Wild monitor lizard rampages through office in Thailand
Wild monitor lizard rampages through office in Thailand

A wild monitor lizard sparked chaos when it rampaged through an office in Thailand.

The 7ft long reptile forced its way inside the building by crawling through panels in Samut Prakan province on August 16.

Footage shows the raging animal trying to squeeze itself into a room while the terrified staff locked themselves inside.

One of the employees, Ton, who was able to record the chaotic scenes said they were afraid the reptile could bite them.

He said: "Sometimes there are snakes and small geckos coming into the building.

But this is the biggest we have ever met so far." Office workers at the provincial government office were heard screaming in the video trying to get away from the huge reptile.

The monitor lizard was later caught by animal services and released into the canal near the building.

It is believed to have entered the building while searching for food.