44Blitz PAC Highlights Week 10

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44Blitz PAC Highlights Week 10
44Blitz PAC Highlights Week 10

It turns out..

These two met in last year's sectional semi- final with the raiders winning that contest... so the wildcats are looking for some payback.

However ... on the opening drive of the game ... it would be the raiders cashing in ... as camden gasser picks off an errant pass ... and turns it into points for the raiders..

6-0 southridge.

The wildcats come right back though... going down field on the arm of nicot burnett ... launching down field to jaden wilson ... who hauls in the ball and battles his way to the raider 30 ... but the drive would stall there ... next southridge drive ... chase taylor calls his own number ... and he finds a hole the size of a mack truck ... he's off to the races ... appearing to be on his way to the house ... but leo hostetter derails him at the one ... however the raiders would eventually score.

Then go for two ... and parker kippenbrock goes into make it 14-0 visitors southridge wins 42-10 the raiders are moving on.

Southridge will take on the winner of this one..

Gibson southern battles heritage hills in a week 6 rematch.

Late in the second quarter..

Heritage hills punting..

Brayden malone takes it after a bounce..

But brenden chew eats up any chance of a return by making the shoestring tackle.


On the very next play..

Purdue commit brady allen takes the snap..

Sets his feet and fires a deep ball to the very same malone... seventy yards later its a titans touchdown..

Gibson southern leads 14 - 7 at the break.

The titans continue to flex the muscles in the third..

Kollin martin stuffing a run from the patriots on third down.

Gibson southern only surrenders three more points in the second half..

The titans win 21-10..

Gibson southenr will battle southridge next week at 7.

In the 2a class... tell city hosts linton stockton..

Unfortunately for the marksmen..

They had multiple players out due to covid-19... and it was not the markemen's night either..

The home team falls behind 7-0 early and we're never able to recover.

Tell city falls 34-0.

A few more scores to report from the pac... the miners will take on north posey in the semi final.... the vikings with a big victory tonight 56-12..

Winning their first sectional game since 2015.

And mater dei's second round opponent will be north

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