PKG: Derby owners react to win

Video Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY - Published
PKG: Derby owners react to win
PKG: Derby owners react to win

The celebration isn't for the thousands of people who own kentucky-bred 'authentic'...who held-off the heavy favorite...'tiz the law' in a thrilling stretch duel.

The majority owner is lexington's spendthrift farm.

Abc 36's monica harkins takes you there for the day after derby in our top story.

### "monica: authentic might not be out at spendthrift farm just yet, but you might recognize these."

It was a run for the roses...unlike any other year...a fans...and protesters calling for justice right outside the track... and specifically for spendthrift farm..

This didn't help either... nats ooo!"

That horse was spendthrift's 'thousand words'...which ended up being scratched right before the race.

"ned toffey, gm spendthrift: we went from the absolute lows of this game to the absolute highs in the space of about 45 minutes so i think that's sort of added to the shock value of all of this."

Shock of a dream coming true..a kentucky derby win.

Eric gustavson, spendthrift coo: the horses are coming down the stretch and people are starting to realize what's going on.

I'm getting a little emotional.

I'm sorry.

But um, because we were doing the same thing realizing, oh my gosh, he's going to win this thing.

So, it was fantastic and just so exhilarating and thrilling."

"authentic wins the kentucky derby" all this... while...hundreds protested outside...some saying why have the derby at all during a time of unrest.

"eric, president: it was a kind of a mixed emotional experience for a lot of us but it, you know, it made you stop and think, which i think is appropriate."

Spendthrift farm isn't the only owner of authentic...there's 53-hundred more...if you can believe it.

Thanks to a new startup called my- racehorse...which is designed to make the sport of kings available to the average person...who could own part of a thoroughbred.

L3: abc 36 news white michael behrens coo, myracehorse "michael behrens, myracehorse: as a startup that's still kind of getting going, to have this moment and get this much awareness and context about our brand, i mean, it's a dream come true from a business perspective."

And if you couldn't tell...his hoarse voice...quite authentic for a derby winner.

Monica: the owners tell me authentic isn't done with the racetrack just yet.

In lexington.

Monica harkins, abc 36 news."

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