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Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Republican concerns on Super Tuesday

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Republican concerns on Super Tuesday
Republican concerns on Super Tuesday

Even though the GOP spot is pretty much decided, republicans still had some investment in Tuesday's results

Super tuesday minnesota republicans came into this super tuesday knowing who their candidate is going to be this year... besides the write in option á president donald trump is the only name on the gá oáp ballot.

But that doesn't mean republicans aren't paying attention tonight.

Kimt news 3's annnalise johnson is finding out what local conservatives are looking out on the scene here at southgate elementary school, austin residents are casting their vote.

In 2016, mower county was a red county.

Mower county gop is predicting and hoping that will be the case in 2020 as well.

With donald trump set to be the only viable republican candidate á all eyes are on the remaining democratics.

I spoke to denny schminke á vice chair of mower county gop.

I asked if minnesota republicans will be paying attention to the democratic primary... denny says certainly á but he's also interested to see what the republican voter turnout will be.

Schminke doesn't have a particular candidate he would like to see go up against the president... but some conservaties say bernie sanders is most likely to lose to trump because of his faráleft views.

But schminke is cautious to make a claim like that about any of the democratic candidates.

Overall... he's excited for super tuesday to be here á and to be over.

"we're gonna know a lot more at the end of this day then we knew this morning and i think that's going to be a cleansing thing."

One concern schminke has about minnesota's primary is that there is the potential for minnesota republicans to vote for a democrat in the primary in order to influence who the presidential democratic candidate is.

In austin annalise johnson kimt news 3.

If you were curious... donald trump has been declared winner of minnesota's gá oáp primary./// super tuesday we're


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