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Hot Topics: Golden toilet stolen, flying football player, Backstreet Boys meet Downs Syndrome video makers

Coming up over the next 30 minutes to read just use string than welcome to let the wording is october 16 two chapman is off today as we like to bring you some stories of the weird a lot involved.

Some criminals or som type of crime.

Will this morning's story is know what action we talk about a golden toilet enough that is it weird enough.

It's been stolen for this golden toilet is worth 1 1/4 million dollars and it's been stolen from the birthplace of wartime leader two days winstonat the blenheim palace after being on display in new york.

Police said the toilet was taken early saturday by thieves who used at least two vehicles to make off with it.

Because the golden toilet had been connected to the palace's plumbing system, police said its removal caused "significant damage and flooding" to the building, a unesco world heritage site filled with valuable art and furniture.

Inspector richard nicholls of the local police force said a thorough investigation was underway.

In case you missed it, sports has a way sometimes of twisting the human body in ways you never thought has a way sometimes of twisting the human body in ways you never thought possible.

Like this weekend.

A mississippi state football player went airborne on saturday after getting hit by kansas state players.

Mississippi state went attempts to go for a 4th anfd 16.

Their freshman qb garrett shrader couldn't find any receivers open so he takes off running.

He attempts to hurdle one player who hits him and while he's in the air he gets hit again by another player.

Shrader gets spun around like a helicopter and lands right on his back.

After taking the big blow, shrader was still short of the first down marker.

Mississippi state lost to kansas state 31-24.

Some students with down syndrome got to meet the backstreet boys before their concert in louisville, kentucky friday.

It all started with a video by the education program "down syndrome louisville."

Members lip synched to the backstreet boys song "i want it that way."

It was posted on social media and got the band's attention -- and they decided to pay a visit.

The meet and greet with all five backstreet boys took place before the band's show at k-f-c yum!


The band invited them to the concert, and a dozen members of the group, ranging in age from 18 to 40, attended the concert.

Before the meeting friday, backstreet boy kevin richardson posted a video messaging saying -- "the passion, the joy, the soul that you put in that video was inspiring."

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