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Monday, June 17, 2024

063020 11 PM ELEX PT 2

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063020 11 PM ELEX PT 2
063020 11 PM ELEX PT 2
063020 11 PM ELEX PT 2

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Plus...minor league baseball's season...canceled.

What the lexington legends are telling fans.

Jason: soggy weather so far this week, but i have some good news.

A high pressure system takes control of our weather.

I'll let you know soon what that means for your backyard.

Good evening.

We're glad you're here tonight.

I'm veronica jean seltzer.

And i'm tom kenny.

Election 2020.

The results are in, from last weeks primary in kentucky.

One of the biggest race..

The democratic u.s. senate nomination.

Electn fs mug:u.s. senate - booker - primary.jpg <none> <none> former marine pilot amy mcgrath has narrowly beat charles booker... mcgrath received 45-percent of the vote.

Booker.... nearly 43-percent.

Abc 36's christy bollinger monitored the results all day.

She has more on this down-to-the-wire race.

"polls for the democratic senate race have flipped back and forth between progressive candidate charles booker and former marine pilot amy mcgrath.

When unofficial numbers started coming in...the highly-watched race seemed neck-and- neck."

Mcgrath..winning a lot of smaller counties..

.but booker won the state's two largest counties..

Jefferson and fayette.

Analysts wondered if his late surge in popularity would hurt him with so many people voting absentee this year.

He did do well based on in-person voting...but as absentee results came in... it wasn't enough to put him on top.

So the big showdown in the fall..

Will be between mcgrath and long-time incumbent... senate majority leader mitch mcconnell..

In his bid for a seventh term.

Mcconnell's campaign released a statement...saying mcgrath is lucky to have gotten the victory.

It reads in part... "it's clear this self-proclaimed most liberal person in kentucky who supports government-run health care and abortion even in the ninth month does not represent kentucky values."

Mcgrath also sent a statement about her victory.... "i'm humbled that kentucky democrats have nominated me to take on mitch mcconnell in the general election and can't wait to get started in sending him into retirement and finally draining the toxic washington political swamp that he built."

Christy bollinger, abc 36 news.

Charles booker conceded the race late this afternoon.

He issued a statement..

Saying he still wants to work to get mitch mcconnell out of office no matter what the election results were.

He also criticized the primary's voting process.

The statement reads, in part... "too many kentuckians still can't check the status of their mail-in ballot online, and others have no idea if their ballot is among the thousands that were cancelled by election officials because of missing signatures, missing flaps, or improper sealing.

We've explored legal remedies to those problems, and they don't exist under current law.

" all 100 seats in the kentucky house of representatives are up for election in 2020.

And we want to look two of the more higher-profile house races fs txt bullets:no ky house district 45 shirley mitchell: 5,576 corey nichols: 610 sean pickard: 847 ... the first is the race for house district 45.... represented by stan lee...who was elected in 2000.

He is not running.

Killian timoney is running as the republican candidate in november.

He will face off against democrat shirley mitchell... who won the democrat state house district primary.

Electn fs mug:ky house district 88 republican primary aaron yates ..

4,545 (76%) monteia mundy ..

1,466 ( ... in the 88th house district...which is made up of parts of madison and fayette counties....two victories today for republican candidate aaron yates....first he easily defeated his opponent...monteia mundy who was arrested and pleaded guilty to d-u-i during the campaign....then this afternoon...a lawsuit against him claiming he should be disqualified for not meeting residency requirements...was thrown out by a lexington judge, according to the lexington herald- leader.

He will face democratic incumbent cherlynn stevenson, who was unopposed in the primary.

Now, that we have the results...we need to analyze what they mean...especially for a race the entire country will watch in november...mcgrath v.s.


So we sent abc 36's monica harkins to talk with our political analyst dr. stephen voss.

He breaks down what we learned and how he thinks the state will move forward towards the general election in november.

A hectic primary...for voters and for county clerks.

"stephen voss, ph.

