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Friday, May 24, 2024

Midmorning With Aundrea - March 31, 2020 (Part 4)

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Midmorning With Aundrea - March 31, 2020 (Part 4)
Midmorning With Aundrea - March 31, 2020 (Part 4)

(Part 4 of 4) Former schoolteacher Hellen "Sunny" Polk reads the storybook "Toy Boat" to her grandson John Parker Davis.

We have a special treat this morning.

Former pre-school teacher and elementary principal hellen polk has read hundreds of stories over the years to children in the golden triangle area.

Now, she reads out loud to her grandson john parker davis.

And we asked to read to us and to our viewers.

John parker calls her sunny.

So we are too.

This morning, we begin stories from sunny with toy boat, written by randall de s?ve and illustrated by loren long.

Boy had a toy but he made it from a can a court a yellow pencil and some client the boy love the boat and they were never part they bathe together they slept together in every day they would go down to the lake and sale all afternoon the boy held the boat by his stream look at the stream you see the extreme and he never let go most of the time this was nice for the better but sometimes a little toy boat look at the boat sliding or cross the lake and he would wonder what would it feel like to sell three to sell 31 yesterday afternoon dark clouds rolled over the lake please mom her to made him drop the bootstrapping the boy cried out as little toy brand floated away though but nothing could be done wind and rain push the little toy boat and to the water then it will prompt on the highways top with following time a black and green tugboat with a row of bald tires shall pass this one does look like tired i as a post-little toy boat aside with its win the little toy boat worked so hard to stay for that almost didn't see thought giant.

It's the very had to fly in a red smokestack and longhorn that will move around but just a way was a little toy boat out of the way just in time for us to be better raised by with flames on the long it's just easier to rebuild the cell racing home to get out of the rain it sales so little toy boat looked like it would seem how it missed the boy little toy boat drifted all night alone and scared the and early in the morning but it was a humble little fish in the way out in the middle of the way it's fate was failing in the deaths on the side so that you knew how it felt to be pushed around on the late fishing boats by the little boat and carefully began to circle and then something wonderful happened little toy boat began to turn as well and it sales call to paris soon it was salient really sailing alongside the fishing with strong will get sold to the win felt so good that it didn't notice when the fishing boat voted on i didn't notice this stone the areola bench on the nearby shore and the didn't notice the way not until he called out though the little toy boat waived its tag sale excitedly and little boy waved back that night blue shorts now that night they bathe together they slept together in the next day they went down the late together and the boy held the boat but strength and every so often let go little toy boat always came back he knew just where it wanted to be and that the end there is a doctor using his voice to help patients and tired hospital staff.

Dr. elvis francois is an orthopedic surgery resident in minnesota.

But his uplifting songs have a much broader reach.

Here's vlad duthiers.

Imagine all the people! for today!!


For dr. elvis francois...the collective struggle the world is facing.... you might say...that i'm a dreamer" an opportunity for the world to come together to overcome the pandemic.

There's so many things that are constantly reminding us that we're different, we're different, we're different // the only way that we get through this is if 7 billion of us say we are here together as one.

I hope someday that you will join us."

For this minnesota and songs go hand in hand... "there's a new su in the sky..and you know how i feel" there's a lot of anxiety and fear and you know for me whenever i have those moments in my personal life music has always been something that i've found i've been able to gravitate towards and sort of brings things to ease.

An ease, francois hopes to share with millions of people through the power of music...something he believes has the power to heal áanythingá.

Medicine i've found goes only so far and surgery only goes so far // but music goes places that medicine can't go.

When i can see people from all walks of life taking care of a person to make sure we save that person's life..that's hopeful to me and so i think as long as i see that i can't ever lose hope.

" i hope someda that you will joins usss and the world will live as onee" stay home.

Stay safe.

And, wash your hands.

We'll see

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