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Sacha Baron Cohen Rescinds Job Offer to Donald Trump After His 'Tragic and Sad’ Election Response [Video]

Sacha Baron Cohen Rescinds Job Offer to Donald Trump After His 'Tragic and Sad’ Election Response

Sacha Baron Cohen has rescinded a fake job offer he made to Donald Trump, after he lost the 2020 election to Joe Biden on Saturday.

Credit: Entertainment Weekly     Duration: 01:47Published
Amazon says 'Borat 2' drew 'tens of millions' of viewers over opening weekend [Video]

Amazon says 'Borat 2' drew 'tens of millions' of viewers over opening weekend

Amazon Studios revealed the news about its film, ‘Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,’ on Tuesday.

Credit: Cover Video STUDIO     Duration: 01:13Published
'Borat' fans raise $50K to compensate 'betrayed' babysitter Jeanise Jones [Video]

'Borat' fans raise $50K to compensate 'betrayed' babysitter Jeanise Jones

'Borat' fans raise $50K to compensate 'betrayed' babysitter Jeanise Jones

Credit: nypost     Duration: 00:50Published
Top 10 Craziest Things That Happened in Borat 2 [Video]

Top 10 Craziest Things That Happened in Borat 2

VERY NICE, indeed! For this list, we’ll be looking at the most cringeworthy, over-the-top and gasp-inducing moments from the Borat sequel.

Credit: WatchMojo     Duration: 12:29Published
Sacha Baron Cohen on Donald Trump's Assessment: "I Don't Find You Funny Either" | THR News [Video]

Sacha Baron Cohen on Donald Trump's Assessment: "I Don't Find You Funny Either" | THR News

Sacha Baron Cohen responded on social media Saturday to Donald Trump's assessment that the actor is creepy, phony and not funny.

Credit: THR News     Duration: 01:45Published
Borat 2 movie - Borat Subsequent Moviefilm- Q&A with Borat [Video]

Borat 2 movie - Borat Subsequent Moviefilm- Q&A with Borat

Borat Subsequent Moviefilm- Q&A with Borat (Internet Presentation) - Prime Video The man himself, Borat, star of Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, joins us for a special Q&A where he answers questions from..

Credit: Teaser Trailer     Duration: 29:19Published
'Borat 2' Pregnancy Centre Clip [Video]

'Borat 2' Pregnancy Centre Clip

In this scene in "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm", Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego and his daughter Sandra Jessica Parker Sagdiyev (Irina Novak) visit a pregnancy centre after she accidentally swallows a..

Credit: ETCanada     Duration: 01:19Published
'I was wearing a bulletproof vest': Sacha Baron Cohen feared for his life making Borat 2 [Video]

'I was wearing a bulletproof vest': Sacha Baron Cohen feared for his life making Borat 2

Comedy star Sacha Baron Cohen has admitted he feared for his life while making 'Borat 2'.

Credit: Bang Media     Duration: 01:09Published

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Trump Reportedly Sticking By Giuliani, Amid Growing Complaints From His Inner Circle: ‘He’s Always on My Side’

trump reportedly sticking by giuliani, amid growing complaints from his inner circle: ‘he’s always on my side’
There's been some reporting recently that President *Donald Trump* is frustrated with his legal team, but Borat 2 co-star *Rudy Giuliani* is apparently still in his good graces.
Mediaite - Published

‘Borat 2’ Gets Huge Viewership Numbers

It's a funny movie
Daily Caller - Published

Borat 2 star Maria Bakalova talks Rudy Giuliani scene

'My heart was racing,' Maria Bakalova said about her scene with Rudy Giuliani in 'Borat 2.'
Upworthy - Published Also reported by •The Wrap

'Borat 2' star Sacha Baron Cohen mocks Trump for losing election, rescinds fake job offer

Sacha Baron Cohen mocked Donald Trump for losing the election by rescinding a job offer he made after the president criticized his latest film “Borat 2.” - Published

'Borat' Star Sacha Baron Cohen Reflects on a Scary Experience While Dressed as Trump

Sacha Baron Cohen is opening up about Borat 2. The 49-year-old actor made an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday (November 2). PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Sacha Baron Cohen During..
Just Jared - Published

Sacha Baron Cohen spent five hours in the men's bathroom at CPAC for Borat 2

ContactMusic - Published

'Borat 2' star Sacha Baron Cohen donates $100K to church of woman who appeared in film

"Borat 2" star Sacha Baron Cohen donated $100,000 to the church of a woman tricked into being in the movie who was hailed by fans as its breakout star. - Published

Sacha Baron Cohen Donates $100,000 to 'Borat 2' Babysitter's Community in Oklahoma