D: i think what they pulled off is incredibly impressive, doesn't mean it's perfect doesn't mean we can't improve in november, but impressive."

Impressive...that so far there haven't been any signs of corruption with the new voting process.

Dr. voss is still critical though of limited in-person polling locations...the state's two biggest cities only had one each.

"voss:the fact that you have to take three steps you register to vote, you call for absentee ballot you submit the ballot that favors voters of higher status."

Something voss says helped mcgrath...and hurt booker who had a surge of voters likely going to vote in-person.

"booker had an uphill battle."

Looking ahead, does a tight primary like this hurt the winning candidate?

Voss says for the most part no, except when it comes to money spent.

Of the $41 million mcgrath has raised...about half was spent on this primary.

"voss: i don't see that being a problem in this case, amy mcgrath will be facing mitch mcconnell, lots more outside money will pour in to give her the funds she needs to fight the rigorous battle against mcconnell."

Getting a tough contender out of booker actually helps mcgrath for the general election voss says.

"voss: booker's campaign, really did mcgrath a favor now that she's won.

He identified a constituency, he articulated what they wanted to hear.

She now knows how to go get those votes," but will it be enough to take down senate majority leader mitch mcconnell?

"it's mcconnell's race to lose, a state's voters rarely give up leadership positions in congress," unless there's economic turmoil.

"if things kind of continue the way they're going now..with people struggling, but getting by.

Mitch mcconnell's got the definite advantage going in."

Making the next few months pivotal on either side of the aisle.

In lexington, monica harkins, abc 36 news.

### 'you' can find a lot more about the primary election... on the abc 36 website..

L3: election 2020 white kentucky primary results this a live look at wtvq dot com now.

Just click on election 2020 at the top of the homepage.

The secretary of state's office....says more than 973 thousand kentuckians either requested an absentee ballot or voted in person..

For more on the primary, and the results..

Just go to

Weather animation forcht bank sky view here's a live look at the forcht bank skyview with current temperatures from across central kentucky.

Hour-by-hour forecast here's what you can expect, hour-by- hour.

Short weather we now know the name of the woman and child, killed in a seven-vehicle crash c1 3 yesterday on eastbound i-64.

The wreck happned in scott county....near the scott-fayette county line according the sheriff's office..

The two victims, were 48-year old donna vanek, and her nephew 11-year old brody vanek.

Both were from the south bend area..

In st.

Joseph county, indiana.

Full mug:charged in deadly crash scott county sheriff's office evan barnett evan barnett.png <none> <none> <none> according to the sheriff's office..

The man charged in the deadly crash..

Evan barnett, from lexington, kentucky....was driving on a suspended license.

He's charged with manslaughter...and additional criminal charges are expected against him .

The sheriff's office says barnett admitted to doing drugs before getting behind the wheel... and according to investigators ..

He was on looking at his cell phone at the time of the crash.

Charges now upgraded to murder, for a man accused of hitting his aunt in the head with a cinder block during an arguement in harlan county, kentucky.

According to state police..

35-year-old derick adams, was charged with murder this afternoon, after his aunt died from her injuries.

He was initially charged with assault.

State police say adams was arrested last night..

At a home off of kentucky 38 in the evarts community after an argument with his aunt, 56 years old sherry brashear... investigators say during the argument..

Adams, assaulted her, and then hit her in the head with the cinder block.

According to k-s-p..

Brashera was flown to pikeville medical center, but died from her injuries early this morning.

A pike county teacher has resigned, after an investigation into a viral social media post..

Showing a woman in blackface.

According to the lexington herald leader..

The investigation began after a facebook user, sent this picture, to belfry middle school in pike county, and then shared it on facebook.

The post shows a woman appearing to stand in front of a bathroom mirror, with a black substance on her face..

The caption on it..


Quote "working on gettin that free health care.

This should get me at least 50 percent coverage, right?!"

Governor andy beshear recenlty announced plans, focusing on health insurance access, for african- americans in the state.

According to the lexington herald leader..

The pike superintendent has confirmed that the woman in the picture, was a teacher from the pike county school system.


