Sustainable UK influencer upcycles nan's old clothes in her memory
Sustainable UK influencer upcycles nan's old clothes in her memory

Sustainability influencer and fashion student Ellie Rose, based in Brighton, UK has repurposed her nan's old clothes into stylish new garments.

After Ellie's nan sadly passed away last year, she was left with wardrobes full of clothes and an inspired idea!

Watch as Ellie (@elll.rose) gives scarves a new lease of life and transforms a full-length skirt into a cute mini dress.

She told Newsflare: "In 2019, I unexpectedly lost my beautiful nan.

She was my best friend.

I was broken when she was taken from us.

One of our favourite things to do together was shop.

She had four wardrobes full of clothes, some of them years old.

Every time I would take her for lunch, she would strut downstairs in her outfit that she had styled and asked me if I approve.

Every time I would tell her how beautiful she looked and her face would light up.

She was the best-dressed nan I ever saw.

"When we lost her, I couldn't bear the thought of her clothes sitting in a charity shop unloved.

So I decided, one by one, I was going to make them fit me.

I reworked some of them completely, and others hardly at all.

But I get to keep her with me all the time now.

There's no better feeling." Ellie added: "This project woke me up to the awful things happening in the fashion industry and how important it is to wear second hand.

With my platforms, I now educate people about fast fashion and show people how to transform old clothes."