Sacha Baron Cohen has made a large donation to the Oklahoma City community of Jeanise Jones, the woman who was Tutar’s babysitter in the new movie Borat 2. A GoFundMe page was launched for Jones by..
Just Jared - Published Also reported by •AceShowbiz

Borat's Sacha Baron Cohen 'donates $100,000 to Jeanise Jones' church'

Sacha Baron Cohen reportedly donates to the church attended by one of Borat 2's unwitting stars.
BBC News - Published

GoFundMe For The Babysitter From ‘Borat 2’ Raises More Than $140,000

She's going to make a ton of cash
Daily Caller - Published

Borat 2: Fundraiser for 'breakout star' raises over $125,000

Jeanise Jones, a grandmother of six, was duped into believing she was babysitting Borat's teenage daughter, Tutar, but ended up giving her some sage advice.
euronews - Published

Borat 2 : Amazon Paid $80 Million for Sacha Baron Cohen Sequel

Amazon reportedly paid a hefty sum for the rights to Sacha Baron Cohen's guerilla comedy sequel Borat 2 after theatrical plans fell through.
Upworthy - Published

Trump, Kardashians, COVID-19: Why 'Borat 2' isn't funny

How do you make sociopolitical satire when the president is commending kidnappers and the Kardashians are calling their escape to a...
Upworthy - Published

Borat 2 Fans Raise More Than $70,000 for Babysitter Jeanise Jones

Borat 2 fans are coming together to make a difference for one unforgettable character. A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Jeanise Jones, who served as babysitter to Borat's...
E! Online - Published

Woman Featured in Borat 2 as a Babysitter Feels ‘Betrayed,’ Believed She Was Appearing in a Documentary: At ‘NO TIME’ Did I Think I Was Being ‘Setup’

woman featured in borat 2 as a babysitter feels ‘betrayed,’ believed she was appearing in a documentary: at ‘no time’ did i think i was being ‘setup’
Jeanise Jones, a 62-year-old woman who appears as a babysitter in the Borat sequel, said she feels “betrayed” after being duped into appearing in the movie. Jones indicated that she believed she..
Mediaite - Published

'Borat 2' subject felt tricked into being part of the movie, hopes for better compensation

A crowdfunding campaign has been set up for a woman duped by Sacha Baron Cohen into being a part of his “Borat” sequel. - Published

‘Borat 2’: The Real News Is Rudy Giuliani’s Staggering Lack of Judgment

Giuliani's defense is absurd, but what the film displays is a compromised individual who casts his wider credibility into doubt.
Upworthy - Published

Kennedy Confronts a Raging Giuliani on Borat Scene: ‘I Have a 15-Year-Old Daughter’ and ‘I Was Kind of Grossed Out By It’

Rudy Giuliani erupted on Fox Business host Kennedy during an interview Tuesday night, screaming at the host for her questions on Hunter Biden. Eventually, she asked him about his starring role in Borat..
Mediaite - Published

‘Borat’ Sequel Watched by ‘Tens of Millions’ Over First Weekend, Amazon Prime Says

Great success! “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” was watched by “tens of millions” of customers in its opening weekend, Amazon Studios said on Tuesday. Without giving more specific numbers,..
The Wrap - Published

Rudy Giuliani had a security officer sweep the room where he was filmed in 'Borat 2,' but he didn't find Sacha Baron Cohen hiding in a wardrobe

Sacha Baron Cohen told Stephen Colbert he was hiding in a specially constructed hideaway in a wardrobe that locked internally during Giuliani's scene.
Business Insider - Published

Lewis Capaldi refuses to 'degrade' himself in hilarious Borat 2 advert

lewis capaldi refuses to 'degrade' himself in hilarious borat 2 advert
The Scots singer donned a 'mankini' to dress up as the Kazakh TV personality to encourage fans to check out Borat Subsequent Moviefilm but insisted he still wants to be taken seriously as a musician.
Daily Record - Published

'Borat 2' lawsuit regarding Holocaust survivor scrapped

A lawsuit was filed against Sacha Baron Cohen's "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" alleging that a Holocaust survivor was tricked into appearing in the movie - Published

Sacha Baron Cohen Talks Maria Bakalova's Oscars Buzz for 'Borat 2'

Maria Bakalova was introduced to the world with her role as Tutar, the daughter of Borat, in the new movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm and now she’s getting Oscars buzz! Sacha Baron Cohen, who played..
Just Jared - Published

CPAC threatens legal action against 'Borat 2' production company over KKK scene

The American Conservative Union (ACU), the organization behind the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), is threatening to sue the makers of the new film "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm" due to.. - Published

Sacha Baron Cohen RESPONDS to Rudy Giuliani's Explanation of His 'Borat 2' Scene

Upworthy - Published Also reported by •Just Jared

President Trump Has Thoughts On Sacha Baron Cohen After Rudy Giuliani Borat 2 Scene