But the superintendent has not identified her, saying..

The investigation into the post ended after she sent him, her resignation this morning.

After the break..

We'll have the latest on the coronavirus in kentucky.


Good news for kids in lexington..

Playgrounds, are reopening soon.

We'l tell you when next.

Morning kentucky.

Restaurants in the bluegrass now allowing customers in at 50 percent capacity..

We take a walk through one local breakfast get an idea what that c1 3 governor andy beshear announced 282 new covid-19 cases today.

The total positives in the state is now... 15,624.

Governer beshear also announced five new deaths today.

The total number of people who have now died, from the virus in the now 565.

L3: coronavirus in kentucky white whole foods employee confirmed with covid-19 lexington in lexington..

A whole foods worker has been diagnosed with covid-19, according to the grocery chain.... any time it learns of a coronavirus case, confirmed or presumed, it activates a plan to protect that person's privacy while also reducing the risks to employees and customers.

That plan includes deep cleaning, contact tracing and a notification processes for employees.

Governer andy beshear focused on the state budget and unemployment help during his daily coronavirus briefing today.

Fs img txt bullets:no state budget and unemployment office of governor andy beshear - kentucky team ... governor beshear says..

According to the most recent estimates... there could be a billion dollar shortfall... in the 2021 budget..

If the state does not get help from the federal government.

Governor beshear says the shortfall could lead to state department cuts, of anywhere from 16 to 29 percent statewide.

Governor besear also annonced... a one-month, nearly seven and a half- million dollar contract... with accounting firm ernst and young... for 200 people, to help the state with unemployment claims starting tomorrow.

Playgrounds, and some basketball courts in lexington..

Are reopening just in time..

For the independence day holiday.

According to lexington parks and recreation.... playgrounds will reopen... this saturday, july 4th.

Children will need to wear masks, and social distance from other children.

Some basketball courts will also open on saturday.

Fs img txt bullets:no reopening for the kids in july lexington parks and recreation playground 2.jpg ju ... but, according to the city..

Large courts at douglass, shillito and constitution parks... will remain closed.

And later, in mid- july... the city's four spraygrounds will open... at jacobson, masterson station, douglass, and castlewood parks.

But parents, will have to make reservations for their kids.

So how's the weather shaping up..

For kids... when they hit the playground on the fourth of july?

Meteorologist jason lindsey has the independance day weekend forecast next.

C1 3 is about last 30 until you midweek ... rainy week day maybe having a little bit of a chance the child you're exactly right there is a scattered shower store but so many people that have their eyes on the fourth of you're exactly right there is a scattered shower store but so many people that have their eye on 4 july you to have big plans for is it like a big ... party your house ... okay difficult they're going to invite all the viewers to the library and parties in a row number we can give ... hopefully you are well hopefull you are well it's conservative you live look outside as we jok around just because there's no inclement weather out side here's a look at our four inc.

Skyview this is a read spray foam insulation camera overlooking hamburg ... basically the lexington area let me take you back four hours and show you is the sunset here in lexington you'll notice every once in a while some of those clouds trying to build into cumulonimbus clouds the weather ingredients just weren't there you'll notice it right there bottom line some scattered showers ... here and there some still possibly in our eastern kentucky here's a look at some temperatures from across centra and eastern kentucky ... how are you ... make sure you and your family are okay you know we continue t battle his ugly virus and i kee thinking about you ... family every single day remember don't forget as our government continues to encourages the delight of green as we remember those who ... lost the battle with covert 19 and those ... continue to fight that battle 77 right now in frankfurt at the state capital 73 in morehead 750 in richmond good evening jackson 74 it 70 and might hello fourth of july just days away let's launch them fireworks ... virtual fireworks you can see him right there on the fourth o july is going to feel like summer normal high for this time of the years the middle 80s on predicting 92 mostly sunny and warm live hd radar shows you th rain that has moved out of south east kentucky right now c1 3 look really closely just north and west of bristol there south of whitesburg so really nothing across central and eastern kentucky here's the track of that rain there it goes right c1 3 portions of southeast kentucky here's a look at dietrich at 6 o'clock tomorrow morning breakfast time waking up to a mix of sun and clouds scattered showers by lunch time same thin by dinner time again a chance o rain but ... i'm thinking that that chance will can ... sing you to slide downward and here's proof with my seven day forecast your weekend is always in view including ... the big day on the fourth happy birthday america until then on thursday 88 nearing 90 and mostly sunny on friday on the fourth of july is you and your family are celebrating your social distancing 92 can't allow an isolated storm but still dry on sunday 30% of the area will see some scattered showers and storms 90 is my forecast high monday and tuesday cooling off to write around normal by tuesday with a lesser chance of rain ... overnight lows in the 60s and many forget you can get my forecast in the west of the a b c 36 stormteam forecast by goin to our website just don't get the check out w t v and follow us on facebook ... does look for a b c 36 you're watching ... c1 3 ad-libbing after weather.

