Innocent Drinks piled on by bigots after sharing support for trans charity Mermaids

Innocent Drinks piled on by bigots after sharing support for trans charity Mermaids



Innocent Drinks has caved in to pressure from right-wing activists by deleting an informative Twitter thread in collaboration with trans youth charity Mermaids.

On Tuesday (30 May), the drinks brand posted a thread about gender diversity in which they asked the charity, “What’s OK to say?” 

It detailed things such as misgendering and deadnaming, and also gave an insight into respectful language to use when talking about trans people.

But after criticism for its pro-trans stance, Innocent deleted the thread, explaining it had received “lots of comments that weren’t in line with our values”. 

@innocent you can delete, but we keep the receipts

— Jools (@McTerfy) May 30, 2023

Innocent Drinks later posted an explanation stating that it was deleted “to make sure our social media channels are respectful and inclusive”.

Captioned “a note from us”, the message noted that the company has “affinity groups” which act as safe spaces for people who work at the brand, allowing them to share experiences around protected characteristics. 

A note from us.

— innocent drinks (@innocent) May 30, 2023

The tweet goes on to highlight the company’s previous talks which have covered autism, neurodiversity and racial equality.

Many comments under the post have accused the brand of caving in to the bullying tactics of anti-trans right-wingers.

Several users questioned why they didn’t “just turn the replies off”. 

Just turn the replies off? If you’re going to performatively post about LGBTQ+ issues don’t just delete the post once your brand is getting backlash from the hateful right.
If you’re not going to show up for the LGBTQ+ community with your whole chest then don’t show up at all.

— harry x (@harryjonesxx) May 30, 2023

Please just turn the replies off. There are so many hateful people on here

— PowerPo*f Girl (@Spanish__tom) May 30, 2023

Repost it with replies turned off. Stand by your values, stop the trolls derailing it, and ensure your support isn’t seen as conditional

— Dylan / દિલન (@dylan_patel) May 30, 2023

Just turn the replies off; either stand up for what you believe in or conform to those with a problem

— Dave (@DavidMackayy) May 30, 2023

Anti-trans tweeters seized the opportunity to engage in a popular pastime among right-wingers, declaring a boycott of the brand and stating they will “never buy Innocent drinks again.”

A growing number of brands have faced recent boycott calls over support for the LGBTQ+ community, including Lego, Nike, The North Face, Bud Light, Target , adidas, Starbucks and Kohl’s.

*Mermaids’ apology for ‘failing’ staff*

Mermaids, which provides support to young trans people and their families, came under attack from The Telegraph last year with the media outlet publishing of a series of articles painting the charity as dangerous to children. 

The attacks included accused the charity of putting children at risk by providing them with chest binders “behind parents’ backs”.

The Metropolitan Police responded by confirming that “the supply of a breast binder is not a criminal offence”. 

In December, the Charity Commission announced it had opened an inquiry into Mermaids, where it would investigate potential “serious systemic failing in the charity’s governance and management”. 

Just two months earlier, the charity apologised after it emerged a trustee had participated in a conference organised by a pedophile support group in 2011. He resigned immediately.

A report into Mermaids, released on 31 January, found the charity had “institutional weaknesses” which left minority members of the team facing discrimination. 

A spokesperson for Mermaids said: “We know we must do better and we are absolutely committed to doing so, and are implementing the report’s recommendations as a priority.”

PinkNews has contacted Innocent Drinks and Mermaids for comment. 

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