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Sunday, April 21, 2024

"HunterGirl" Hunter Wolkonowski joins us to talk about her development as a singer/songwriter

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'HunterGirl' Hunter Wolkonowski joins us to talk about her development as a singer/songwriter
"HunterGirl" Hunter Wolkonowski joins us to talk about her development as a singer/songwriter

"HunterGirl" Hunter Wolkonowski joins us to talk about her development as a singer/songwriter

This hour hunter walk announced he will be joining us.

You may know her better by hunter girl very talented singer-songwriter don't miss this also habitat fo you that it is got their annual women build project coming up will have details and is always every monday it's coach maurice my best me.

We've got all of that and more.

This half hour on let's chat is focusing just ringing you smart now.

John and as we mentioned in a moment ago hunter walk in ascii known better is hunter girl is going to be sitting in for us for a little bit or just raby just horse still on maternity leave and i'm going to tell you this young lady is one of the most talented singer songwriters you will ever hear her girl good morning i'm good how are you doing waking up little bit righ now will a little bit about carter's background, she is bee performing since literally the age of three years old.

She started and her grandfather's church where he was a preacher.

She started playing when you were what a nine years old something like that yes or a song around 14, 15 is not circling his death well and you have open for some of the biggest and best names in the business.

Kane brown, alan jackson, charlie daniels, who was a good friend of us here on let's chat old dominion and florida georgia lie and a lot of others that you have opened up which one of those is your favorite ... well i'll just leave the leader variance.

The biggest crown was at the florida georgia line concert in manhattan, kansas whenever the country stampede is not for people looking out everything i was scared to death so my mom directors screaming in homicide is so often and then trying to soak me discussing satellite into me and i really love getting him as a he is a legend in the music business.

There's no doubt about that.

Now what makes or should say part of what makes hunter so impressive and opening up for the spokes is she just turned 2 22 years of age.

Think about that 22 barely i mean less than a month and she's opened up for all of these folks and hopefull will be many more gig's on the books in the coming years about you and said that last night you played at the florida georgia line bar in nashville.

This first gig since the pandemic broke out.

Yeah, it was silly like anything is great enough get back into actually still same chart on anything as greater as many people here there is a rise in accounting everything you rest and wait fo mary each other in a is awesome in this super nerve-racking times and alan everybody safe and everything to do gillette is really awesome so is going to hell is this whole pandemic affected you as not only her performer may be a little more importantly as a songwriter ... well, hard, especially with as graduated college and graduatio can contact dan in revealing and everything else is songwriter in the first month is not hard to be created because this all the other chaos going on, but i continued on.

He knows he can race where he has to do is sit there on these excel during time song my love and and and and and scott video call and no i'm good because i can talk to friends everywhere and helping me until i, alabama and georgia florida is really matter now is entering.

I can still run song.

Everyone which in turn, you could write a song about that process and of itself.

Now in a couple of other a accolades to hotter if you will just graduated from mts you want to major in music business and business administration.

So you got both ends of this particula spectrum.

As you continue forth in your music career.

Congratulations on the way god right away something that's incredible to show you how serious this talent is that hunter has.

She is been performing regularly on downtow nashville all up and down broadway.

The 2014 texaco country showdown winner for the entire state of tennessee at hunter was also featured on the spot if i hot country playlist with ritual tenpenny only a little bit about what that was like ... dallas amazing.

I actually lays her mts unit and featured as mitchell actually is so crazy thing i'll actually check my school email which i never did and out in my apartment and okay were on artist and teacher, and tilting any inaccuracy in the video in the original song and can't talk about it, let us know and cannot be made in and saw the plea inside my recent single word can more than auto financing documents on can talk a little bit about it it in my couple days later heard back and i said that they chose me to be the hardest featured animals on earth right now and it was so and mitchell said super nice guy and is kind of a dream come true.

Discounting men toward my talking about music in the studio done professionally and hair dye.

So if you're always cool to hang on for just a moment going to take a quick break to come back and talk with you here in just a few minutes as we head into this commercial break, take a

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