Ots image:right missing teen found search.jpg a missing wolfe county teenager has been found safe.

Full mug:missing teenager found safe wolfe county emergency management ashton cannon ashton cannon.jpg <none> <none> <none> according to emergency management..

16- year-old ashton cannon is now with family.

Emergency management says..

He had been missing since june 17th.

The search continues..

For a mising 70 year old man from carter county, who was last seen in ohio.

According to state police..

Terry lee williams of grayson, was reported missing earlier this month, on june 6th.

Investigators say williams was last seen in sciotoville, ohio at p-n-c bank making a withdrawal.

According to k-s-p..

He was wearing a tan booney hat, a gray long sleeve shirt and had been driving a white 2012 gmc canyon.

Ots image:right new regional office drivers license.jpg a new regional driver licensing office is opening in lexington.

Fs img txt bullets:no new regional driver licensing office open in lexington drivers license.jpg -leest ... according to governer beshear..

It's on leestown center way.

The new office will be only place to get a real id... as well as standard drivers licenses, permits... id cards, and renewals in fayette county.

According to the city..

The keithshire boulevard and winchester road offices are now closed for good.

In your nation view..

In washington, d.c.

With just hours to spare --- the senate with just hours to spare --- the senate has passed an extension to the paycheck protection program.

L3: nation view white senate passes ppp extension hours before deadline washington, d.c.

The move extending the p-p-p to august 8th.

The program was set to expire with more than 130-billion- dollars in allocated funds that remain unused.

The bill, proposed by senate democrats, passed unanimously.

Now the democratic-led house needs to act on the extension.

The program provided aid to small businesses struggling during the coronavirus pandemic.

After the break..

As major league baseball works on salvaging part of this coronavirus- impacted season...the minor leagues aren't so crack-of- the-bat will be heard in 2020.

Reaction from the head of the lexington in sports.

C1 3 giveaway.

Call 1-800-382-7512 or go to dreamhome- dot-org now this year's st.

Jude dream home, is being built in the homeplace subdivision off polo club boulevard in lexington.

Tickets are only 100 dollars each.

The money from the raffle..

Goes to st.

Jude children's research hospital.

Enter the drawing today..

And you'll also be in the drawing for... the bonus prize... a john deere mower.

Call 1-800-382-7512 or go to dreamhome- dot-org the drawing for all the great prizes, is august 13th.

The latest sports victim of the coronavirus...minor league baseball...the 2020 season was canceled, no lexington legends baseball this summer.

Legends president and c-e-o andy shea released a statement saying in part, "while we are disappointed in losing our 2020 season, we understand why the decision was made."

The legends are the class-a affiliate of the kansas city royals.

Even though the legends won't be playing...there is baseball at their home field....whitaker bank ballpark...which is hosting the college commonwealth baseball club just underway this summer.

Safety protocols and adjusted seating capacity are in place.

Final weather scratch-a-4cast here's your kentucky lottery scratch-a-4cast for the next three days.

Anchors ad-lib

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