"Harriet Tubman Debit Card"

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Harriet Tubman debit card from OneUnited raises the question: How do you market an icon?

The Harriet Tubman debit card from OneUnited was a nod to love not Wakanda, but ensuing controversy shows potential pitfalls of marketing an icon - Published

Harriet Tubman Debit Card Instant Hit Among Customers

The bank under fire for its Harriet Tubman debit card design says its sales are the only thing on fire ... 'cause new and old customers are clamoring for the new debit card. We're told OneUnited Bank.. - Published

Harriet Tubman on a Debit Card: A Tribute or a Gaffe?

The nation’s largest black-owned bank said it heard supportive comments about the design. Social media users were less convinced. - Published

Yes, that Harriet Tubman debit card is real, and no, she’s not supposed to be doing the Wakanda salute

Harriet Tubman is in fact saying the word “love” in American Sign Language, according to OneUnited, the black-owned bank that made the debit cards for Black History Month.
Seattle Times - Published

Harriet Tubman Debit Card Under Fire Due to 'Wakanda Forever' Pose

Harriet Tubman's image on a debit card would stir plenty of debate -- but Harriet Tubman doing the "Wakanda Forever" pose on that card is really pissing off a lot of people. OneUnited Bank -- which.. - Published

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