Adoption Agency's need your help during this pandemic

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Adoption Agency's need your help during this pandemic

Adoption Agency's need your help during this pandemic

For more than 40 years Indiana's largest non-profit family agency has been connecting children to families.

This year with COVID-19 they've run into some trouble, but they found a way to adapt.

The next several months.

This year due to covid-19... there have been some challenges facing families who want to adopt or foster a child.

One of indiana's largest non-profit family agency's has been doing its best to make sure they're still able to connect children to families.

News 10's bri shackelford lets us know more about "the villages".

The villages are a non-profit child welfare agency.

So far during the pandemic...they've experienced something they never have before.

"theres been a slight decrease in this area, of people wanting to foster, and i think part of that is just the concern of being exposed to covid."

Currently the agency has 2-thousand children who are waiting to be adopted.

They say they saw a rise in numbers of children needing homes when schools opened back up during the pandemic.

They say fostering and adoption are critical in taking care of our children right now.

"and it's such a need for our community to be able to step up and help our children, so they can stay locally in the community so that brothers and sisters can stay together in the same home, and not be separated."

If you can't foster or adopt a child right now...there are other ways you can help.

You can go to our website at w-t-h-i tv dot com.

There you'll be linked to a donation page.

Reporting from terre haute i'm news 10's bri shackelford experts say ..

More than 12-thousand die each year in the united each year in thousand die than 12-say ..

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