genres. Is Street Fighter 6 the holy trifecta of the fighting game genre or a tall order?   The question is more than legitimate, since the initial release of Street Fighter 5 was easily overpowered not just by Mortal Kombat X, but also by Injustice 2. But Capcom did not throw in the towel and the game they managed to release this year is akin to the revolution of moving the fighting game genre from arcade cabinets to home entertainment systems. We can conclude from the very beginning that Street Fighter found the golden ratio in combining a hardcore competitive game, that was born for the esports arenas, with the fun offered by challenging friends and the mirage of an open world game with RPG elements. It sounds indeed like a tall order, but this new iteration of the franchise mo...

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