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Monday, May 17, 2021

response from grand jury

Credit: WTVQ Lexington, KY
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response from grand jury
response from grand jury
Alex story at 5p

Faith leaders in lexington, on efforts to end systemic racial inequities and injustice.

Abc 36's alex king has our coverage.

Alex:"black faith leaders in lexington are continuing to demand action... they're working with local leaders and groups to make a lasting change."

The meeting started with a statement about the recent grand jury decision in the breonna taylor case... part of the response says... "it appears that kentucky attorney general cameron decided to be the detective, judge and jury."

The statement goes on to demand a review of the criminal investigation of the officers involved in taylor's shooting death.

The group met with lexington's police chief to talk about banning the use of no-knock search warrants...enforci ng the use of body cameras and creating an independent citizen review board for the police diciplinary process.

Williams:"we were encouraged by chief weathers to meet with lpd staff, who oversee those areas, to better understand the dynamics of those operations, which we did."

They say chief weathers acknowledged the need for more body cameras and promised all officers would have them by next january... leaders are calling for the chief and mayor linda gorton to make these changes... to improve the relationship between police and community.

They are also calling for more economic inclusion of minority-owned businesses within the community.

Williams:"lexington's population is roughly 25% non-white and nearly 15% african-american, which demands that at least 15% of institutional spending must be done with racial minority owned firms."

They're asking the university of kentucky, fayette county schools, and the urban county government to take steps toward committing to increased racial minority buisness spending.

And finally, the leaders encouraged people to get out and vote.

Williams:"the best way to bring about change is by electing people who agree with the changes that need to be made."

Alex:"now black faith leaders say there has been some progress but the plan is to continue to push for change not only in kentucky but across the nation.

Reporting in lexington, alex king, abc 36 news."


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