Despite an ongoing pandemic, a US Presidential Election that’s a little more than two weeks away and all kinds of additional 2020...
Upworthy - Published

'Borat 2' star Sacha Baron Cohen responds to Donald Trump's criticism of the film: 'I don't find you funny'

“Borat” star Sacha Baron Cohen responded to President Donald Trump’s criticism of the sequel. - Published Also reported by •Upworthy

Guess Who Else Makes an Appearance in the New Borat Movie? Patriot Prayer Founder Joey Gibson

Rudy Giuliani isn’t the only notable figure to end up in Sacha Baron Cohen’s crosshairs in “Borat 2.” A name mostly familiar in this...
Upworthy - Published

Trump Revealed His Thoughts on 'Borat 2' & Sacha Baron Cohen Responded

President Donald Trump is one of the main topics of the new movie Borat 2 and he’s sharing his thoughts on the movie’s star Sacha Baron Cohen. In the film, Sacha‘s iconic character is given the..
Just Jared - Published

Trump calls Sacha Baron Cohen 'a creep' after 'Borat' clip shows actress entering White House

President Donald Trump called Sacha Baron Cohen "a creep" after previously unseen footage from "Borat 2" was shared to Twitter Friday. - Published Also reported by •Upworthy

Borat 2, The Witches, and everything else you can now watch at home

borat 2, the witches, and everything else you can now watch at home

Polygon - Published

Borat 2: Sacha Baron Cohen says he was ‘concerned’ for actor Maria Bakalova during Giuliani scene

‘It’s my responsibility as a producer to insure that the lead actor is looked after’
Upworthy - Published

Rudy Giuliani and Sacha Cohen's Response to the Controversial 'Borat' Scene with Rudy Giuliani

rudy giuliani and sacha cohen's response to the controversial 'borat' scene with rudy giuliani
In this clip from "Borat 2", Rudy Giuliani was fooled into thinking he is being interviewed by Borat's daughter. The pair make their way to the bedroom where Giuliani can be seen laying on the bed with..
eBaums World - Published

Borat 2 exposes a racist, sexist, but still ultimately inspiring America

borat 2 exposes a racist, sexist, but still ultimately inspiring america

Polygon - Published

Rudy Giuliani's 'Borat 2' scene: What can he do about it legally? Not a lot, experts say

Can Rudy Giuliani fix his "Borat 2" embarrassment by suing Sacha Baron Cohen? He can try but he'll fail, experts say. - Published

Rudy Giuliani's 'Borat 2' Appearance Shows Him Having Inappropriate Encounter With Fake Reporter

Giuliani, among other embarrassments, is Trump's personal attorney. In the long-awaited sequel, he is seen seemingly reaching into his pants.
Upworthy - Published

5 jaw-dropping moments in 'Borat 2,' from Rudy Giuliani to a pro-life prank

Sacha Baron Cohen has plenty more conservatives to satirize in outrageous ways in his new sequel "Borat Subsequent Moviefilm." Let's review.
Upworthy - Published Also reported by •

Meet Maria Bakalova, the 'Borat 2' Actress Who Exposed Rudy Giuliani

For all the talk of Giuliani and Pence, the real reason “Borat” works is its exposing of America’s casual misogyny, thanks to a...
Upworthy - Published

Trump and Biden return to campaign trail, 'Borat 2,' World Series: 5 things to know Friday

Trump and Biden hit campaign trail after combative debate, 'Borat 2' streams on Amazon Prime and more things to start your Friday morning. - Published Also reported by •Upworthy

Sacha Baron Cohen Makes Video as Borat to 'Defend' Rudy Giuliani After Scene in 'Borat 2'

Sacha Baron Cohen, while dressed up as his iconic character Borat, is speaking out in response to the controversy surrounding the Rudy Giuliani scene in Borat Subsequent Moviefilm. Giuliani, who is the..
Just Jared - Published

'I here to defend America’s mayor': Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat pokes at Rudy Giuliani, Trump online

After Rudy Giuliani was caught in a compromising prank for 'Borat 2,' Sacha Baron Cohen's character is chiming in on him and President Trump.
Upworthy - Published Also reported by •

'Borat 2' Is Streaming for Free on Amazon Prime Earlier Than Planned, Just as Debate Begins!

Amazon has made the new movie Borat Subsequent Moviefilm available for streaming a little earlier than expected! Sacha Baron Cohen‘s return to the iconic character Borat is in this new sequel, which..
Just Jared - Published

Celebs React To Rudy Giuliani's 'Borat 2' Scene

During "ET Canada Live", Roz Weston and Graeme O'Neil react to the "Borat 2" scene featuring Rudy Giuliani, and take a look at the...
Upworthy - Published

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