Netflix's 'Dating Around' fan favorite Ben Samuel takes us inside his home

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Netflix's 'Dating Around' fan favorite Ben Samuel takes us inside his home

Netflix's 'Dating Around' fan favorite Ben Samuel takes us inside his home

Fans cannot stop talking about the awkward and adorable Ben Samuel from the second season of "Dating Around" on Netflix.

The earnest college professor stole the hearts of viewers.


Hello!(laughs)My name is Ben Samuel.You might know me from Netflix's "Dating Around",Season 2 Episode 2 or maybe I'm a complete stranger to you.Either way, come check out my house!Have you ever been here?I haven't.I have not either!Let me show you first, my sweet wheels.That's right.Well, you can't really see it in the sunlightbut that's a 2003 Toyota Prius.Get you where you need to go with surprising fuel economy.Oh, it's my computer setup!This is where I conduct my cutting edge researchand artificial intelligence and interactive storytelling.It's where over Zoom, I mold the minds of scholars.It's also where I play Hearthstone.It's a bathroom!It's a laundry room!Here, let's get the light on there.Yeah, woo.Turn the light off.What house isn't complete without a room full of boxesand bags and fishing poles?I'm saving up for a down payment for a different houseso if you see clutter or boxes around, it's okay.I'm doing okay.We're just like, in the process of moving.Here is an IKEA bookshelf thing that's got a lotof my most prized possessions.Most of my most prized possessions are like,gifts from friends and loved ones.Here's a watercolor that a friend madeof one of my favorite TV shows.Here's my alma mater.Go, banana slugs!And also some more Phoenix Wright.Here's an IOU for a frame for my PHD diplomawhich is currently sittingin my parent's house in California.Many, some people have askedwhat my favorite video games are.Lifelong fan of the Final Fantasy series.And look at this.This is a song that I wrote.A parody song that I wrotefor the California Theater Center.It summarizes the plot to the play "Oedipus Rex"to the tune of "I'm My Own Grandpa".My song is called "I'm My Own Step-Dad."Haha, you get it?Going up the stairs,(singing nonsense)Another bathroom, including a gift from a friendthat has some soap that has little like,words of affirmation on it.Real "I'm good enough, I'm smart enough,and gosh darn it, people like me" materialwhich as you might be able to tell,I eat that stuff up.Here's my bedroom.You can see it's got a bunch of things in it.My wardrobe isn't that excitingbut when I graduated from Santa Cruz,I was on a couple of improv teamsand my improv friends made this.Look at that!Look at that.My God, I am so lucky to have people in my lifewho seem to care about me.Here is ais it a guest bedroom that thinks it's a home office?Or is it an office that thinks it's a bedroom?It's caught in the liminal space of bothand as such, it is neither.I had a friend who kind of had to havean emergency crashing here so wehad to rearrange things really quickly.So that's my house.It's not much but, you know, be it ever so humble.And I just wanted to say the reception,the reaction to the show, to my episode,has just been so unbelievable.So many of you have said so many kind thingswhich of course I love to hear,but so many of you have been sharing storiesabout how the episode inspired you to like,get back and date like,"if this guy can go out and do it, I can do it too."It makes me so happy.All of us have the power to make the worldthe place we want it to be.

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